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Will Bush declare a Red Alert security status before November 2nd?

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 4 August 2004
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Red Alert Bush

by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

George Bush does not need to base any such decision on the truth because he acts upon hype and lies, cajoling, disinformation and protectionism of the corporate elite which gravitates around the White House, making the rich
richer and the poor poorer. But hey! Who cares?

The rest of the world cares. Although it is not the business of foreigners
or outsiders to tell the people of the United States of America what to do,
it is the business of people who care to express the opinion of the
international community, because on November 2nd the people of the USA have
a collective responsibility not only unto themselves but to the rest of the

Four years of George W. Bush and his clique of corporate elite businessmen
who dictate his policy have wholly and utterly divorced Washington from the
rest of the international community. The United States of America is seen
now as a pariah state not only among its traditional enemies but also among
former allies in Western Europe. Why did George W. Bush have to creep out
the back door of Number 10 Downing Street, in the home of his closest ally?
He dare not step off a plane in most countries. Why?

Political campaigns have been fought using the pictures of Bush and Blair to
bring unpopularity to the leaders who supported them, with the caption
LIARS and MURDERERS . Indeed, Bush and barefaced lies are more or
less a synonym in the hearts and minds of most people outside the USA, whose
shock and awe campaign in Iraq had exactly the opposite effect as to what
was intended.

Not only is Iraq in chaos and wholly destabilized, the rest of the world
stands firmly against the outrage which was the position of the Bush regime
regarding the international situation after 9/11. While nobody in their
right mind supports the terrorist atrocity committed in New York, linking
Iraq and Baghdad and Saddam Hussein to 9/11 is wrong, incorrect, a
fabrication and a lie.

It brings up the notion that 9/11 was a suspicious incident created
artificially to forge a reason to attack Iraq, although there is not as yet
a shred of evidence to support this claim. However, the Bush regime was
quick to react to try to use 9/11 as an excuse to attack Iraq which it now
transpires was never a threat even against its own neighbours.

The Bush regime has perpetrated an act of shocking butchery in Iraq,
slaughtering around ten thousand civilians, including children, dropping
cluster bombs into residential areas for kids to mistake for sweets only for
the fragments to explode in their faces, targeting civilian
infra-structures, handing out contracts to Bush s cronies even without

This regime has gone too far. It is time for regime change. The people of
the USA therefore have a monumental responsibility resting upon their
shoulders when they make their decision.

Is the economic situation in the USA substantially better after four years
of the Bush regime? Is unemployment substantially reduced? Are welfare
schemes working? Has he delivered on healthcare? Has he protected the
veterans in the US armed forces? Is the USA a safer place? Is the world a
safer place? Is Bush competent?

While one can state that he stood up for his ideals, it is simply not true.
He stood up for what he was told to stand up for and that is his daddy s
buddies, Rumsfeld and Cheney, the first a buffoon and a geriatric and the
second an evil, sinister character with a scar for a mouth and a stone where
his heart should be, super-rich and now even more rich after Iraq and while
the conflict lasts, the arms dealers which also gravitate around Bush grow
fatter by the minute. Bush is in a win-win situation. Are his troops?

One may claim that Kerry does not have charisma but it is not charisma that
the USA needs to win back the hearts and minds of the international
community, deadened and numbed by Bush s shock and awe campaign as he
blasted away the faces and futures and eyes and lives of Iraqi kids.

It is a man who has a political plasma in his veins, who is experienced, who
plays a competent, low-key political game, working behind the scenes
tirelessly to get America back on track, in unison with the world community
and who is himself an expert on issues of national security. This man is

We are supposed to be brothers living around a common lake and helping each
other out. Bush has thrown all of that away and sold it downstream, just
because he is surrounded by a clique of rich kids who have no more idea
about the life of the common person than an Iraqi child has as to why his
limbs were blasted off him and his family butchered by some GI who was
screaming Burn you mother-fucker! Burn! as he listened to the radio
blasting out from his tank.

Is this the regime that the people of the United States of America wish to
choose for the next four years?


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