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The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism

by : Manuel Valenzuela
Tuesday December 14, 2004 - 16:39

Part II, part III

Into the Vortex of Incalculable Consequences

by Manuel Valenzuela

The rise to power of the Amerikan Nazis, and the subsequent dive into the cesspool of fascism the nation is now experiencing, was assured with the ascension to the White House of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in November 2000. Through the well-conceived, methodical fraud committed against the American people, the Amerikan Nazis were now free to unleash their devastation upon the world. They were now free to release the demons of war on humanity, destroying innocent human life, tearing flesh apart, devastating environments, endangering freedoms and rights, eviscerating democracy and decimating entire peoples and nations.

Stealing the election through the disenfranchisement, intimidation, manipulation and blatant racism against tens of thousands of Florida blacks, the Amerikan Nazis regained the seat of power and immediately began preparations for their ideologically inspired, pre-ordained world agenda of imperial hegemony, pre-emptive offensive wars, natural resource control, geopolitical military allocation, proxy wars in defense of foreign nations, corporate profit and pillage, American treasure plunder and grip on absolute power.

With the inauguration of George W. Bush in January 2001 an amalgam of corrupt, warmongering, greed-addicted, delusional, unscrupulous and ideological criminals, fascists, religious fundamentalists, profit over people capitalists and Zionist neocons fused to create the most damaging cocktail of immoral human malfeasance since similar vermin rose to power in 1930’s Europe. Thus began the reign of the Amerikan Nazis, indiscriminately escalating the momentum of Earth’s descent into the dark abyss of self-annihilation and helping steer civilization closer towards nuclear midnight.

Conceived through fraud and deceit, developed through secrecy and intimidation, secured in lies and delusions, and birthed by the horrors of 9/11, thereafter cementing a national psychosis in the American mind that has yet to dissipate, the Amerikan Nazis have thrust upon the entirety of the planet a parallel universe not seen in 70 years. Since usurping power, the Amerikan Nazis have created nothing but negative energy, retarding the existing goodness in humankind and exposing the worst in the human condition.

Misery, suffering, death, destruction, economic frailty, violence, mass murder, war crimes, fear, hatred, racism, ignorance, xenophobia, homophobia, division, perpetual war, corruption, exploitation, the bankruptcy of the nation, the pillaging of our treasure, greed, indifference and immorality have flourished since the era of the Amerikan Nazi was birthed.

They have made millions of Americans carriers of hatred, fear and racism, infecting in the American psyche a collective ignorance based on the exploitation of fundamentalist theology. They have attached lead chains on our rights, freedoms and on democracy herself. They have succeeded in dividing the nation like never before, making enemies of progressives and conservatives. They have expanded the power of the corporate world, making us the serfs of yesterday and the automatons of the future. They have turned We the People into We the Sheeple, the land of the free and the home of the brave into the land of greed and the home of the slave.

Has anything good occurred since November 2000? Has anything positive manifested itself since the coup d’etat of late 2000? Of course not. The last four years have been nothing but a steep decline into a toxic canyon, with nothing seemingly able to stop our continued fall. America is degenerating into an entity being pulled apart by its appendages, imploding right in front of our eyes. The thing to remember is that the sudden collapse has coincided with the rise of the Amerikan Nazis.

At no other time since has the security of the planet been so compromised. At no time has so much gone so wrong, from pre-emptive wars to criminal and illegal wars of invasion to the scapegoating of an entire Arab population to conflict between allies to the end of multilateralism to the rise of imperial conquest to the chess match between nations for natural resource and geopolitical possessions to the cancerous unilateralism and arrogance of Empire to the dwindling capacity of exploitative resources to the growing competition between state powers to the malignant and ever-pervasive battle of religions to the rise to power of fundamentalist extremists to the continued dumbing down, ignorance and xenophobia of the people living inside the belly of the Evil Empire to the searing world hatred and anger brewing against the Great Satan to the rise of Amerikan fascism to the ceaseless exploitation and subjugation of peoples and lands spawned by the disease called capitalism and its virus market colonialism.

Into the vortex of incalculable consequences have we entered, paralyzed and made blind to the powers of the Amerikan Nazis, captivated by their hypnotizing propaganda, seeing only individual trees in an enormous forest, ensnarled by the short-term and not wiling to accept or see a most ominous long-term. The pieces of the malice puzzle are falling into place, yet the world remains mute to the returning sands of history that have reappeared over the horizon. As if captured by fear, unable to sound the trumpets of alarm, unable to gallop our horses through fog to sound warning bells, Americans, it seems, fatefully vegetate in indifference and stupor, fatalistically determined to accept their destiny, seemingly waiting in vain for the worst possible nightmare to become reality. Before long, with continued complacency and conformism, reality will be even worse than what our subconscious dreams are able to imagine.

Like a potent concoction of flammable chemicals, the amalgamation of combustibles the planet is presently witnessing amassing throughout the globe is mixing and fizzing, bubbling and gassing, its energy growing in power, its potency becoming an uncontrollable manifestation of the human condition. Slowly it is rising, ready to explode in a massive eruption whose tremors will be felt by 6.4 billion humans. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are patiently being put together, much like in the world of 70 years ago, by human wickedness resurrected, by fascism reincarnated, by the rise of the Amerikan Nazis.

A Plague Upon the World

Like the German Nazis of old, who were ignored until they had firmly cemented their campaign of terror, their momentum as ferocious as it was unstoppable, the Amerikan Nazis are likewise being disregarded both in the United States and abroad. Their assault on the world, and the United States in particular, as good people stand idle, doing nothing, has magnified their power, their addiction to greed and their grandiose sense of self. They validate their mission as blessed by a delusional destiny endeared to all rising empires, believing all their frivolous lies, embarking on a road guided by the Almighty itself, content that its powerful yet invisible hand is assenting to the incredible levels of mass murder, suffering, destruction, violence and human wickedness their actions have spawned.

With each day that the people of the United States and the world ignore the gathering storm, the Amerikan Nazis’ confidence grows, sure of their power, bolder in their actions, steadfast in their belief that what they do is right. Their corruption of power and of self shields them away from the realities and truths of the world, the delusions of their narcissism and the bubble of their perched existence. Arrogance runs through their veins, replacing the cold-blood most were born with, allowing for greater apathy and malice. They bully dissent and other sovereign nations into submission or silent acquiescence, threatening regimes and politicians with the vast array of financial, international, military and political tools endowed to empires.

Callously they run amok, eviscerating global alliances as they please, unilaterally dictating the future course of the planet, triumphantly knowing they have the world by the collective balls. Unchallenged and unrepentant, the Amerikan Nazis now possess, through the hijacking of America, the cockpit of the most powerful nation the world has ever been witness to, holding the seat of power from where all their wickedness derives. They are using everything at their disposal to push their ideological agenda of delusion and empire building, succeeding, slowly but surely, in the destabilization of the entire world order.

They seek to crush nation-state competitors such as China, Europe and Russia, steaming ahead in a race for the ultimate prize in the geopolitical chess match: the lands and resources of central Asia. It is here where resource wars will be fought, it is here where the world’s insatiable thirst for oil will see powerful nation’s collide, for it is the next black reservoir to be exploited and tapped by a species dependent on the devil’s excrement, that black blood whose necessity curses the entire planet. The Amerikan Nazis are preemptively moving their pieces into geostrategic states, invading lands such as Iraq and Afghanistan, using them as launching pads for further military escalations, garrisons protecting newly conquered natural resources, and as watchtowers surveying rivals. The Pax Americana now has a foothold on the Middle East, a growing presence in central Asia, and a sniper scope aimed at those nations bordering Russia, such as the Ukraine, as well as those near China.

These lands are being molded to suit the Amerikan Nazi construct of Empire. Supporting emerging dictators, financing puppets, destabilizing nations, controlling pseudo-democracy and establishing crony capitalism assures the Amerikan Nazis of domination and supremacy on the global scale. Rivals are still years away from threatening the Pax Americana, yet to ensure the continued flow of oil and gas from the Eurasian land mass, for now and into the future, the Amerikan Nazis have embarked on a campaign of imperial reincarnation, retrofitting nations and peoples unlucky to live in lands infected by oil with a new breed of colonization. For the Amerikan Nazis know that he who controls the flow of energy controls the world, and to them, this is all that matters, the ultimate prize in an ever more dangerous game.

Hence, Afghanistan was invaded for its geopolitical position and its access to American controlled natural gas pipelines, thereby leading the Pax Americana into the collection of Stans littering the Caspian Sea basin. Iraq, on the other hand, was invaded for its rich oil wealth, to make extinct a threat to Israel, to control the larger Middle East and to establish offensive military bases in Eurasia, forever planting a presence signaling to rivals the seriousness of American intentions. Already in the crosshairs is Iran, another oil rich nation of vital strategic importance in Eurasia. War against it is already in the works, and the Amerikan Nazis, foaming at the mouth at the thoughts of an invaded and conquered Iran, compliant to America and Israel, see this trophy as the bounty needed for absolute hegemony in the region as well as the world.

Under the rubric of the war on terror the Amerikan Nazis have invaded two nations seen as strategic and of utmost importance in the escalating cold war between one superpower and various emerging powers, all eyeing the vast wealth available in central Asia, as well as the dwindling world supply of the one source of energy needed for continued power and growth. With a third nation already in the Amerikan Nazi crosshairs, the game of geopolitical chess will continue to unfold, making our world a much more dangerous place, our future less assured and the balance among states and peoples more polarized than ever. Humanity is today crossing the threshold of danger, and the Amerikan Nazis have made sure, through their harvesting of hatreds, divisions, animosities, violence and exploitations, through their invasions, conquests, mass murder and utter destruction of land and man, of a world less secure thanks to the mutating evil residing in the human condition that is getting ready to erupt.

And so, with reality beginning and ending with the Amerikan Nazis, seeing themselves free to alter history, create fictions, orchestrate our future and manipulate a most gullible public, the seeds are being planted for a most ominous future, full of war (what else is new?) and division and competition and violence and death and suffering. Controlling the American sheeple, molding us like easy to manipulate clay, using both the tools of government and the corporate world, they are free to achieve their most sinister policies, seeking Empire, glory and the addiction of power, failing to learn from history, failing to understand the human condition.

Nothing, it seems, besides the valiant resistance movement in Iraq, can stop their drive onwards, not even the will of the American people, whose voice no longer exists, becoming as inconsequential as the annoying buzzing of the occasional fly looking for fecal matter to sit on. It is the passivity of those residing inside the belly of the beast that sustains them, becoming the fresh and invigorating air circulating inside their lungs. It is the silent acquiescence of the masses that energizes them, becoming their lifeblood, that cold plasma flowing through their body that grants them the mandate needed to destroy democracy at home and export human wickedness abroad.

For human evil to succeed all that is needed is for good people to do nothing, and this is exactly what is happening, with America’s voices ominously submissive and silent, with Washington having become the hornet’s nest of Amerikan Nazi enterprise and operation, and with the world passively waiting for the next chess move made by warmonger leaders and delusional policymakers.

9/11, Birth of Despotism

Granted such a fortuitous commencement to their long-sought offensive with the tragic events of 9/11, the Amerikan Nazis have since exploited every single angle and opportunity of that horrific day. The new Pearl Harbor burst open a collection of colorful fireworks inside the minds of the Amerikan Nazis, now free of the populace’s free-thought and reason. Bolts from the gods of war came crashing down onto two mammoth towers, turning a once-questioning American citizenry into a militarized behemoth marching to the tunes of war, hatred and vengeance.

The land of plenty was filled with the red, white and blue, filling every street corner, every business, every car, every single inch the profiteering claws of Wal-Mart reached, transforming the United States into a nation on the path to perpetual war. To those not mesmerized by raging nationalism, searing jingoism or blinded by the omnipresent envelopment of the flag, America after 9/11 paralleled images of Nazi Germany, with flags draping every building and every street, with rage searing and fear captivating, with an entire population’s psychology devastated, fragile, and ripe for the picking by those exploiters and criminal entities for years seeking the monstrosity that now, rather miraculous, presented itself.

The American Nazis finally had what they wanted, a cataclysmic event that transformed an entire population. They had the catalyst for war, for imperial conquest and corporate despotism. They had a new Pearl Harbor, a rather convenient excuse to begin their journey towards imperial hegemony, corporate domination, Israeli security, an American police state and an emerging fascist Empire.

For if you stop and think about it, who has benefited most from the horrific events of 9/11? Who has profited the most, whose power has increased, whose agenda has and continues to be fulfilled, whose success continues to grow, who has exploited 9/11 to further long sought goals, now able to control an entire population of nearly 300 million people, steering it in the direction of Arab hatred and perpetual war? Who profits from perpetual war, from feudal control of oil, from a schizophrenic and fear controlled populace and from a militarized, police state devoid of social programs, rights and freedoms? It certainly isn’t Arab bogeymen, who, though as smart as they might be cannot in common sense accomplish the supermen actions that are attributed to them.

The time has arrived to at the very least begin questioning the official story of 9/11, as inconceivable as it now appears, with lie built upon lie, fantasy built upon fantasy. Why do we know so little, why has so much about that day been covered up, how did 19 so-called hijackers circumvent the greatest technology, infrastructure, aerial defense and military in the history of the world, plowing in two direct strikes into two towers without so much as a hiccup from the government? Whether involved or not, whether knowing or not, the Bush administration must begin answering questions, especially when it continues to emerge that it was recklessly incompetent and criminally negligent at best and horrifically complicit at worst. What did it know, what had it been told by a cluster of foreign intelligence services in the days before 9/11, did it purposefully allow the tragedies of that day to come into fruition so that excuses could be made for already planned wars against Afghanistan and Iraq?

In the sacrifice of 3000 souls, whether known or not, the Amerikan Nazis assured themselves of almost 300 million trance-like zombies hypnotized by fear and rage, transformed into an obedient, drone-like army of followers ready to obey the dictates of warmongers and greed addicts. It only took 3000 deaths and the destruction of two towers to mobilize the world’s most powerful nation towards war, boots marching onward, weapons pointing straight, our thirst for vengeance blinding rational thinking, our quest for Arab blood enslaving our collective brain.

In months, America was ready to unleash the next Corporate Crusade. The assembly lines manufacturing instruments of death were started, the conveyor belts spitting out America’s indigent were warmed up, sending cannon fodder to their premature death and physical and mental maiming. For profit, for greed, for the Almighty Dollar, dropping bombs, dropping napalm, dropping depleted uranium, as usual pitting poor versus poor and young versus young, all for the ever-expanding pockets of the Establishment, all for the gluttonous appetite for destruction of the military-industrial complex and all for the conquest and usurpation of resources, land and labor by the psychopathic corporate Leviathan.

With an entire nation searing and in control, the Amerikan Nazis could do as they wished. They fed us a surplus of patriotism to make us blind. They injected nationalism into our veins to make us rabid. They created and marketed the image of a war president out of putrid fecal matter. They provided dark-skinned enemies so that we could hate and scapegoat, concocting story after story to make our blood boil. They used the media to brainwash and condition us, using government and journalist vermin to concoct lies and deceits. Somewhere, the German Nazis of the past could not be prouder.

In the months and now years after 9/11 they have exploited our fears and insecurities, our emotions and passions, our need to feel safe and protected. The tools at their disposal - corporate media and its prostitute journalists - are used to control us and our emotions, all done to better suit their particular needs, all done to make acquiescent and obedient sheep of us. If war is needed, fear is re-introduced, Arab bogeyman are said to be living under our beds, ready to terrorize, color-coded alerts are raised to breed mass schizophrenia. If excuses and reasons for war are called for, lies and deceit are used, government agencies and officials are paraded to the world with false information and bogus intelligence. They have abused our ignorance, our blind trust in government and leaders, our faith in the system.

In return, they have declared war on the American people, robbing us of rights and liberties, freedoms and democracy, reputation and morality, our treasure and our loved ones. They continue pilfering America’s treasure, gutting social programs, destroying education and healthcare, devastating the economy, dumbing down our children, leading us down the ominous path to a police state. Billions of dollars are being stolen by their friends and cronies, their lobbyists and contributors. The military-industrial complex and the corporate Leviathan are profiting from death and destruction, suffering and violence, contributing to the mass murder of 100,000 Iraqis, 10,000 Afghanis, more than 1,200 American soldiers and the maiming in body and mind of countless more.

It has been the horrific events of 9/11, with the subsequent collective paranoia, blind patriotism, raging jingoism, fear-induced ignorance and easily-controlled thought processes of the masses that have allowed the Amerikan Nazis unfettered control over the minds of tens of millions of citizens. It was twin towers collapsing and airliners crashing that assured the Amerikan Nazis of absolute power to do as they please, without accountability and transparency, without interference or dissent, without protest or debate, without an American citizenry enraged at what is being done in its name.

Today, on the road to despotism do we find ourselves in, unable or unwilling to extricate ourselves, surrounded on all sides by malevolent men and women who, with each day that passes, take possession and control of more American minds, transforming the country into a land riddled with a complicit army of mass murdering apologizers, warmongers and torture legitimizers. Using Arab scapegoats, marketed to be feared by the ignorant, alien in culture and religion, seen as sub-human barbarians, this army of crazed purveyors of violence and suffering is extricating long held inner demons of bigotry, fear and boiling hatred. Moral values are given precedence at home, scapegoating gays and progressives, while rapes of Iraqi women are condoned, destruction is allowed, death of untold women and children is sought and the devastation of an entire culture is welcomed. Other Nazis of times past used the same techniques on other minorities to unleash hell on Earth.

This easily-controlled and manipulated army of ignorance and hypocrisy are the same millions who in a few years will claim ignorance and outrage, much like the German population at the end of World War II, for the human evil they allowed upon the lands of planet Earth. This army of Arab haters loathe simply because their government tells them to, simply because they wish it so, simply because an enemy was concocted from which to wage perpetual war against. They fear and hate because their false prophets condone such sin, because the red, white and blue demands it. Because they are ignorant they fear; because they are made to fear they hate; because they hate 100,000 innocent human beings lie dead, untold more lie maimed and psychologically destroyed, and an entire nation lies in ruins. This is the army of the American Nazis, this is the Army of Unenlightenment.

This is the danger of a dumbed-down population, of an education system being gutted even as the defense budget surpasses those of all industrialized nations, combined. This is what happens when drones are created, unthinking and unenlightened, devoid of analytical and logical thought, conditioned to believe anything and everything told them by a government for years acting as The Evil Empire. This is what happens to Empires whose people no longer are capable of rational thought, whose brain lacks the precepts to think on their own. This is what happens when a population fails to question authority, seek accountability or hold leaders responsible. This is what happens without protest, dissent and debate. This is what happens in the absence of bravery and selflessness.

If November 2000 is a date that will live in infamy, then 9/11 is the date the gates of human hell opened onto the world, releasing the demons called the Amerikan Nazis to once more wreak havoc over the lands and skies of the ever-tempestuous species called humanity.

Shaking the Foundations

Is it so hard to imagine our government and our leaders as liars, criminals and terrorists? Is it so hard to imagine that we are being led into a moral abyss whose black hole is eroding the humanity naturally endowed to us? Is it so hard to see past the lies, the deceit, the propaganda, the exploitation of our psychology, the obvious criminal elements running the government? Is it so hard to question authority, to seek accountability, to return power to the People? Is it so hard to escape the clouds of 9/11 and see, if only for a second, the incredible amount of coincidences and growing evidence pointing to complicit criminality within the Bush Administration and the neocons in the death of 3000 humans?

Our failure to question the official ‘truth’ of 9/11 arises because of our fear of knowing the truth, our uncertainty of what to do if what the government says is false. We fear knowing that perhaps our government and leaders, our policy makers and corporate elite were involved in the greatest terrorist act to ever devastate American soil, and so we meander in purposeful ignorance, unwilling to open the doors to a storm that would shake our foundations to the ground. Our ego’s refusal to believe in the criminality of the government, even if only negligent, even if criminally complicit, is the ally of the Amerikan Nazis, for it strengthens their grip on power and their confidence that they can do with us as they please.

Our mind’s defense mechanism of not wanting to stir normalcy, of refusing to ever know the truth, of never wanting to molest our normal life with the devastation of knowing what, if anything, the Bush administration, the corporate Establishment, the military-industrial complex and the neocons had to do with 9/11 and its aftermath is our own worst enemy, for to allow the Amerikan Nazis the freedom to continue their rapacious ideology is to help seal our own fates.

Our refusal to let go of years of government brainwashing, implemented in our educations and through years of ceaseless television watching, that America can do no wrong, that its leaders are the epitome of good, that our government is altruistic and honorable, that our military is only in existence for defensive purposes, that the Almighty always blesses us and no other, that our nation only helps the world, that our history is full of noble intentions, has conditioned in us an inability to ever question the legitimacy of elected leaders or the foundation of government itself.

Like a tree bountiful in fruit we must shake the branches of our existence, thinking beyond the box we have been trained never to deviate away from. We must shake the foundations of what we have been inculcated with, as well as the ego that refuses to open our eyes to a most ignoble truth. We have to accept the belief that those elected and anointed to take care of us could also be doing us massive harm. Our constructs must be altered, as well as the perceived reality implanted in our minds through years of brainwashing. We must question authority, seek accountability and demand truth and justice. The government is responsible to the People, after all, the People are not responsible to government. The American government is the People’s government, it does not belong exclusively to the small junta of criminality basking in the warmth of power.

Perhaps 9/11 was as they tell us, perhaps it was worse, perhaps its truth is too unbearable to pursue. Yet we must open our eyes to all possibilities, because our future depends on it. Our minds must be made clear, our voices made loud, our ears made to hear, for somewhere out there the truth of it all exists, waiting to be found by an American people ready to exorcise the demons of what was done to us on 9/11.

This the Amerikan Nazis fight to prevent, which is why it is desperately needed. Out there, somewhere, our foundations are waiting to be shaken and rattled, waking us from the nightmare wrought by the rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Out there the memories of 3000 innocent people wait to be found, finally freed to roam the great expanse of the universe, finally given the burial they have yet to fully receive. Only the truth will set them, as well as millions more living, free.

The clouds that have hovered over us since 9/11 are beginning to dissipate. Our minds are once more seeing the plethora of colors created with the birth of each new sunrise. We can see clearly once again. It is time to shake the foundations of what is known, and what is yet to be found. Coming Thursday:

The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis Part II: Death of Democracy

Mr. Valenzuela’s new novel is now on sale through Authorhouse.com at Echoes in the Wind Sales Page. A philosophical, educational and spiritual story on humanity and our civilization, as relevant as today’s headlines, this book is almost 600 pages in trade paperback form on sale internationally through secure web page transaction. Additionally, the novel is now available on Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com, as well as other online book sellers. If preferred, the novel can also be ordered at any local brick and mortar bookstore worldwide through the book’s ISBN number, 1418489905. 

Manuel Valenzuela is social critic and commentator, international affairs analyst, Internet columnist and author of Echoes in the Wind, a novel now published by Authorhouse.com. A collection of essays, Beyond the Smoking Mirror: Reflections on America and Humanity, will be published in early 2005. His articles appear regularly in alternative news websites including informationclearinghouse.info. His unique style and powerful writing is read internationally and seeks to expose truths and realities confronting humanity today. Mr. Valenzuela welcomes comments and can be reached at manuel@valenzuelas.net. A collection of his work can be found visiting his archives and by searching the Internet

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Commentaires de l'article

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Tuesday December 14 - 17:21 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Mr Valenzuela’s tinfoil hat has apparently fallen from his feces-filled cranium. I can’t believe I actually skimmed over his long-winded psychobabble to comment on it.

Nevertheless, Manuel’s reality detachment has reached tertiary stage. I recommend decapitation.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 05:00 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

Are tin foil hats anything like tin foil humvees?

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Thursday December 16 - 07:26 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

You need to tke off your blinders and then remove your own "tin foil" hat and shove it up your republican ass. For you to repeat over and over and over again that everyone is wearing a tin foil hat only says the obvious that you are obsessed with tin foil hats and you are becoming a monumental bore with the "tin foil hat" thing...get something new to post, it wasn’t funny or clever or smart or anything else the first time, it was boring then and now it is just plain putrid...get over yourself.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Thursday December 16 - 23:00 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Dear Feces,

You’ve succeeded in using "tin foil hat" in a post more times than I ever had in a single post. Perhaps you should put yours back on.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Friday December 17 - 06:39 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

Dear Cockroach,
And then you add up all or your "gag- a- magot" posts and your total number of "tin foil hat" posts is a colosal bore just like you. As I said, It wasn’t funny, or clever, or amusing, or anything the first 90 times...get over yourself, you are nothing but a lame brain Bush supporter.

Who farted?
Friday December 17 - 17:08 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Dear Buttplug,

Comments from losers like you mean so much to me, and every other sane person who is making a positive influence in the world today. Excuse me while I take a shit and dismiss your blather in the same manner.

Regards, The Ugly American

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Tuesday December 14 - 18:47 - Posted by 9acf10978a2149a1...

Er hat Sie Schweine Recht! He right on the money! You are the crazy one!

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Tuesday December 14 - 19:16 - Posted by efedfb05bacd7721...

First commentator, same Valenzuela basher who writes bull feces trash after all his articles. Pay no attention to him, it’s getting rather boring and old. If you don’t like the articles, stop visiting the site, you reich-wing chimp.

Second commentator, I’m with you brother. As usual, Valenzuela is right on the money. I’d rather be wearing a tin-foil hat, if those not trapped and brainwashed by the system wear, than wearing a donkey-hat, with long ears and teeth included, reserved for the ignorant among us.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Tuesday December 14 - 21:22 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Right - those that disagree with the cum-guzzling asshat that is Manuel Valenzuela are the ones who are lost. Never mind that the USA is the only nation on the planet that is genuinely proactive in championing the cause for human rights, the Bush cabal is in a blood-for-oil struggle to feed the capitalist/hegemonist/socialist/nationalist maw for total world domination.

Please. If you Socialist buttfucks had half of a clue you’d be a danger to yourselves.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Tuesday December 14 - 22:16 - Posted by c5dd66d3cf332dd7...

Folks, the cat is out of the hat, the redneck’s hidden identity is now visible. Leave it to the hillbilly to start spewing foul language but hey, when called for what he is, his true self came out. I mean, he actually believes the crap he writes. For example..."Never mind that the USA is the only nation on the planet that is genuinely proactive in championing the cause for human rights" I still can’t stop laughing! Two words: Abu Ghraib. One word: Guantanamo. Four words: School of the Americas. Three words: Iraq and Afghanistan. Three more words: Support for Zio-Nazis. Three more: Support of Dictators. Human rights? Not only are you a redneck right wing nut job, you are a comedian redneck right wing nut job. Man, ignorance is sure bliss, and sure is anal incest with your sister’s father. Go back to screwing the farm mule, and leave the thinking to us socialists. The bubble that is your Appalachia outhouse sure stinks of bovine manure, when you come up with more comedy be sure to look us up. We sure need more laughs. Yeeee-haw!!!

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Saturday December 18 - 03:01 - Posted by acc08c4f962d850d...

Amen - I couldn’t have said it better!

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Sunday December 19 - 05:23 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

I think I saw the Ugly American in the film Deliverance, he was the one with the missing teeth.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Tuesday December 14 - 23:55 - Posted by 77fd9b0f4e76a18f...

Calling America fascist is a joke and belittles the sacrifices of former generations who died defeating it.

1. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
2. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

Bush isn’t a dictator, he’s the popularly elected president. Just because you don’t like him or America doesn’t actually make America fascist. "He stole the election!" In your dreams!
Stingent socioeconomic controls??? Our economy is one of the least governed in the world and our social freedoms are at least as level as most of the west.
Belligerent nationalism- you may think Iraq is proof of that (its really not), but compare that to the Nazis and any sane person will see the comparison lacking.
Racism- America is a shining example of a working heterogenous population. A melting pot of people and ideas. Thats why millions of people from around the world want to emmigrate to America to become Americans.

You guys are so twisted in your hate for America that reality no longer has any influence on your thoughts and judgements.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 04:58 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

You seem to be forgetting that the Republicans can never win without dirty tricks, and what would one expect from the party of Nixon? This election was a great example of that. History will not remember this time in the U.S.A. as anything but shameful. Our Supreme court has lost all credibility for appointing these evil people to control the country. Anthony Scalia is a criminal and so are Bush, Chicanary, Bumsfeld, Rice, Gonzoles, and company, they should be given a Mussolini send off, first they should be shot and then hung in the public square like they deserve for the people to go throw rocks at and hit with sticks. This should be their reward for what they have done to our country.

Selective memory loss
Friday December 17 - 17:56 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Dear Jackass,

The GOP can and has won elections without resorting to dirty tricks, as Reagan was elected to two terms in LANDSLIDES. These times will be remembered in history (provided the fascists running the nation’s schools don’t get away with rewriting history textbooks) not as shameful, but when the USA stood up to the UN and exposed them for being the impotent, corrupt fraud that it is.

Kindly cram your swastika and waddle away. Peddle your Nazi propaganda elsewhere.

Reagrds, The Ugly American

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 16:53 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

"You guys are so twisted in your hate for America that reality no longer has any influence on your thoughts and judgements."

Reality never had an influence on those bong water-drinking idiots in the first place. Conspiracy theories and self-loathing, coupled with a disposal of morals and a permissive attitude towards civil disobedience has made them what they are today - a bunch of no-account freaks.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Friday December 17 - 06:47 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

And you are nothing. Nothing but a Bush apologist and a phony Christian who puts war and shady dealings by your criminal governmental offficials over real morals like THOU SHALT NOT KILL, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.... etc., When did killing innocent people become more moral to you Christians than Christ’s teachings? When did WINNING become everything and right and wrong become nothing? When did pushing lies become more moral than knowing and telling the truth? When did greed become more desirable than caring about your fellow man?

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Saturday December 18 - 03:20 - Posted by acc08c4f962d850d...

You’re living in a fantasy mate! America’s been a one party state for at least 50 years and was never meant to be a democracy (read the Constitution - the word democracy never appears, not once. Oh, and it doesn’t appear in the Bill of Rights either.) Human rights! Surely you jest. America has probably killed more people than any other modern nation (including Nazi Germany). Why do you think the US won’t join the International Criminal Court? Oh yeah, you probably believe it’s to protect their soldiers from frivalous prosecutions. Ha! It’s to keep the Bushes, Rumsfields, Powells, Clintons, Kissingers, etc., etc. from being tried for war crimes.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Saturday December 18 - 12:52 - Posted by 558275d79cbc6320...

Bush is indeed a Popularly elected leader. He has been popularly elected by Diebold, ES & S, Triad along with dirty voter suppression tricks on the blacks. Another popularly elected leader is on the verge of being busted is Honorable Florida Congressman Tom Feeney. Please see

Tom Feeney will lead to Jeb Bush.....another popularly elected governer..... and the road from Florida will lead toWhite House where seats "Turd Blossom" aka Karl Rove. Does the name sounds familiar? Please see

Suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship.......AHA....have you heard a phrase called ’fear mongering’? Do you remember the 2004 election ad with wolves hounding around. Do you remember the terror elerts? High terror alert during democratic convention. No terror alert during Republican convention. During republican convention the Russian schol attack and 2 russian airlines were struck. Why were there no terror alert during the Republican convention? Because your polpular president wanted to reduce the media coverage on Democratic convention. Saddam, Musarraf, saudi royal family, mubarak they all use thier official power to retain thier throne. That is what Bush does. Wish you could read between the lines to that ’Bush’s evil empire’ is doing. I hope your god gives you the strength to analysize that.

Well ’Ignorance is strength’ for Mr. Bush. He has used that earned his ’political capital’.

BTW Manuel Valenzuela ! You put things straight!

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 04:21 - Posted by 4ef543f1c35573bc...

this is the funniest shit I have ever read.------I laughed my ass off just by reading the first three paragraphs

truely a work of art.. a masterpeice—no other words can describe it..

bravo (claps)



Mr. Hankey

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 04:28 - Posted by b9c0daedc4361a7b...

This is what happens when an asshole (bush) is crossed with a DICK and runs for president, maybe one day, we will have all body parts running for president and have a full man..

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 04:50 - Posted by a2c90913b38c68ed...

I read the first part and then the comments.. it looks like a lot of the comments were written by valenzula—the same type of writting and style. During the reading, I also noticed hints of resentment to the general american culture in general . Although a funny article (with general instances of satire), his distortions in his satire not only reflect satire—but resentment; I must say that I felt sorry for Valenzula. He must really be a resentful and phsyched out soul. I really feel sorry for those that feel so angry and resentful, it must cause Valenzula, and undoubtably, many others, a great deal of emotional stress and pain. The difference between a Michael Moore satire and this one, is unquestionably the contempt. It is also very racist toward blacks (as a joke in the first paragraph, but nonetheless, offensive).

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis
Wednesday December 15 - 05:40 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

America shows the same similarities as with Nazi-Germany.

The Nazis attacked their neighbours - so does America!
The Nazis run concentration camps - so does America!
The Nazis were into ethnic cleansing - so does America!

The international comunity kept silence - so do they now!

The American kind of "market economy" supports child and slave labour.
America behaves like an imperialistic country.

Americans are so far behind in science and engineering, so they take
pride in ambush and murder.

America is ruled by the dumbest dictator on earth: George W. Bush!

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis
Wednesday December 15 - 10:01 - Posted by 1ebd73fbe1f545ca...

They’ve even copied the shape of the military helmets.

Guten tag, herr schwein!
Friday December 17 - 21:14 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Dear Cumbooger,

I’d like to show you how much of an idiot and a jackass you are:

"America shows the same similarities as with Nazi-Germany."

First of all no hyphen is necessary between Nazi and Germany. Second, our re-elected leader didn’t burn down the Capitol building like Hitler did to the Reichstag, in defiance of the former order. Third, private enterprise is alive and well, there hasn’t been any initiative to institutionalize commerce for the well-being of the "volk".

"The Nazis attacked their neighbours - so does America! The Nazis run concentration camps - so does America! The Nazis were into ethnic cleansing - so does America!"

The USA hasn’t invaded Canada or Mexico, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are/were POW camps (big difference), and there haven’t been nor will there ever be any pogroms.

"The American kind of "market economy" supports child and slave labour. America behaves like an imperialistic country."

There are laws being enforced in the USA against child labor, and slavery was abolished almost 150 years ago. The world economy is a buyer’s market, and we’re not ones to pass up a bargain when we see it. If the USA were imperialistic, it would have conquered Mexico, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia just for its oil, and invaded Canada just for kicks.

"Americans are so far behind in science and engineering, so they take pride in ambush and murder."

Over the past 100 years, the USA has led every other industrialized nation on the planet in engineering, technology and science. The USA was the first to put a man on the moon, and still maintains a space program that is further developing newer technologies. As far as ambush and murder are concerned, look to Zimbabwe.

"America is ruled by the dumbest dictator on earth: George W. Bush!"

The USA re-elected a president, who had three other challengers to his incumbency - one of which could have won if he’d set a positive tone by promoting his "vison for the future". He didn’t, chose to fire slings and arrows, while the incumbent spent his campaign defending himself and managed to win it.

Smacking you nutsacks are like shooting fish in a barrel. Too easy.

Regards, The Ugly American

> Guten tag, herr schwein!
Saturday December 18 - 18:17 - Posted by b94600ab15aef352...

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. Your sixth grade education sure comes out sometimes, buddy. Quite Pathetic. Quote: "Smacking you nutsacks are like shooting fish in a barrel. Too easy." You dumb piece of uneducated shit. Try is instead of are, dumbfuck.

Ugly: Golly-darn, Billy-Ray-Bob, I sure likes thems books on Jerry Falwell. He’s so wise and smart, I could have him here for dumplings and KFC, after them there NASCAR races is over. Then I want to watch on that there TeeeVeee that Fox News with it fair and balanced news. They loooove Jessssus and President Buuush. He speaks to the Almighty he does! And he’s as dumb as me! Yeee-Haaaw! I feels safe with my cross and them guns. I hate them sand-niggers and them immigrants because I is one dumb uneducated mofo who fears when that there White House says so. I is Ugly American, yesup, I are!

> Guten tag, herr schwein!
Saturday December 18 - 18:17 - Posted by b94600ab15aef352...

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. Your sixth grade education sure comes out sometimes, buddy. Quite Pathetic. Quote: "Smacking you nutsacks are like shooting fish in a barrel. Too easy." You dumb piece of uneducated shit. Try is instead of are, dumbfuck.

Ugly: Golly-darn, Billy-Ray-Bob, I sure likes thems books on Jerry Falwell. He’s so wise and smart, I could have him here for dumplings and KFC, after them there NASCAR races is over. Then I want to watch on that there TeeeVeee that Fox News with it fair and balanced news. They loooove Jessssus and President Buuush. He speaks to the Almighty he does! And he’s as dumb as me! Yeee-Haaaw! I feels safe with my cross and them guns. I hate them sand-niggers and them immigrants because I is one dumb uneducated mofo who fears when that there White House says so. I is Ugly American, yesup, I are!

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 15:35 - Posted by 11699b604e0b49a1...

Yea Bitch,

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> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 15:55 - Posted by 1ebd73fbe1f545ca...

Was it you transmitting the answers to that box up Bush’s back during that debate with kerry ?

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 16:02 - Posted by a2a22e2dcfa7ef8d...

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> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 16:08 - Posted by 1ebd73fbe1f545ca...

Sorry, you must be the American Cultural Attache in Bagdhad ?

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 16:50 - Posted by d6db0cda1ae5fd13...

No, he’s the American Secretary of Liberal Arts, World Affairs and Humanities for the new colony of Iraq. Bringing ignorance to Iraq, just like the USA, one Iraqi at a time!

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 18:31 - Posted by 6f75e8e8258830e3...

funniest shit ever---amerikan nazis---
great shit

recommend post.. for people to have laugh

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Thursday December 16 - 13:11 - Posted by 3be099787b380c6f...

How history repeats and repeats.
The German people were the last ones to realise that they had become "fascists".

The american public took several decades to realise that the war in vietnam was no more than an exercise in military supply and demand, with the taxpayer funding the retirement plans of the generals and the profits of the corporations that supplied the war machine.

Is it any different today? Are the pro-israel neocons protecting the american public, or the lifestyle and bank balances of themselves?

It is time for the american people to re-errect the barricades, and throttle the fascists.
Alternatively, of course, just keep borrowing money to pay the taxes that fund the war machine.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 16:50 - Posted by ce90e98237345805...

No, he’s part of the new PR campaign for the US.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 16:55 - Posted by d6db0cda1ae5fd13...

Looks like the only resentment being created is your own, judging by the worthless diatribe full of incoherent dribble you just wrote. Guess you’re a little testy, a litle hurt by the truth. Go back and graduate from junior high, Tex. Grow more brains and less balls too!

Excuse me?
Friday December 17 - 18:04 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Dear Anal Wart,

If growing more brains would mean I’d think more like you, I’d sooner commit suicide. There’s nothing incoherent about what was written when someone with an IQ of 100 or higher reads it, it just means that the irony is lost on shitstains like you.

Suck my balls.

Regards, The Ugly American

> Excuse me?
Saturday December 18 - 14:29 - Posted by 25fd1ed9dde41f7f...

Dear Ugly American,

I don’t think there was any irony in that rubbish you wrote. I think you wrote , being racist to Mr Valenzuela because he is SouthAmerican. Using words like ’monkey and coca’ etc trying to sound like your stereotypical view of an Afro American.

You’ve shown your true self, just like Bush et al - a racist evil fucker. Scum.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 17:08 - Posted by d6db0cda1ae5fd13...

Trent and Tex, spoken like true reincarnations of Nazis! Perfect examples of those sheep easily made Nazis by fascist governments like Bush’s. Could two poster boys for Amerikan Nazis be more right than these two reich-wingers?

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 17:45 - Posted by ca4cd8381180abe6...

haha, amerikan nazi’s that’s funniest shit ever ---comments too man..

great stuff...post recommend for laugh

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 17:46 - Posted by 350785dd7032941e...

this the funniest shit ever...amerkian nazis...great shit

comments are hilarious.. haha, recommend the post

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 18:29 - Posted by 6f75e8e8258830e3...

funniest shit ever amerikan nazis..great shit

recommend for post.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 18:48 - Posted by 1af3f026be7698e9...

dudes, it’s the aliens man...have you guys played half life 2 man, this crap is the shiat,

we need to get ready for the next invasion

I think bush is head leader---this is not nonesense—not joking .. -_-

I am completely serious---think about it---oil crisis coming and stuff---why did we invade Iraq—it’s for the upcoming invasion of saudi arabia to ration oil in the world by superpoewrs—Bush is controlled by aliens just like in half life and will start the first inter-dimensional drift, we need to get prepared before we are all under the control of the alien presence... it will happen again, it’s just a question of when we open the gate.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 19:08 - Posted by b6a503c352238664...

Uhm...valenzula, I think you’ve been pretty much fucked...

why don’t you shut down the blog before you embarrass yourself anymore than you have already...

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 19:16 - Posted by 60516159d58b91e4...

yea yea tushei—I agree---what is this stuff dude. I came back to see answer—thought it was interesting site MAN, and then I start reading the stuff in like the comments * in other post* since thought hilarious

and it’s like trent and tib are nazis and stuff....I did not write this as a slight dude---I was completely honest with everything I said ....your hurting my feelings----waaaaaaaaaaa, I am going cry...

dude, now that I review this, this site is like—an underground society d...like frenchies and stuff...this is like some sort of goverment psycholgy stress program...damm it, I hate these conspiracies dude, ahhhh . quit messing with my mind.

QUIT MESSING WITH MY MIND, I’m gonna take a shit now.


> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 19:21 - Posted by ff62290177d89468...

I want to hump your leg.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Wednesday December 15 - 19:29 - Posted by 542bd5a2cdee8061...

dude, I know what’s the real problem...you know---what it is...

it’s CANADA dude

ever since Canada started being annoying and forcing us sell trees at an expensive price.. we could not develope our house and biofuel industry as fast (US)...

we have to invade america so we can take control of the complete vastness of north america and later on divide the land into jesusland and the united states of canada----once that is done we must seperate and create in jesusland the great preaching nation..and give free boundaries so we can get limber.

this will allow Canada to be larger and give us more trees and jesusland to be more tightly regimented.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Friday December 17 - 00:19 - Posted by 89fb07a5a968a243...

I live in Tampa, Florida USA

I consider myself a good American. My father fought the facists in North Africa in
WWII. My son is in the US Army in Afghanistan.

I dont like what Valenzuela has to say about my country. I wish I could refute it. The problem is I am afraid he is right on a lot of his points. I feel like my country has been taken over by the most evil people I can imagine. I feel like Im in a cheap science fiction movie where everyone has gone brain dead overnight and Im the only one who can still think.

My neighbors all drive huge gas guzzling trucks and SUVs with plastic "Support Our Troops" ribbons on the back. (printed in China)

I ask them what specifically they have done to actually support the troops and they cant answer.

I try to engage someone, anyone in an intelligent conversation about the War and cannot do so.

Many of my neighbors couldnt find North America on a map let alone Iraq.

Most of them are ignorant and clueless, but the Christians are downright blood thirsty and evil.

I dont know where to turn or what to do.

God help America, God help us all.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Friday December 17 - 02:58 - Posted by bd48d64c07e155f5...

How about Aroma Therapy? That might help you.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Friday December 17 - 06:30 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

Really, you need aroma therapy after the stench of this administration for the last 4 years.....

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Friday December 17 - 19:25 - Posted by 318e893df767573a...

Aroma therapy?

This is what I mean about not being able to have an intelligent conversation.

Ive written a serious reply to a serious essay and I get some frivilous smart ass answer.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Saturday December 18 - 01:42 - Posted by cf1c0a5ba4f109c1...

Thank you for the only sensible response in the long line of responses that I read to Mr. Valenzuela’s article.

America is not the country it was before 2000, and those that defend it use characteristics of America as it was, not as it is now, since the takeover. The Bushites have emptied the treasury, and created a massive debt. They have lied at every turn. When George Bush praises veterans, I have learned to look for a cutback in funds for the benefit of veterans. It is the same with environment and education. What has been lost is devastating to our way of life. Right now, innocents in Iraq are suffering because of America. A people that never did anything to us. I am so ashamed of my country’s crimes.

No Bush supporter has been able to tell me what good he has done in this world.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Sunday December 19 - 05:32 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

Question: If Bush’s huge tax cuts for the rich were to create more jobs...then what the hell happened??? Would any of you Republicans like to explain that now that less jobs are being created than ever, and Bush has forcast that next year there will be even less jobs created than predicted? Could it be that he just lied to us and that the trickle down theroy is still just a trickle on theroy?

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Monday December 20 - 06:08 - Posted by 8fdd0b9b9328cb26...

Hey "hermano" Valenzuela....

Your logic is great and your style, excellent.

Yassir, the days when we could travel the world as "proud" American’s are over! Now, we have to explain how we can vote for such stipid hicks as G. W. Bush and his Jewish mafia of Israel 1st’ers.

Today, we are under the control of the Zionazi’s (worshippers of the Golden calf - money!) who send our Whitehouse "Moron" his orders weekly, via Ariel Sharon.

If WTC was a surprise wait until the food supply and the water reservors are found to be poisoned with Biological agents.

Tombstone, AZ.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Thursday December 23 - 19:27 - Posted by 84d5703668494a79...

Folks, google this information up: a computer programmer, Clint Curtis has confessed to a judicial committee that he created a vote rigging program for the voting machine to give bush more votes than he actually got, to assure bush the presidency. A Republican Senator Tom Feeney requested this vote rigging program. Go look it up for yourselves.

Also, bush lied to go to war saying Iraq had WMD, and they didn’t. bush used WMD on the Iraqis the other day, NAPALM. How evil is this guy bush.

> The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism
Monday April 17 - 16:28 - Posted by 66973a3259086156...

I read an old issue of Adolf Hitlers political goals that appeared in a pre-Nazi Germany newspaper
and there were several points from planned parenthood to subsidized housing to community family nutured gardens and even sterilization of promscuous young women, which during the aftermath of WW2 all of these agendas became at the top of the list of most Liberal States in Americ(k)a.

If only the college students and legislatures and judges and special interest social reform groups had only read Adolfs proposal for a better Germany, maybe they would not have been in such a hurry in the second half of the 20th century to carry on his unfinished work so zealously.

On a sad note many Jewish International Bankers it is often said sacrificed many of their own kind on the altar of sacrifice to gain global support for WW2 ,so they could make money off both sides and thus finally emasse enough funds to seal the New World Order Deal.

Don’t worry about the microchips. Those darn things are self implanting and you cant see them unless you have a microscope. The FDA more than likely already approved it , without noticing and its probably in the entire global food system and water system.

And please don’t be afraid about Aliens showing up, only be afraid if THEY DO NOT! LOL:)

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