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Whistleblowers Detail Corruption and Fraud at Halliburton during Senate Hearing

Tuesday 15 February 2005

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Senator Byron Dorgan convened a hearing to shed light on the recent revelations of contractor corruption in Iraq. Democratic Senators were fired up about the blatant fraud and theft from the American taxpayers. And since Bush’s new budget cuts education again, it is truly a theft from our children. No Republicans attended the hearing.

Senator Dorgan: "To see this kind of waste and this kind of corporate culture say, ’What the hell, it’s just the American taxpayer- stick it to ’em...’ Shame on them, shame on them. And shame on those who refuse to investigate... if we’re paying $2.60 today for gasoline [in Iraq], it ought to stop this afternoon."

Details of the corruption:

- Halliburton has reportedly overcharged us $100 million dollars for fuel. They charged the US taxpayers $2.64 per gallon to import gasoline from Kuwait to Iraq, $1 more than the going rate. (Note- before the war, Iraqis bought gas for about a nickel per gallon.)
- Halliburton charged for 42,000 meals per day when it only delivered 14,000 per day. "That’s not a snafu, that’s cheating," said Dorgan.
- Buyers were instructed to purchase from ’preferred suppliers’ using purchase orders less than $2,500. (because these were not audited)
- Instructed not to use spreadsheets to avoid generating any kind of electronic trail.
- KBR managers frequently used phrases like, "don’t worry about the price, it’s cost plus"
- Cost Plus contracts gave no motivation to keep costs down since the higher the price, the more $$ they made.
- Halliburton has ’earned’ $9 billion in Iraq thus far.

Senator Dorgan was clearly furious at this information, "We want the truth and we want it now. We are determined to shut down this waste and abuse."

One example of waste was a contract for embroidered towels. The original batch of plain towels was returned for the higher priced towels embroidered with KBR’s logo- higher price translated to more profit for KBR. If this practice was used for all purchasing in Iraq, Halliburton may be forced to repay billions of dollars.

Senator Lautenberg, "When you have a business that says- the more money you spend, the more you make- there is something unholy about that."

Senator Durbin hit the nail on the head: "Why are we here on Capitol hill, if it’s not to serve as an oversight of these activities. Historically Congress has done that." During WWII a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress launched the Truman Committee and uncovered the truth. "And yet we find with a Republican President and a Republican Congress, no Republican is willing to step forward and ask the hard questions. Why? How can we explain this? I don’t think there is an explanation."

Sen. Boxer sent a letter to Rumsfeld asking him to begin disbarrment proceedings, "Halliburton should be banned immediately from bidding on any federal contract for a number of years."

Representing Rep. Waxman, William Hartung said that this corruption is also harming our troops. They don’t have the supplies they need while money is being wasted through this corruption. Hartung said, "I have never seen this level of corruption and cronyism."

Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense called for a War Profiteering Committee to be formed. During World War II the Truman Committee was launched with $15,000, it uncovered the same system of cost-plus contracts and saved $15 billion. Sen. Lautenberg has tried to get hearings on this for 9 months (he wrote three letters), but the Republicans won’t even respond to his request. Note to Sen. Lautenberg- perhaps it’s time to move beyond letter writing.

Senator Dorgan, "Clearly we’re being cheated, clearly we’re being ripped off- Why doesn’t the DoD say, ’End of this game, we’re not going to put up with this.’ "

Senator Durbin’s final thoughts, "If the American people follow this hearing and what we have said, they are going to respond with an outrage. Their money is being wasted and our soldiers are being endangered because of this situation.... Where is the accountability? ... This hearing is the beginning..."

here is the C-span video of the hearing

it will available "for 15 days or less"

Forum posts

    • I watched the Democratic policy hearings on CSPAN and I am outraged! Where is the Congressional oversight???? Are there no Republicans willing to stand up to this corrupt administration ?????/

    • Do you actually think that the republicans would harp on this when Bush is their ticket to the gravy-train.

    • As usual there are people who take isolated incidents and blow them all out of proportion such as the embroidered towel issue. KBR has been in business since 1919 and was mobilized for the same LOGCAP contract by the Clinton administration into Bosnia. There was no outcry then and they followed the exact same contracting rules set forth by the Army controlled DCMA. I have worked for KBR for 17 years. Like any large corportaion it is not perfect and there are those who manipulate the system for their own gain. We are draconian about weeding these people out and stopping these practices. If you knew the whole story instead of 30 second sound bites and posturing by out of favor politicians you would understand that the effort by 99.99% of the employees of KBR is outstanding. There is a reason that KBR is this big and this old. It is because of good business practices, not bad ones. Find something else to complain about.

    • "It is because of good business practices" - ugh huh.

      That’s why halliburton sets up a subsidiary in the caymans, so it can deal with the *cough bullshit* Axis of evil in Iran. This guy is worried about losing his job as a corporate lap dog. Be a good little kbr slave, put on your horse blinders, and do as your told. You’ve been under the desk so long, the word freedom means another contract in Iraq or maybe it’s syria now? Sell-out.

      Clinton? screw him too. When are these republicans going to learn. both parties are corrupt, you will get nowhere trying to pull the "pills" limbaugh "those damn liberals and their clinton" bile that is swallowed faster then you can say "jesus juice".

      So we shouldn’t go after companies when we find out crap like this, we should wait untill we find a blue dress and then we can "x-tra x-tra read all about it" in the mainstream media for a year.

      No wonder this country is going down the tubes. People can’t see past their own agendas..."it’s those lousy liberals", "no it’s those lousy conservatives"...a match made in heaven, you deserve each other and america deserves the economic shitstorm that is coming. Lucky for me I bought kbr stock though, now I’ll short that beeatch, and make some money on the way down too!(along with the dollar). Enjoy the rest of your years at kbr. Here lies ______, he gave his life for KBR’s "good business practices" and "damn that clinton". what a joke.

    • Apparently you have worked at KBR but not investigated their management practices enough. It has been shown that in the process of getting the contracts in Bosnia they altered documents, illegally, and because we now have a corporate fascist state run by Cheney/Bush/Rove, there will be nothing done about it, just as there will be nothing done about these Halliburton illegalities or the upcoming Dresser Industries (now Halliburton subsidiaries thanks to Cheney) asbestos lawsuits. Do some homework on your employer.

    • You can call me all the names you want for being a loyal company employee but here is where the rub lies for you. I will retire in 10 years to a life of comparative luxury while you are still venting and slobbering over a keyboard in the middle of the night. There is nothing noble in being poor so I have busted my a$$ to get through college and then claw my way up the ladder. I am proud of my acomplishments, my ability to get the job done and most of all, I am proud to work with the finest military that the world has ever seen. HOOAH!

    • KBR & Halliburton have a long history of corruption and impropriety, and not just in Iraq.

      In 2000, KBR was found guilty of fraud and fined to the tune of $2 million dollars over their supposed "clean up" of Fort Ord, a decomissioned military base on the Monterey Bay in California.

      Don’t be too quick to leap to the defense of a corrupt corporation, even if you are a republican. As a republican, one should be looking very closely at this issue if you truly want to claim being fiscally conservative and responsible.

      Where theres smoke, there’s fire. The link to Cheney is a glaring red flag of abuse and nepotism.

    • Are you an idiot? With all of Bush’s tax breaks to the rich and sticking it to the poor, we should be outraged by this. I have worked with military contracts fot 20 years and have never seen a no bid contract like this. The people who approved this should be fired and Bush should be impeached. If the republicans can spend months investigating Clinton over whitewater, the the democrats need to do the same here.

    • Kellogg Brown and Root were aquired by Halliburton in 1998, when Halliburton bought Bush 41’s Dresser Industries. KBR may have had an exemplar reputation at that point but there is something few people know...
      Kellogg Brown and Root owned and insurance company which was being sued for several billion dollars over an asbestos lawsuit. The name of the company escapes me but the fact is that in December of 2002, Halliburton (due to this lawsuit) lost 80% of their stock value. They were crippled by this asbestos mess.
      Then conveniently, the Iraq War bails out Halliburton and their profits soar!
      KBR is owned by a highly unscrupulous company with the Vice President on leave and earning a reporter one million a year from Halliburton- not to mention stock options.

    • Anyone who agrees with the stuff this administration is doing should be brought down with Bush and his cronies and kicked out. This has to be one of the stupid ones who Bush suckered for his vote on Nov. 2, 2004! You need to wake up!

    • Only a corrupt, small mind would conclude that a company (in this cas KBR) is following good business practice in light of the shit that has been revealed. Unless of course your company is in the business of bilking the customer. All indications point to this being another way to profit from war,(in the pattern of Prescott Bush in WWII). It is so funny and at the same time shameful that these do gooder repugs threw a multi year shit fit over a Lewinsky blowjob and find nothing immoral or unethical about what has gone on in this cesspool calling itself an administration.

    • I am amazed that republicans are willing to sit by, even worse give a nice thumbs up to waste not only by corporations but thier elected officials, yet not care even slightly as education, health care, ederly and the children are left behind...what exactly are your priorities?

    • LMAO-
      And while I sit here on my keyboard and you understand what your life has amounted to, I watch the numbers on wall street and make cash on simpletons like you and then use that money to donate to the activists that want to make the world better FOR ALL. Your idea of utopia is a tank on every corner, secret police searching homes, and your nose down under the desk. No wonder you have to defend war crimes, it’s easier to support lies then having the courage to stand up to your governmnet.

      Here, step into my time-machine, next stop, 1938 nazi germany. Keep your mouth shut and do as your told or keep talking so we can all here more of your great adventures, working hard, and standing up for liars. Would you like a shovel?

      I should of been a republican politician, too easy to dupe the masses, just like you took my wonder our soldiers are dying daily, we’ve got leaders who don’t know a trap when they see it.

      Land of the GREED, home of the SLAVES. Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered. I’m done with you. Hey weber shandwick, qorvis, dezenhall resources, is that the best you got?

      I’ll give you another chance. Why did this guy resign? wasn’t he the one who gave us the Iraq WMD? And why is the fbi investigating him? What is the Project for the new american century, and what did they mean by, "a new pearl harbor"?....Ooops. This guy probably thinks Oswald was the lone gunmen. Time to short the dollar some more.

    • Proud that you clawed your way to the top over the necks of the American taxpayers? Ever heard of Karma? You will. I may not be rich but I can sleep at night knowing that the work I do is benefitting people, not taking from them. Bet your mama’s proud.

    • Has KBR been in business so long because of good practices? Or, is it quick easy deals with dirty politicians (dems and repubs)? Don’t compare Bosnia with what’s going on in Iraq; apples and oranges. This war had Euro countries drop grievences with the US just to get a part of the pie. There was/is a lot of $ for spoils. Either way, it does not make it right.

    • . . . and a few days ago all Dubya could talk about was passing a bill to get rid of asbestos litigation.

      He disgusts me.

    • I could not agree with you more! There are Republicans who are Moderate and are taking all this in, so why are they not vocalizing more? Many Republican citizens are horrified, not just Independent and Democrtratic.
      Right now the world hates the US, and for good reason IMO!

  • Why don’t all of these lawyers in congress (democrats) simply bring a law suit suing the government for fraud in handling these contracts, on behalf of the millions of taxpayers being ripped off, instead of pretending they care? They all act like they can’t do anything about it but I say bullshit, they can bring law suits against Halliburton and Kellogg Brown and Root, Carlyle, et. al. and get compensation and the kind of publicity that would actually shed some harsh light on what is going on in OUR government instead of meeting amongst themselves and wringing their hands and pretending outrage.

    • Right on- i like that idea, a lawsuit on behalf of the American people. It seems like that is our only recourse since the Republicans in control refuse to do their jobs. A lawsuit would bring big headlines too, break through the mainstream media wall. I’ll email a few Dem Senators with this idea.

    • And do you actually think that any Democrat woulden’t have tried it if it could work: with most judicial positions that count taken up by Republicans there is no way for legal recourse.

    • Unless there is a specific law creating a right to sue the government, no democrat or other person can bring a suit. Simply being a taxpayer is meaningless-taxpayers lack "standing"—in other words, insufficient harm. Bringing suit is the job of the Justice Dept., the Dept. of Defense, etc. And guess what? There are no democrats left there, thanks to incredibly ignorant American voters. They elected a government dedicated to financially raping the U.S. and its citizens, and of course Iraq. (All the while spurting Christian platitudes they clearly memorized at Rove’s Christian camp.) All anyone can do now is for elected rep.s with courage and conscience (real moral values) to hold these hearings to try to force action. But since all chairpersons are republicans, don"t hold your breath.

      Just remember, the founding fathers envisioned us needing further revolutions and new governments to be established whenever the existing govt. forgot who it was working for and under what principles.

    • No amount of Democratic lawsuits will do any good - you forget Nino "God’s Interpreter" Scalia and the felonious five Supremes.

    • Can we sue the govt? wouldnt that be the answer instead of waiting for our elected officials to do it......i mean short of ending up dead, what could they do?....

    • I think a taxpayers’ lawsuit against the government is definitely justified.

      It is bad enough that our taxes are being used for an illegal war that never should have been started in the first place. But now we find out much of the money designated for this horrific war has disappeared with no record of where it went. While soldiers do not have the equipment or benefits they need, huge sums of money (9 BILLION!!) has been stolen.

      Litigation would [hopefully] bring some media attention to this issue and inform the general public about the enormous corruption in this administration. No one can be too happy their tax money has been embezzled—not even Republicans.

      What else can we sue the government for---stolen elections? making us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks? withholding important information about 9/11?

    • There are "qui tam" lawsuits in which private citizens can sue companies that have defrauded the government, and collect a percentage of the judgment. I don’t know enough to say whether such a suit would be possible in this case. It sounds like the government is trying to get the courts to rule that the Coalition Provisional Authority is not a part of the U.S. government so if the CPA is defrauded the U.S. government is not.

  • And to think while Halliburton rips off the taxpayers our troops don’t have what they need...

    Another quote from Senator Durbin

    "I went to the veterans hospital and met with soldiers, young women and men who have given their lives, their arms and legs, their futures. And they ask me ’senator, can we afford to come up with the money for armor plating for the 8,400 humvies from Iraq, like the one that blew up under me and took my leg? Can we get the vests that will protect the soldiers over there? I don’t understand why we all don’t have them when we need them?.’ Simple hard questions, questions this senator can’t answer. Because frankly the resources we put into this war are still not enough to protect them in these basic ways. Money that is going into obscene profits, money going into waste and fraud that should never be tolerated. This story needs to be told to all americans. It is one thing to wave the flag, but we must not waive our common sense and say we are patriots. And our common sense tells us that the companies that are serving us need to be patriots as well"

    • The lawsuits should not be conducted in the government courts they should be in the civil courts and they should be by civilian lawyers, the government is too corrupt and too in bed with these contractors and vice versa to depend on them to do anything but impede and place stumbling blocks in the way...its like asking the tobacco companies to police themselves, which we know by history that they would never do, and it wasn’t until the civil lawyers and civil courts got involved that the log jam of government corruption (billions in taxes on cigaretts = government in business with the tobacco companies) and collusion was circumvented......

    • Screw the democrats, they would never sue their friends....this matter is only going to be possible in a law suit in the civil courts with civilian lawyers on behalf of the American taxpayers....this is the only way anything will ever get done now that we have a one party government much like the old Soviet Union.

    • Support our troops, SEND SOME MORE.

      Until they start coming back in body bags by the dozens, people will stick their heads in the sand.

      Maybe after 50,000 are dead someone will say..."duh, gee, I guess those anti-war activists were right....wish I didn’t have to lose my son to figure that out, oh well, hopefully we fight another war so I can send my next son, this time it will be differen’t" (and the cycle of stupidity continues)

      SEND SOME MORE NOW AND BRING ON THE DRAFT. The sooner the reality comes home, the sooner we can lose another war and the sooner we can see some movies about what really went on over there.


    • Holy fuck, that’s only the tip of a huge and very stinky iceberg. Read all about it here:

  • I have heard that there are contractors in Iraq, who were paid for air-conditioning units, but yet ony supplied table fans. It is also said, that there are 25 thousands lbs. of nails that were purchased, which are completely worthless because they are the wrong size. Apparently, a contractor was paid 15 million, on two seperate occassions, because they were hired to provide security for the commercial flights going in and out of Baghdad after the war started. There’s just one problem with that though, "there were’nt any commercial planes" either coming in or out of Baghdad after the war started. This same contracting co. was also said to have painted all the airports equiptment, and then presented America with the bill for having supplied the airport with brand new equiptment. It was said that the Bush Admimistration had been informed of this contractors fraudulent behavior, and yet they still continued to do business with this same contractor for another year. It was also stated the the Bush Administration did’nt want this known by the American people before the 2004 election.(Now isn’t that shocking?) This is just a few examples of what came out during the investigation on Monday. I think the most shocking thing of all though was; that apparently the Bush Administration put some new laws into affect at the beginning of the war, and "surprise, surprise" neither Halliburton or the other contractors, can be held accountable in either Iraq or America. As usual, George Bush sure has a way of taking care of both himself and his pals. I sure hope that I am wrong about this, but that is the way I understood it. I am so sick of the Bush Administration never being held accountable for their actions. Everday there is just more incriminating "Bushit" brought forward, and yet many Americans and the news media just turn their heads. Wake up America! This guy most likely did’nt even win reelection, and just look at what he is constantly getting away with...

  • Does this strike anyone as unusual? Dorgan is going off on Halliburton yesterday, but check out this picture of Dorgan with Cheney last month. That’s Dorgan’s wife Kim holding the bible- note Cheney’s hand and that grin. (click pic to see full size image of cheney’s grin- it’s worth it :)

  • You expect the Republicans to do anything about this? No, of course not, because there’s nothing sexual in there. The only "sin" that matters to these people is sex with the wrong person at the wrong time. Fraud, violence, theft? No, the Good Lord loves a winner.

    Happily, there are some very weird things going on with the whole Gannon business, and that has the sweet smell of sexual scandal behind it.

  • This corruption story broke last summer, way before the election- where were these Senators then?

    Marie deYoung, a former Army chaplain who worked for Halliburton, was so upset by attacks on the company she e-mailed the CEO in December with a strategy on how to fight the "political slurs." But today, after five months inside Halliburton’s operation in Kuwait, deYoung has radically changed her opinion. "It’s just a gravy train," she said.

    - Halliburton employees living in 5-star hotels.
    - Purchase of hundreds of high-end SUVs and pickups, loaded with options like CD players, which "most KBR employees do not need."

    "We can be as dumb and stupid as we want in the first year of a war, nobody’s going to care."...

    "That money could have been used to take care of soldiers," she said.

    DeYoung also claims people were paid to do nothing. Mike West says he was one of them. Paid $82,000 a year to be a labor foreman in Iraq, West claims he never had any laborers to supervise. "They said just log 12 hours a day and walk around and look busy," he said. "OK, so we did."

    This was on MSNBC July 26, 2004- this should have been headline news, it should have rocked the Democratic Convention.

  • KBR was found guilty of fraud and corruption in 2000 and fined $2 million dollars.

    This was not in Iraq, but our own backyard.

    They defrauded the federal government out of superfund monies over the "clean up" of Fort Ord, a decomissioned Army base on the Monterey Bay in California.

    Looks an awful lot like a pattern to me.

    The link from Halliburton to Cheney sends up a brilliant red flag warning of nepotism and abuse. Anyone with an ounce of skepticism cannot deny the abuse of power. But it sure begs the question of how a corporation already convicted of a felony crime of defrauding the government could even be considered, let alone awarded, another contract.

  • Our great Senators have just voted to refill the money machine with another 80 something billion. I wish I new someone in the Pentagon so I could get several million I mean good job. Talk about a good ATM. Who said money does not grow on trees. New species The American Money Maple.

  • When you watch the C-Span testimony (1 Hr, 44 Min) by four witnesses in front of Sen Dorgan, Sen Reid and Rep Waxman (repugs are a no show), ask why the media corpSE was more worried about Michael Jackson!

    Remember that the third witness was a "Whistleblower" Lawyer, who testified that two witnesses refused to appear in person, but did submit written testimony. The did not appear because of DEATH THREATS and $50,000 BOUNTY’S ON THEIR HEADS.

    The "Liberal" (yeah, right) Media CorpSE said nothing about the DEATH THREATS to WITNESSES.

    And as you watch, don’t forget about the testimony about "Custer Battle". They are making Halliburton into "small potatoes", compared to Custer Battles. They only talked about an entire Boeing 747 filled with Hundred Dollar Bills, neatly wrapped in foil and distributed in "paper bags", and did not know if the money got to the right person. A pic is shown of the "Bricks of Money".

    Your tax dollars at work. We’re only talking about Big "Tax" Bucks and not pocket change.

    • What the American taxpayers really need here is several hundred Lee Harvey Oswalds to change a few minds on Capitol Hill. That is probably the only thing that would help.

  • I have ceased to be surprised by our government’s lack of "appropriate" response, either legal or political, to the many documented instances of fraud by corporate contractors with political connections to the Republican administration. The press seems to be unaware that financial fraud is a crime, these are criminal acts, and the premeditated lack of oversight to prevent fraud, and the lack of response when fraud is actually proven makes me conclude that our government is controlled by criminals. Is it defamatory to use this word? No, I am just a victim, as are Americans as a whole. New lies and new crimes by the Bush administration are exposed amost daily, but are for some reason treated as "politics as usual" by the major media. This is the Bush legacy: that politics and crime have become synonymous. We cannot hope to turn back this tide if we are afraid of sounding defamatory. Criminal fraud is just one tool of the war profiteer, but those in government who knowingly facilitate fraud and resist punishing those who commit fraud rightly deserve the label "criminals".

  • I am not surprised at the major fraud and abuse of power happening in this administration. I am horrified, however, that the poor (which these days includes many of us that were once Middle class) are having to suffer even more than evr because of the highest prices of oil and gasoline ever seen in this country! Many of us are disgusted at how so much of the press seem to be lap dogs to the Republican agenda!
    Whya re people not up in arms?! OUR tax dollars are going right into Halliburton’s pocket, while the work assigned is not done, and people starve in our own country, elderly and others can not afford meds or often proper healthcare.\

    I am ashamed of the citizens who do not pay attention totheir government or even their local community,m those who can’t see beyond the nose on their face!

    Kathleen Hoynes Malfi
    Upper Gwynedd, PA

    7301 98TH AVE
    UNIT D
    KENOSHA,WI. 53142
    April 28,2008


    I am a citizen of the United States and have been addressing several Senators with the
    issues and problems to follow including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama as well as several
    others and will in the near future be speaking in front of you all because of Americans being
    held hostage by Navy personnel from Great Lakes Navy base as well as by veterans used to
    Stalk and intimidate by the abuse of Power of the IRS and the United States Dept. of Justice
    and includes the Illinois Dept. of Revenue.I have been taken out of and kept from employment
    by them as they attempt a hostile search for money, i have my phones tapped and computer
    hacked by government personnel spending alot of government budget following me everyday
    for at least 8 months, all my family and past associates has been paid by them to create some
    fictious story because of a conspiracy, initated by the FBI from Chicago and brought to Wisconsin.
    All of this is a clear violation of my Civil Rights and also the rights of my daughter who has been
    questioned and harrassed at school by them, she is 5 years old. I have had to replace my
    computer 3 times because they are camped upstairs and i listen to them thru the vents as they
    call themselves strategizing but not very well if I hear your every attempt to play on American citizens.
    My family has had their cars as well as i have tampered by them in and attempt
    to get us or me to spend money, they have raised bills above normal, been in my garage leaving
    lights on in an order to do so stopped my emails from reaching their intended destinations
    and faked as the recipient. they have acted as operators and fake being the person I called
    on the other line, i have been told by the police that they would not do anything because they
    know who it is which is fither showing the attempt to keep me hostage. I have filed lawsuits
    and will continue because I believe even that was manipulated by them as everything and
    everyone else has been. I have talked to the security chief after calling the Chief of Great
    Lakes Navybase, no cooperation, Bush is who I believe brought this because of corrupt judges
    from Chicago, after I brought this out to officials. American citizens who
    are not terrorist being treated as if they are, I say send some more troops to war since we have
    so many of them to follow people around everyday, someone is reimbursing them for this large
    price tag of surviellance. I see the plan must be to discredit or in gov. terms attempt to burn me
    or ruin my career because they have some corrupt people in the government. Police are asked
    to harass me, in an attempt to get my drivers license to try to keep me here.


    Darryl Kinney
    7301 98th Ave.
    Unit D
    Kenosha,WI 53142


      Darryl Kinney )
      Jada Kinney ) CASE # 08-C-0460
      v. )
      U.S. Dept. of Justice ) JUDGE: Charles N. Clevert Jr.
      & )
      I.R.S )


      Plaintiffs Darryl Kinney("Kinney") and Jada Kinney against the Defendants by himself,

      hereby files his Amended Complaint against the Defendants U.S. Dept. of Justice("DOJ") the I.R.S. which

      includes the U.S. Navy and the F.B.I. all hailing from Wisconsin and Illinois Plaintiffs allege as follows:

      1. This is an action that arises under Title VII of the Civil Rights A ct of 1964,
      42 U.S.C. §§ 2000e, et seq., as amended by the Civil Rights Act of 1991, and under 42 U.S.C.
      § 1981.because both Kinney’s are African Americans,.Racial Discrimination.
      2. Stalker laws ( WIS. Statute 940.32, 214 Wis. 2d 548,571)
      3. Harrassment laws ( Wis. Statute 947.013)
      4. Internet fraud ( Fake websites hacking, Fed.Statute Ann. 254 U.S. 17,41 S.Ct. 11 65 U.S.,
      5. Section 1030 of the Computer Fraud and abuse Act)
      6. Child questioning ( discretion of the court since none specific)
      7. Mental Anguish (254 U.S. 17, 41 Sup. Ct. 11,65 U.S.)
      8. Employment harassment(Fake customers and Coercing)
      9. Corruption of Government Agencies(EEOC, Unemployment)
      10. Conspiracy (Wis. Statute 939.31, 18 U.S.C 371)
      11. Abuse of Power (title 18 sections 241-242 U.S.C, Title 42, section 1983)
      12. Telephone tapping (Wis. Statute 885.365)
      13. Mental and Physical abuse( 750 ILCS 60/103)
      14. Plaintiffs Darryl Kinney and Jada Kinney are both African American citizens who reside in Wisconsin
      and Illinois cities of Kenosha and Waukegan.
      15. Defendants D.O.J. is an agency established under the Laws of the United States and Wisconsin and Illinois
      with an office located at 114 E. Capitol Dr, Madison , Wisconsin.
      16. Defendants I.R.S. is an agency established under the laws governed by the United States and Wisconsin and
      Illinois with an office at 545 Zor Shrine Dr. Madison, Wisconsin.
      17.At all relevant times D.O.J. acted thru its agents utilizing the U.S. Navy active and retireed duty, including
      Katrina Kigoda and the Kenosha and Waukegan Police Dept..
      18. At all relevant times the I.R.S. used its agents and those of the U.S. Navy active and retired duty
      and the Kenosha and Waukegan Police Dept..
      19. Both the D.O.J. and the I.R.S. have headquarters in Wisconsin and Illinois. With over 100 employees an
      at all relevant times subject to all Federal and State laws forementioned.
      20. This court has original jurisdiction pursuant to 28 U.S.C.§§ 1331, 1343.
      21. This court also has supplemental jurisdiction over Kinneys state and common law claims pursuant to
      28 U.S.C. §§ 1367(a)
      22. Venue is proper in this judicial district pursuant to 28 U.S.C.§§ 1391(b)

      23. Kinney’s also allege violations under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

      24. This action also violates the EEO laws in Wisconsin.

      25. Also unlawful surveillance home and at work and illegal harassment on the job and
      private life. 26.Plaintiff had fake customers on the job calling with phony complaints as work was sabotaged by these Defendants.
      27. Both Kiimey’s have experiences emotional and Jada Simone Kimiey has experienced physical abuse
      by family set into motion by these organizations.
      28. This action also includes defamation of character.
      29. In mid-2007 thru 2008 direct or indirect harassment was caused at Plaintiffs employer, thru actions
      causing mental harassment, by tearing up Plaintiffs truck by Sears manager, message left was taped by
      Plaintiff of this action.
      30. In 2008 mid year Plaintiffs family was led to attempt making false claims about plaintiff
      in emails by direct or indirect contact from the defendants.
      31. Plaintiffs computer has been hacked daily and destroyed to try to keep evidence from being seen
      by Defendants, upstairs.
      32. In 2008 mid-year Plaintiffs family members have had their cars tampered with by the Defendants.
      33. In mid year 2007 unitl present Plaintiff has had his phones tapped by defendants.
      34. Since Sept. 2007 unitl present Plaintiff has had his computer created with fake websites and has
      had had his emails blocked from reaching their destinations.
      35. Plaintiff has had the two state area put on a watch him type military status from mid
      2007 until present by the defendants.
      36. Employers have been asked not to hire the plaintiff by the Defendants.
      37. From mid 2007 until present.Plaintiffs have been attempting to create a blackball situation
      with the help of several agencies.
      38. The defendants have used their power to stop government agencies from doing their jobs
      where the Plaintiff is concerned.
      39. Plaintiff has been subjected to actions of discrimination because of the actions of the Defendants
      spreading harassing rumors.
      40. Plaintiff is followed every day everyplace he goes, by the Defendants.
      41. Plaintiff has been told by a Kenosha Detective because of the Defendants being who they are,
      that they would not do their job.
      42. Plaintiff has filed complaints thru multiple police stations with no assistance because of who the
      Police say the Defendants are.
      43. Plaintiff has had every aspect of his privacy invaded by the Defendants, from cameras to taps.
      44. Plaintiffs daughter has been put in a position for abuse to take place by direct actions of the Defendnants.
      45. Plaintiffs daughter has been questioned without the Parents permission at school, she is 5 years
      46. Plaintiff has had his phone calls rerouted to people who were not the real contacts.
      47. Plaintiff has been targeted by the Defendants because of corruption from Chicago.
      48. Plaintiff has come home to find his garage has been broken into with electronic code readers
      and they leave the garage lights on to run up my bill and have me being charged extra.
      49. I have them playing with my internet service by calling and disabling it regularly with their fake
      50. The defendants now know from hacking my computer they are being sued and are asking
      everyone to try a different lie that they have talked to.
      51. Plaintiffs is leaving the two States that are in this conspiracy together and will be speaking before
      the U.S. Senate about these issues so they can never happen again to Americans.
      52. Plaintiff was told by a video store employee that the military was running around and wish they could
      shoot me, now his video store is closed, located on 52nd st. Lion Video.
      53. Plaintiffs wife has lied in Illinois state court writing statements that are lies verifiable thru the true sources,
      one being my daughters daycare, as far as her being taken by defendants from school.


      Which thru discovery have the pertinent information to prove or assist in proving violations,

      who have dirct or indirect knowledge of events:
      1) Piaintiff s Darryl Kinney and Jada Simone Kinney are of African American descent
      and at this time Darryl Kinney and Jada Simone Kinney in Kenosha,WI
      2) President George W. Bush located in the White House in Washington, D.C.
      Vice President Dick Chaney in Washington, D.C.
      Defendants Dept. of Justice is localed in Wisconsin and all over the United States
      including Washington. D.C..
      Don Kinney, Eric Kinney located in Kansas.
      Barack Obama located in Washington, D.C.(IL)

      City of Kenosha Police Dept. located Kenosha and includes the Mayors office.
      Sen. Barbara Mills in Washington (MD)
      REV. Al Sharpton located in New York.
      ACLU located in Wisconsin and every U.S. state.
      Senator Ryan in Washington D.C. (WI)
      Sen. Dick Durbin un Washington (IL).
      Sen. Feingold in Washington (WI)
      Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi located in Washington, D.C.
      Wendy Martin of the Wisconsin EEOC branch.
      Waukegan Police Dept. located in Waukegan Jll.
      Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s Chicago office located in Chicago and
      18)Defendants Dept. of Revenue Illinois located in Illinois.
      The U.S. Dept. of Justice located in Wisconsin and Washington, D.
      The FBI located in Kansas and Chicago and Washington, D.C.
      NAACP located in Illinois and throughout the U.S.
      Chicago Tribune located in Chicago,Ill.
      22) And a list of 100 to be inserted at end as witness or Defendants
      23) Chanel 6 News located in Wisconsin and New Jersey
      24) CNN news located in New Jersey.
      25) Computer Exchange located in Kenosha and Milwaukee.

      26) Sears and A&E a subsidiary of Sears nationwide and Wisconsin.
      27) Katrina Kigoda the upstairs criminal hacker house.
      28) Judge Barbara Kluka Kenosha Circuit Court.
      29) Senate Budget Committee.
      30) Ms. Barnes Pricipal Patti Cake daycare.
      WHEREFORE, Kinney respectfully request that the court:
      1. Enter judgment that D.O.J. and the I.R.S. have violated Kinneys rights under foremention laws and statutes.
      2. Enter a judgment for damages of $50,000,000.00 for all violation including emotional and other abuses under
      the laws forementioned, which includes Punitive and Compensatory damages.
      3. Pay for any reasonable legal Assistance from lawyers or otherwise incurred during this process.
      4. Order that Defendants pay for lost wages and travel expenses from state to state cost, including
      interest, in an amout to be shown at trial.
      5. Order that Defendants pay for future lost wages in an amout to be shown at trial.
      6. Order the public apology over a T.V. Broadcast for the defamation of professional and personal relationships lost
      because of thier actions.
      7. Grant Kinney such other and further relief as is just.

      respectfully submitted,
      Plaintiff Pro Se

      Darryl Kinney
      signed & dated