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Kerry ’concedes defeat’

Wednesday November 3, 2004 - 18:02


President George Bush has won a second term as US president after the Democratic challenger, John Kerry, today called him to concede defeat in the bitterly-contested race for the White House, the Associated Press has reported.

Mr Bush has won a mandate to govern a divided and anxious nation, his promise of steady, strong wartime leadership trumping Mr Kerry’s fresh-start approach to Iraq and joblessness.

After a long, tense night of vote counting, Mr Kerry called Mr Bush to concede Ohio and the presidency, the Associated Press reported.

Mr Kerry ended his quest, concluding one of the most expensive and bitterly contested races on record, with a call to the president shortly after 11am EST (1600 GMT), according to two officials familiar with the conversation.


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Commentaires de l'article

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 18:33 - Posted by 589376a606072ef7...

Scary Kerry and his demoncat party should have spent their millions upon millions of dollars towards the groups of people that were made promise(lie) after promise(lie) after promise(lie) just for their vote. Party of the people my ass.


> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 18:42 - Posted by 393c4a9d6be9ce64...

A sad day for America. There will be no stopping him now.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 18:53 - Posted by e7ea8128a99af72d...

I’m not sad. It would have been awful if Kerry won. I hope Europe becomes sensible and works with our elected (by majority electoral and popular votes) leader. I hope the left-wing media stop being so judgmental and condescending and do a real job of trying to understand America.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 19:28 - Posted by b0e7fd9c60f08fad...

Be careful what you wish for. One year from now, Le Carre ‘s point will prove to be true. America will regret this election result. All the gloating and self aggrandizement will come to an end. Let’s see who has the last laugh!!!!

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 19:38 - Posted by e7ea8128a99af72d...

Le Carre!? Oh yeah, he’s a real supporter of America. He’s probably going to join Osama in doing the macarena if his operatives succeed in attacking American ground again.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 01:49 - Posted by 6e16cbbfd2fb3970...

I do think that people will live to regret this election. But when that time comes noone will be laughing. As it ends up Bush got most of the votes based on morality. So the people have decided to focus on their morals. While people are dying in Iraq. With all our issues in this country. Jobs, health care, A WAR and security. How does morals win out? If Bush received more votes because of terroism that would be understandable. Terroism is new to us. The abortion issue and homosexuality is not. We as a nation have been dealing with these issues for so much longer. It is hard to believe more people have not been able to resolve these issues for themselves. I wonder, Are people thinking that if we are really "well behaved "and do all the "right things" God will spare us from the terroist? We have so many bigger problems in our country other then these issues of what is moral. No matter how moral you believe you are if you have lost your job and /or have no health isurance or your child or spouce is sent to war you will reconsider your election choice. My fear for our country is that many more people will have this experience.

Well, With all this said, I do consider myself to be a flip flopper (def.- someone with an open mind and having the ability to change it). Maybe we wont continue to lose jobs. There will be a new health care system, where we are all taken care of. Pharmacutical companies will give us our generic drugs back and stop charging so much. Most importantly, we will figure out a way to bring home all of our men and women from Iraq and really liberate the people there. Maybe all these things will happen and then I would be wrong and maybe I would regret my vote. I would rather swallow my pride and see our world change for the better. I just don’t see how these things would happen or why Bush would want that anyway. Thanks for reading and take care to all.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Sunday November 7 - 03:39 - Posted by 498d4c1f6e334c8a...

Morals mean having the conviction that you defend your country if you love it.

Morals means you don’t support the enemy directly or indirectly by giving them mixed signals.

Morals means not believing that Islamic Facists still living in the 15th century have the same moral equivalency as America, a country that has done more good for the world than any other country.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 19:49 - Posted by 131227273c2a9877...

We will never "work with" a guy which lied to his people for fuckin’ oil.

Yours sincerely

An European

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 20:08 - Posted by 589376a606072ef7...

Where is the proof he lied? Where is the oil? You piece of shit can’t come up with the answers because your statement is a lie and that’s one of many reasons why your Euro trash wanna be lost.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 22:50 - Posted by d992c89b65af9216...

This is to whom ever it was who called European’s "Euro trash". Your just proving that European guys point. By being racist like that, your falling right into Bush’s "black meltingpot" of assimilation, stating that American’s are superior to all others. No nation is better than another, especially one that is unfortunately stuck with a fucked up politition with his middle eastern oil buddies half way up his ass giving him shit to feed to brainwashed people like you that "We are not after oil in Iraq". Mabey so, but it seems strange that Bush would spend only two months hunting for an internationally wanted terrorist who was responsable for 9/11. Oh yaa, lets not forget his close relationship with the Binladen family, who were close to Asama Binladen. I guess thats why he turned and said "their is evidence to suggest that Sadam Hussein is harboring Alkida terrorists" than he went and bombed a country that diddn’t poin’t a finger, let alone fire a bullet at the American’s. Oh yaa, thats right, the weapons of mass distruction. But they didn’t even find any. So where’s the weopons of mass distruction and all the other propaganda shit he claims? Where is it ass hole? Man what a distraction, from Binladen to Hussein. See, Bush is so full of shit, and so are you, so shut the fuck up. Or, you could just contribute to his hopeless cause.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 23:36 - Posted by cd976504d0befbd9...

I agree, America and it’s leadership have gone in the wrong direction. Before you know it we will be like all the other extremist countries. All those who aren’t christian will be left out in the cold. And, since when is G-d a republican!

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 00:22 - Posted by 589376a606072ef7...

That guy is Euro trash and by the way stupid fuck, Euro trash is not a racial comment, Europe is a country not a race chuckle fuck. But I like how you twisted my words to fit your hateful agenda, it worked for the libs and it’s working for you. Also, I never said that America is better than any other country but reading your lies and misspelled words it kinda looks like that we are. By the way, where is your facts and evidence of war for oil. Let me give you a hint, THERE IS NONE. Can you say 911 commission? I know you can just try, 9 1 1 c o m m i s s i o n. There you go good job. If these few lies that you have told, just like the libs tried, were true then Bush would have been impeached and thrown in jail. By the way, these are old lies so it would be wise
for you to empty out your little simple mind and update it. It should be very easy for you. There is so much more that I could say but I’m afraid that it would be too far over your head so I’ll leave you with just one more thing. WHO’S IN THE WHITE HOUSE BUSH BUSH BUSH

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 00:41 - Posted by 589376a606072ef7...

That guy is Euro trash and by the way stupid fuck, Euro trash is not a racial comment. Europe is a country not a race chuckle fuck. I do like how you twisted my words to fit your hateful agenda. It worked for the Libs and it is working for you Also, I never said that American’s are superior but reading your inept and misspelled words it’s kinda looking that way. Where are your facts and evidence of war for oil? I’ll give you a hint, THERE ARE NONE. If these few lies that you told were true then Bush would have been impeached and charges filed in a court of law. Can you say 911 commission? I know you can just follow me 9 1 1 c o m m i s s i o n. Good job now maybe you can graduate into the eighth grade. By the way, these are old lies so I think it’s time that you emptied out your simple little mind and updated that pea brain. You know I could just go on and on but I’m afraid that it would be too far over your head to understand. So chuckle fuck I’ll just leave you with one last thing. WHO’S IN THE WHITE HOUSE BUSH BUSH BUSH.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 02:57 - Posted by 589376a606072ef7...

That guy is euro trash and by the way stupid fuck, Euro trash is not a racial comment. Europe is a country not a race chuckle fuck. I like how you twisted my words to fit your hateful agenda it’s working for you just like it did for the LIBS. The statements that you made are all lies and anyone with common sense that can read knows this. You have no evidence or facts to back any of your lies up which by the way they are old lies. So keep sucking your daddy’s dick and stay true to your fascism and some day you’ll get what you deserve.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Sunday November 21 - 03:21 - Posted by 26ce7510f3993e0e...

It is clear that some of you knuckleheads never read much oif history. Prescott Bush, George W.`s grandfather made millions of dollars selling goods to Hitler in world war two. He was finally stopped under the trading withe enemy act and the Gov confiscated all of his businesses.

George W. Had formed several oil companies names Arbusto 79 Arbusto 80 ect and his partner was
Asama Bin Ladens brother . He had associates who were involved in drug cartels and buddies in
the gun smuggling business. He has many wealthy Saudi buddies . You can praise this Bush all you want but I for one think he is a far bigger crook than Richard Nixon ever was .

R. McPhee

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 08:51 - Posted by 5142bff95f83286f...

For you God is the truth, for me just an opinion.
That’s the whole difference between an european "piece of shit" like me and a brave american guy like you.
U.S.A. seem to be turning into a theocracy, and there’s nothing to be proud for...

Four more years. Poor planet...

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 23:26 - Posted by 7b0db245e97a7464...

Well, Mr. "an European", enjoy what you have while you have it, for you will find yourself living in an Islamic europe, under Sharia law soon enough.
You will be given the choice of conversion or an orange jumpsuit and beheading with a dull knife, and considering your naieve, unsophisticated thought processes either one of these options is probably too good for you. You were born to be a slave. Allahu akbar

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Friday November 5 - 01:40 - Posted by da9de79db3922919...

For one integralist muslim you have 99 good buddies...
Why should we be scared then, americans or europeans ?
The US forces bombed and kill 100.000 people in Iraq (I’m not personally saying that, it’s a study from a Philadelphia university...).
I think it’s a bit too much if compared with the 11/9 victims toll, but, of course, less spectacular. Even less spectacular than the poor guys beheaded. Is it unfair to put it that way?
Fox news is your problem, man. Not mine.

Let me know what you think about that and please, if you can, stop to insult me in that hysteric way. Thanx.

Your poor european "born to be slave"

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Friday November 5 - 06:42 - Posted by e7ea8128a99af72d...

To the europeon who will never work with a guy which lied to his people for "fuckin" oil, Chirac and Putin is part of Europe and would be very hard to ignore.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Sunday November 7 - 03:54 - Posted by 498d4c1f6e334c8a...

Great, because we don’t want to work with THANKLESS, Godless, smelly, arrogant, bribe taking, socialist Europeans who take for granted all of the money and blood we have sacrificed over the past 100 years for their safety and freedom. What would European culture be by now under the Nazi’s or the Soviets? You wouldn’t be quite so snooty then, you’d be subjugated slaves.

Our security umbrella isn’t for you anymore. You’ve blown it with your blatant anti-Americanism. Your stagnant economies and shrinking populations have doomed you, along with your "post modern" attitudes that ignore reality. Twenty years from now your muslim immigrants will have taken over your countries and european culture and society will be gone, replaced by the "Arab street."

Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of Assholes!

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Sunday November 7 - 04:20 - Posted by bf276f2e5e429ae5...

i hope europe and the rest of the world come together and due to the USA what we(the USA) have done to iraq and many other nations... then we’ll see how all those bastards feel the voted for the worst president in the history of the USA. the USA is the real terrorist.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Sunday November 7 - 14:28 - Posted by 0addda815f88a86b...

"bastards", "assholes"...
you’re so kind with me, guys...
you are the good, you are the truth and I’m the evil...
Let me tell you that I can’t, don’t want and will never forget the brave young americans of 1944, but also that I can’t assimilite them with what’s going on in Iraq.

We are 400.000.000 people in Europe, and don’t need any longer your fuckin’ umbrella of hate and arrogance. This is a fact, not a wish.
I’m not proud to have a Chirac, a Putin or a Berlusconi here. But I think that soon we won’t accept to have such a leader in the future Union. The first real Union in the diversity ever to be build, the fruit of more than 20 centuries of clashes and wars...

Bush is not Roosvelt. Will you ever understand this?

Your friend european

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 23:51 - Posted by e1fe445388129e36...

It will be good for Americans to see women arrested for having abortions. And it will be good for women to learn that that can and will happen to them now. Ten years of Abu Gharaib style prison conditions for women who had abortions, ten years of continuous war in the MidEast where we act as the boot licker for israel, ten years of illegal aliens flooding the border with GOP approval is about what it will take to finish off the Republicans as a political party. But it will be a tough ten years. I say.."bring it on!".

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 06:05 - Posted by e1fe445388129e36...

The Democrats need to join the Republicans in stockpiling weapons and learning how to use them.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Saturday November 6 - 06:34 - Posted by 3cbb547a4f74508e...

Kerry can only be a part of the big farse of democracy that we supposedly have in this nation.
So now we still have a murderer in the whitehouse, and his friends will keep on making money in a pace equal to the national debt. We are just slaves to these rich elite that have spent so much on corruption and power. But with the high return rates that they are reaping from the taxpayers, it is a surefire investment for them.

>All about money
Saturday November 6 - 06:45 - Posted by 3cbb547a4f74508e...

The next ticket will be that criminal "Dick" Cheney. If you think "Gorge" W’ ran up the defecit then please be prepared.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Saturday November 6 - 06:52 - Posted by 3cbb547a4f74508e...

I can only hope that everyone that voted for the the little silver spooned moron will be proud to send their child to some third world nation to die for all his friends profits. Somehow that little "after the fact" thing sure seems to change their opinion.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Saturday November 6 - 07:34 - Posted by 3cbb547a4f74508e...

Bush is just a punk that hides behind children with rifles and talks alot of shit. Look at his record.
Look at his life. He has failed at everything he has ever tried to do except for what can be bought.
He is trashing the constitution. The jobs are moving overseas. The country is nearly bankrupt.
Our children are dying for profits. The environmental policies are crap. The southern border is wide open. He is dividing from our allies. He is creating terrorism. And many more enemies....

If he was a real man and a patriotic man, he would come to grips with his inefficiecies, and step down from the whitehouse. Let someone with some sort of I.Q higher than his 62 fix things before they get too far out of hand.

Bring it on America...... Maybe its time for TEA PARTY II.......

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 11 - 18:23 - Posted by 0b9c1d38de80447c...

You ARE "The Complete Idiot!!!"

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 21:50 - Posted by 5d3d04c1528762d2...

Bush did not win, the people lost; with the help of FOX news and media monopolisation many Americans cannot see what the rest of the world can, George Bush jnr is leading America on a myopic trail of fascism, and degradation of any semblance of democracy that was left; goodbye America.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Wednesday November 3 - 22:53 - Posted by d992c89b65af9216...

Now that was right on the money

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 00:23 - Posted by 315650eec1391f16...

Half of us were allowed to and quite a few million more wanted to vote for something different. With the electronic voting machines made by Republicans and the Republicans throwing Democratic voter registrations in the trash and going all out to invalidate Democratic voter registrations from the polls, millions were disenfranchised by the party of crooks and cheats and lies. I hope the rest of the world will remember those simple facts.

There is not any such thing as a clear mandate, there is a clear division of this country. I hope foul-mouthed jerks will remember that simple fact.

You Republicans will find out soon enough, as our manufacturing base continues to move overseas. You can’t convert warehouses to making weapons of defense in war time, and Rosie the Riveter’s grandaughter isn’t going to build tanks, planes, or ships by moving fork-lifted pallets of goods produced by impoverished nearly-indentured Chinese nationals around between four otherwise empty walls. Nor can you invent a new atom bomb solution when all your research facilities and technologically sophisticated jobs have been outsourced to India and other points free of fascism. I hope the rest of the world will remember that first paragraph when they "liberate" the US after four more years of the same stupidity the last four have shown. He’s even allowing outsourcing of spare part manufacturing for those precious planes and missiles and tanks, I bet. Think a country that has just declared war on you will continue to ship you spares? National security? Bush is an utter disaster for national security. Especially in the face of having next to no negotiating skills, nor the ears to listen to the least amount of reason.

Never fear, civil rights will be abolished soon enough along with workers rights, and none of the rest of us - half the country and more that don’t count - will no longer be able to voice our opinions without facing detention on foreign shores without the knowledge of even our families as to our whereabouts, though the same will be true of YOU when you finally wake up. After all, you’ll be living in mud huts on gruel in rags on pennies an hour and on corporate property with the rest of us serfs soon enough, that is if you aren’t young and strong enough to be drafted - oh, wait, you believed that promise? Well, then again, there may just be one big gulag from sea to lifeless dead sea. Thank you for your vote.


I Loved The Country We Had Too Bad It No Longer Exists.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Friday November 5 - 07:42 - Posted by e1fe445388129e36...

Somebody told me about a right wing bitch on welfare who voted for Bush because of family values, despite the fact she has had 3 bastards from 3 men and not had married anyone, and can’t go to job classes because she has to go to Bible study----i say it is time to teach certain people some real family values: in other words, if you are female and pregnant and have no husband or no man or no father who is going to pay your bills you should be arrested and given an abortion and forced to pay the cost of that abortion of in community service;;;;;no more of this right wing, limp wristed tolerance of right wing bitches on welfare welping out kids just because they are fundies...wake up and smell the coffee

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 04:00 - Posted by 6e16cbbfd2fb3970...

Someone wrote before "people will regret this election". I believe this to be true. No one will be laughing though if we do get to the point where the whole country is regretful of Bush. What has my head spinning the most is this" the reason given most for voting Bush in is morality". What the hell are they talking about? We are losing jobs, health care is getting worse and worse, including into that the blood sucking pharmacutical companies that has bush in their pocket. Above all, is the fact that we are at WAR and still trying to understand exactly what the role terroism really plays in our lives. If I heard today that terroism was the reason for voting Bush in I would say it’s understandable. Some people have been living in fear since 9/11. [you know what though, on that note. I’ve spent alot time with New Yorkers and D.C. people lately, they said they have been afraid since 9/11 but they where voting for Kerry. They could see What’s happening in our country. It’s funny how the ones who where effected the most still can see very clear.] They are saying that morals is the big issue that needs to be addressed. And Bush can do this. MORALS! Please someone explain this to me. How can people even think about moral issues at this time in our country when young adults, just starting their lives, are dying everyday in Iraq. Don’t we put issues into priorities. I know some will say they need to be there to keep us safe here. (I disagree with that but lets just say). Then just having him,Bush, stay president to stay the course. Why morality. Could it be that if people weren’t consumed with religious guilt they might beable to see the real issues in front of their face. OUR COUNTRY IS A MESS! There are people at home thinking how great it is and safe they feel that they got their moral leader back into the White House. When do you think their eyes will open? When they lose their job, when health isurance rates go up again or will it be when there child or their spouse goes to Iraq because of the draft, that will happen. We’ve been lied to in the past and they just keep on lying. Just keep looking behind your back you just never know what bullshit is going to come flying your way.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 12:55 - Posted by 6e16cbbfd2fb3970...


> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 21:35 - Posted by 6e16cbbfd2fb3970...


> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 06:15 - Posted by e1fe445388129e36...

He still got more votes. And he got more votes because the Wimpocrats did not present a real alternative. The Republicans have been talking about being in a culture war for 15 years and the Democrats are disarmed. Watch for Spanish Civil War 2...on this space....soon.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Sunday November 7 - 04:01 - Posted by 498d4c1f6e334c8a...

Hey Fucko, we just experienced Democracy and your guy lost. Move to Canada or France if you don’t like it. Just because you want to appease the Islamist-Facists doesn’t mean we want to.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Sunday November 7 - 14:09 - Posted by e1fe445388129e36...

hey don’t want to appease anybody, just want to kill you and your fascist pig kind

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 04:02 - Posted by cbc743887d23c3b2...

Sadly, we all lose with another Bush term.

"’Tis the times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind." — William Shakespeare, "King Lear"

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Thursday November 4 - 05:14 - Posted by e1fe445388129e36...

It’s time for the Democrats to do what the Republicans would do in the same situation. They have to start stockpiling weapons and ammunition and learn how to use both.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Friday November 5 - 04:26 - Posted by 55df0174ff4399bd...

At least we can take heart that the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1951,
limits the President to two terms. As Bush himself says, after the Midterm Elections in 2006,
"I’m gonna be quacking like a duck." This means that because he’s term-limited he becomes
a "lame duck" for the last two years, with much less power—rather like a time-serving bureau
crat. The two-term limit used to be just a tradition started by George Washington. But FDR
violated it to be elected to FOUR terms, only to die at the beginning of the fourth. The fear
was that an unscrupulous Man On A White Horse could always declare that exceptional circum
stances justified the violation of the tradition, and he might fool or coerce the voters into
effectively electing him President-For-Life, like Saddam Hussein. Ironically, the impetus behind
the Amendment was a Republican Congress that wanted posthumous revenge on FDR! Still,
it’s a sensible prohibition that impartially yanks temptation beyond the reach of both good and
bad Presidents. We don’t want another King Georgie!

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Friday November 5 - 07:28 - Posted by e1fe445388129e36...

you of course aren’t printing any of what i say; perhaps that is for the best.

nevertheless, within 4 years after i type these words, regardless of the politically correct editing policy of this or any other website where i have posted these words: within 5 years We will be deep in a civil war which will take 10s of millions of lives, last decades, and go nuclear.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Saturday November 6 - 16:57 - Posted by ec563680737f03a8...

The banter between the Democrats and Republicans just gets better and better. Look, I don’t support Michael Morre cause he stretched the hell out of the facts in his documentary, just as "W" did to gain the less intellectual or non caring conservatives to re-elect him and to go too war in Iraq in the first place. The arrogance of this crap blows my mind. Fact is, "W" is only cut out to con the "Moral Majority", not to lead a war, not to find Bin Laden, not to deal with foreign policy or even have a chat with other nations.
Every time "W" makes a friggin brain swelling by thinking he has to ask his lawyers if they can get away with this or will someone stomp his nuts’ because of the constitution. I can’t believe this nation let the patriot act fly because 19 son-of-a-bitches committed a crime. Not an act of fucking war they had no nation, no power. Let’s give them more credit and take away more "American Freedoms", let’s lynch Kasie Kasum, Cat Stevens, and Akbar from the local Seven Eleven... or go to war with a country which clearly had no WMD’s, no chemical labs, no ties to Al Qaeda. Let’s spend 280 billion dollars on liberating each and every country that has an evil dictator, when the men and woman of this country start to die for this...what would a gun touting redneck care? They watch Fox news and don’t understand it’s own by an ultra conservative just as CNN is owned by a bleeding heart liberal. Let’s say yellow cake, mushroom clouds, nerve gas and every other man made lethal chemical the US has given out during the cold war like cough syrup to make Americans afraid of terrorists or "any" agenda "Bush" (puppet) and "Cheney" (Real reason for the war). I guess we got bored with war on drugs, war on dead-beat-dads, hell yeah the war on terror. Maybe next will be the war on homosexuals as homophobes seem to care who is promoting family values. I mean what the hell should it matter to you if gay’s wanted to marry? How the hell does it affect you? You think you’ll have to suck a **** or something?
That’s the conservative agenda; the same right wing paranoia such as a Tella Tubby is gay, such as God has given me a mandate. Look, I don’t know if it has occurred to you, but you are completely schizophrenic. You believe in and have a personal relationship with something no one else sees. The separation of Church and State protects you from persecution for belief in a higher power... how the hell do you get off judging others than? Can’t you keep your religion to yourself? On ward Christian soldiers the crusade of the right-wing nut jobs has landed. You can at a whim recite verse and chapter but have no idea in which order the constitution is laid out and you entirely missed the bill of rights. In God we Trust was not signed on our currency until 1955, it’s not contained any where in the constitution but because the framers had faith you automatically assume we are a faith based government. In plain English it is spelled out to separate church and state but you have your own special vision to match you own Morals. Well, your morals suck. To re-elect a lying corporate welfare bigot homophobe bent on totalitarian ethics and world domination is priceless. When Robert Byrd a former southern Klu Klux Klan member has to spell out the constitution to us to try and prevent the President from a preemptive attack on a nation which has not attacked us, I mean holy shit. A former KKK member from the Deep South saying don’t just run off and incinerate Arabs... wow.
So some of you in the south are very bright, not all of you voted for "W". My head actually hurts, the south isn’t stupid but those of you whom voted for Bush are just plain ignorant. Do you really think it was bad intelligence that led the president to war? We can’t catch one man, we have blown up 12 innocent people mistaking them as this man, but you’re going to rely on US intelligence as an escape goat to this crap? Yellow cake was bad intelligence, The reasons for war was bad intelligence, hey I gave you that bad intelligence then you voted to go to war now you say it was the wrong thing to do... man you are such a flip flopper. Sure, we all know where Bush stands, no matter how much he lies, no matter what the situation he will never change his mind about globalization. That constitution was meant to be amended to fit an agenda and that the Christian right will support his homophobic presidency.

I hated Clinton, was glad that Gore lost as he was hypocrite with his; “When I invented the internet” and "Tipper Rocks" after the 80’s fascist movement of the PMRC. Clinton disgraced the White House. Was glad in a way that Bush was there for 911 instead of the grand standing ass Gore, but two things signaled red lights and then it was all downhill. When they attacked Afghanistan I was like go to it without thought like a jackass, but then I was like hold it, Britain held terrorists from us for decades and refused extradition, we go to war over it? No, but it’s pretty damn easy and arrogant to wipe out and impose democracy in a 3rd world nation. When Iraq came up I was like OMFG, what are they going to do throw sand at us? Then the lies, cartoon mock ups of mobile chemical labs, going back to get all the chemicals we gave the bastard during the cold war (Which he no longer had). I could go on forever. Then the trickle effect of ignorance... well there are no WMD’s but he has ties to Al Qaeda, then the well no ties to Al Qaeda but he was an evil dictator and the Iraq’s are much better off. What a rip off. If you expect me to believe you actually give a crap about the Iraq’s then you must care about Somalia, do you even know where it is? Hell no but why should you, you didn’t care about the Iraq’s prior to this and you don’t honestly now... neither does "W".

I predict a lot of things that come true, I’m not psychic, I would be schizophrenic. It’s because I pay attention to world history and government history. This government and 59 million people just put us on a very dangerous ride. See, prior to November 3rd, the rest of the world thought the Bush administration hijacked its power from the people as Gore in many ways did win. Now, you just hey we approve of this regime’. So Kudos too you my friends and your inept little brains with no thought of the future, the narrow mind of well it doesn’t affect me, I get $800.00 credit per child but my child will have to pay for the largest deficit in American History, 59 million... bet none of you lost a son or daughter in Iraq.. go ahead lie to me with a story. If you did and still voted for this arrogant ass then you must be brain washed or suffer from a serious mental disorder, possibly the arrogance of thought that we are a super power no one can screw with us. Till the damn bombs fall. Anyhow, you just sentenced us to the end of our democracy. How do you know how France, Germany, hell even Russia are really feeling or thinking? China? Should I name more that if they ganged up on us because of our bully mentality that you can bet we are screwed? Maybe we should just split the country into an L shape United States of America (US) and (YOU) United Schizophrenic Homophobic America with Globalization Issues, oh yeah but we are moral. Hell for once in my life I would fight you before I would fight any other modern country who’s’ people govern and do not mix church and state. Who’s’ people do not fall for distorted propagandized media and give a crap about the agenda and more about truth.
Why is it so hard for some of the people to see the truth? You can slam this all you want, really give it your best shot. You’ve minimized an illegal war, bought the Bush agenda hook line and Sinker. Some of the people who voted for Bush were just sick of the hype from Michael Moore, can’t blame them. I hate The No Spin Zone spin, remember O’reilly had a real issue and didn’t agree with Bush on the boarder security, did he press it after Bush said he saw no problem, no. The Latino vote… hmmm.

Lax boarder patrol and amnesty, speak a little Spanish, can’t even speak English but stabs at Spanish…gets the Latino vote.
Homophobes = even though Cheney’s daughter is gay. OMG I said Cheney’s daughter is gay, meaning they even want to disenfranchise her. Don’t go off on me now.
Anti-abortion religious right wing. (Question, if this is a sin of a mothers choice and our constitution basically states you the person rules your body and the government can’t shove an anal probe up your ass why would you force anyone even a mother to be forced by a law to not govern her own body? If I become impregnated as a man by an alien would you be against that? What if a priest molested a teenage girl in a church? Could she please make up her own violated mind? Did you know that Scott Peterson was a Republican?
Security Moms = Security Exchange Moms. $800.00 per child credit.

“I once had a friend whom I watched her children last year when “W” came to our town, only republicans were invited. Cost the town of 70,000 or so $495,000.00, shut down the only major street we have and almost started a riot when the ultra elite went to confront the bleeding heart liberals, the liberals didn’t start it the conservatives actually ran towards them like it was ass whooping time. She gets back I ask so how was it?” It was great he talked about the war in Iraq and how happy the people are; he talked about the economy and how many jobs were created. I asked her why she is a Bush supporter, she stated because my family is better off than it has ever been economically and I get 800 in credit x 5 kids. I asked how she felt knowing that the trillion dollar deficit will have to be paid off by her kids and I felt she was living in the here and now? She had no answer, then I asked how she felt about a war that is siphoning another 280 billion, she went off on a tangent over I’m somehow not an American who knows what I’m talking about and her son supports Bush and he’s in the military so he knows more than I do. I think he’s a cook in Germany or something, I replied well at least what they will let him know. She could sense my decent and added our government proved that Iraq and the “Taliban” had a connection! I was like Iraq and who? She repeats; “The Taliban!!!” I’m like you mean Al Qaeda? She says who? I say “Bin Laden was the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist group, the Taliban was the government ruling Afghanistan that wouldn’t turn him over.

This about summed up my impression of Bush followers, people who believe there government is good and just and corruption is a thing of the past so why would the president lie? They watch Fox news once in awhile and believe all they hear. They really lack any understanding of foreign policy or cultural diversity or current events for that matter. Yet, they seem to think they should cast a ballot as a civic duty. Either watch or read 10 hours at the least a week. Take in both sides and some world news too, then cast a vote otherwise stay the hell home please before we end up the country formerly known as the United States of America. You people are dangerous on a global scale. The whole world was watching expecting us to do the right thing… but your damn values which are a personal thing shared by others but not the same came into play, let the nightmare ensue. You voted in a deceptive rat. Amazing as that is your probably dumb enough to tell the entire world bring it on bubba.

I recently looked at a Harris pole that said somewhere upwards in the 60% range that Bush followers believed the following.
Iraq had or still posses WMDs.
There was an Al Qaeda link. (Bullshit, Osama Bin Laden called Sudam a traitor to the Islamic people for his genocide.) Why the hell would Bin Laden Sudam’s chump change.
That something like 50% believe that Sudam financed the 911 attacks, while 23% believed that Bin Laden was from Iraq along with several other hijackers.
All of the above are false, but next it will be we made a pre-emptive attack for beach front property.

President Bush can now make a couple of Choices… believe it or not you people did give him a mandate. Electoral plus popular = the vision of the party. Fantastic, I can’t wait to have them searching up my ass for WMDs.

The right thing, don’t take faith-based programs over the edge. Leave choices over the human body and religion to the person and not the state or the government… hell it says it in the framework, the state presides over the body, not the government. The Supreme Court is the last great interpreter of the constitution. To settle laws which a state imposes that violate the constitution… it is called checks and balances. All these states, another prediction, will find out that after a gay couple file suit to the highest court that created equal means exactly that. So touching gay marriage is going to set off a revolution or something. Hell I’m straight and would gladly fight for someone’s right to “promote healthy family values”. I mean is any of your fighting over trying to stop it going to end gay copulation? No! Does it mean you support or think its right? No! What it will do is make adopted children of gay couples entitled to many more benefits, insurance etc. Gay people have already adopted in many states. Not only that but no where does it say that the Federal Government can interfere with marriage… as it is left to the state. I mean Christ an amendment to disenfranchise millions of people well we remember 1968 right? The fight to be treated with equality is everyone’s right. Bush also needs to get the hell off his ass and the only thing that will save Iraq is a mid-east euro summit. Iraq is not going to have a defense I mean are we flipping the bill for that too? Maybe we should stay there for 10 more years. Iraq will not stop fighting, the terrorists have now gone to iraq… good move at least we know where they are, but this is part of the ammunitions dump no one talks about. I was watching fox news the day America walked into bagdad, fox news embeds decided to take a trek around the city and they cut to a live shot in the middle of the night here but daytime there of a pick up truck carrying a 500lb gravity bomb chained in the bed. I would assume it came from the ammo dump as they had no planes left or one that could drop it, you can’t launch it… not a cruise missile. You can however salvage the explosives, use them all around the country to kill American soldiers, blow up some light rail trains in Spain. Hell who knows? But the fact is Bush going to war made Iraq less safe, it opened up the dumps that America could care less about as there was mostly weapons Iraq couldn’t use left over from 20 years ago etc. Still explosives are explosives. Great job there… give them the ammo.

I could write forever but;

In the Words of “W”, “Its hard work I tells ya, hard work!”

PS. Bleeding heart liberals give me a break with for the oil campaign, “W” would be more likely to attack if they had a nice ball park or something he would enjoy. I get tired of your damn rhetoric and you make moderates look like idiots because we get compared too you all the time. You swing so far left with conspiracy theory’s that it turned off the rest of the country. Poems over the environment… on trees no less; give me a break.

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Sunday November 7 - 04:24 - Posted by bf276f2e5e429ae5...

you don’t think trees are important? do you like the air in your lungs?

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Monday November 8 - 08:29 - Posted by 3b7e78a051fabba8...

I would rsther kerry would have won but he did not therefore bush is our president and we must back him as president. but we must make our voices heard and we must speak louder than we have ever spoke before, for bush does not hear so well. we must let him know we want to take care of this land of ours and prepare for the future so our children do not have to clean up after us and pay our bills. We also must respect all cultures that believe in peace and the rights of the peaple

> Kerry ’concedes defeat’
Monday November 8 - 22:53 - Posted by e1fe445388129e36...

"we must back Bush"
what nonsense.
"we must make him hear us"
it’s total losers like you that just lost this election
get out of the way and pass me the ammo

>Boy George Bush
Monday November 8 - 23:43 - Posted by 13740bffe2f6860d...

No not really. The real Boy George is more of a man.

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