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A Republican in Boston

by : Robin Baneth
Thursday December 30, 2004 - 09:15
JPEG - 6.5 kb

RE: Group holds fast to Kerry cause with Beacon Hill vigil By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff (December 29, 2004) http://www.boston.com/news/...

by Robin Baneth

Yesterday, a member of the Boston Coalition Against Election Fraud — petitioning outside John Kerry’s home — tried to persuade a passerby to send a post card to Kerry urging the senator not to certify the electoral college results. The pedestrian replied that he was perfectly happy with the election results, being a Republican. ’’I guess everybody needs a cause," he said.

Please someone enlighten us as to what the Republican’s cause is? According to a good source, everybody has a cause, what’s his?

You heard me. What the hell do you Republicans stand for? A leaner, meaner government? A new state church? Lower taxes? Safer world?

Yes, the Coalition Against Election Fraud in Boston has taken up a cause instead of staying at home and watching The Apprentice or the White House Channel. Those cutie pies.

Republicans tentatively have their "man" in office. So, Republicans, what is it that you are so content about? What is your big picture for America and the world? Please explain your intentions for my 9 year old daughter?

Please articulate the reason we are still in Iraq. Try not to use the word oil in your explanation.

Please justify this incredible drunken spending spree we are on. What are we getting for our money? Yes, Democratic money too.

Do you wake up each day wondering how the world can be a better place or do you just try to make sure you can buy a big house, impressive car, go on vacation, and send your kids you college? Can you see beyond your nose? Did Clinton not help you in this regard?

Ask a Republican why we are in Iraq and they stop the conversation, turn away, matter-of-factly state: "I don’t want to talk about it."

128 million dollars a day on this war and they do not want to talk about it!

1,100 plus American soldiers dead and they have nothing to say regarding why. It’s one of those hush-hush topics, like incest. Want to talk about the weather?

Want to talk about Bush’s failures before, during and after 9/11, like having one terrorism meeting in his first nine months of office? Or do you prefer to talk about Clinton’s orgies?

Want to talk about flu shots or is Janet Jackson’s right boob really pierced?

40,000 serious physical wartime injuries but let’s talk about our pet’s leg humping habit.

200,000 veterans will return needing therapy, family, and social support but Oracle merged with PeopleSoft.

Want to talk about about Tom Delay ethics violations and rules changes or is today triple-coupon day?

Want to talk about expensive nation-building or are we going to have an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl in January?

Want to talk about the impending draft or do you prefer bottled beer or draft?

Want to talk about the unemployment rate or maybe Shrek III is in production?

Want to talk about heating prices or maybe it is time to buy an IPOD?

Want to talk about the Kyoto treaty and global warming or want to talk about the weather?

Want to discuss the ability of the local police to search your house on an anonymous tip or let’s talk about golf?

Want to talk about the skyrocketing abortion rate or want to talk about a recipe for brownies?

Want to converse regarding the bilking of Medicare and Social Security or did the NHL lockout end yet?

Want to talk about Warren County, Ohio locking out the media on election night or want to talk about Scott Peterson’s verdict?

Want to talk about -16,022 votes for Gore in Volusia County, Florida or let’s talk about the pretty clouds?

Want to talk about -25 million votes in Youngstown, Ohio this time or let’s talk about the Anderson and Lee video?

Want to talk about 10 hour waits to vote outside Columbus, Ohio or maybe mini-skirts are making a comeback?

Want to talk about 57,000 reports of election embarrassments to the GAO or let’s talk about election fraud in the Ukraine?

What do you want to talk about? Please let’s not discuss anything of importance our contentment depends on it.

JPEG - 27.7 kb

In fact, Republicans, don’t talk to me at all. I can no longer look in your eyes as you make me feel sick.

Unless you can answer these questions.

Republicans, what exactly pleases you with the current situation and what drugs you are on? Does Rush’s Oxy-Contin really work that well? Can I get this cure-all from Canada? Do I need a latina maid to hook me up before drug companies lock us out of Canada?

Robin Baneth, M.S., M.A. Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 919-828-3534


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Commentaires de l'article

Dear Robin,
Thursday December 30 - 14:32 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

I can’t think of anyone with an IQ over 100 that would want to engage in meaningful conversation with you on those topics, being the whiny liberal b*tch that you’ve become. Furthermore, what’s the point? Your mind has been made up, so beating you over the head with the facts would prove to be an exercise in futility.

Suffice it to say you wouldn’t be happy unless you had something to complain about. Intellectual dishonesty is the only card in your hand.

Regards, A Republican With A Cause

> Dear Robin,
Thursday December 30 - 14:57 - Posted by c0fb49cb8718e87b...

Dear Republican With A (...),

It sounds like a total evasion of the questions that were asked. If you truly have logical answers for these questions, then why not just answer them and let the chips fall where they may. If you have information that will educate us "whining liberals" then lets have it!


A liberal who NEVER whines

Dear Non-Whining Liberal,
Thursday December 30 - 15:09 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

I explained why I decided not to answer Robin, and much of the questions he asked were phrased in such a manner that impressed a lack of interest in having them answered. Reasonable discussion could have been had if Robin’s emotions didn’t get in the way of his critical thinking processes.

Regards, A Republican.

> Dear Republican,
Thursday December 30 - 18:11 - Posted by 75eb6223fe2389f8...

My questions:

Is it more important to have your candidate in office, or to have a fair election?

If a democrat or third party candidate won the electiion with the same evidence of fraud, would you feel differently?

Just wondering,
An independent, Free-Thinking American

> Dear Republican,
Thursday January 6 - 10:28 - Posted by 26cae71f7b0f259f...

Pretty simple questions.
Unable or unwilling to answer?

> A Republican With A Cause
Friday December 31 - 05:43 - Posted by 558275d79cbc6320...

Dear A Republican With A Cause,

I was a proud republican. But our President and his current gang got me ashamed of the Party that had wonderful values. Our President is headed in the wrong direction. Ignorant you are and ignorance is currently the strength of our party. Actually I wish you had an IQ over 100 but unfortunately I have serious doubts about it.

Does your high IQ answer any of the questions rationally:

Where are the WMDs in Iraq?
Why has Osama bin Laden not "smoked dead or alive"?
Why is the President still so soft on the Saudi royal family and Paki Dictator?
Do you know there was direct funding from the Saudis to Talibans to have the terrorist camps in Afganistan?
Do you know the saudis are paying money to the terrorists in Iraq when they kill our kids in Iraq?
Do know that the $100K wire transfer that came to Md Atta in Florida was wired by the former ISI chief Hamid Gul from Pakistan?
Did you ever read the 9/11 commission report’s executive summary? It is available on the internet.
Why did the President leave the unfinished business of exterminating Al Qaeda and direct resources to Iraq.
Do know that there was no link between the Al Qaeda and Iraq pre-9/11? (survey says most people in our party do)?
Do you know our kids in the armed forces are getting killed every day in Iraq because our President lied to you and me?
By keeping the wrong guy in the white house, people like you are doing more damage to our Party in the long run.

Wish the majority of Republicans had an IQ over 100 so the country could move in the right direction.

A Concerned Republican

An honest American Perspective
Friday December 31 - 08:02 - Posted by c000f2652a72f0f2...

After 9/11 we (our elected officials, high ranking analyst’s, generals, and the likes) likely built a prioritized list of countries that:

A- Supported Terrorism

B- Had long standing military and political grudges

C- If we demonstrated our resolve against it would be a example to the world that the US is done looking the turning the other cheek after being targeted by terrorists (Cole, Twin Towers, Pan Am, Beirut, Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).

D- Would not start a nuclear war if we attacked.

The US has been attacked so many times in the past 20 years by militant fundamentalist Muslims that it isn’t even major news unless the numbers exceed triple digits. Check out this site (http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0001...) and tell me how many of these you could recite off the top of your head.

Even though in the back of my mind I feel that Iraq moved their WMD to Syria as they had their war planes in the first conflict, I will concede that personally I believe that the WMD objective and the UN declarations were an excuse to demonstrate how serious we were (a ’show of force’ so to speak) about this problem we had long ignored.

Immediately Pakistan, Syria, Libya, N. Korea all knew that the sleeping giant had awoken and they began to appreciate the seriousness of the US’s position. Of course this would upset the traditional geopolitical balance. Counties that long felt they could denigrate and attack (verbally and phyically) the US now worry they may be the next "Iraq". That may, if you look at it from a long term perspective, not be a bad thing. This demonstration of force to oust a dictator that abused his citizens and stole their wealth reduces the likelihood that we will need to do it again this half century. Meanwhile the average, non-foreign militant, Iraqi’ will get an opportunity to rebuild their country and regain their national pride. I am confident it will happen and no I don’t think the results should be measured in weeks or months.

Meanwhile, the militant Muslims are watching liberal media and bloggers like yourself nip at the heels of the elected US leadership and try to turn this into Vietnam warmed over. Don’t be fooled. Every enemy of the US studies past American conflicts that are deemed not ’successful’ by historians and develops tactics to recreate those perceived US failures. History has proven that because of the civility of the average American, they will not support conflicts that appear to involve uncivil means for fighting a war (save the civility of war sidebar for a latter date). No nation has yet won a conflict head-on, but a couple third world counties have created the appearance of moral victories, even though they lost thousands of soldiers more than the US by using non-traditional or guerrilla tactics.

Don’t forget being the sole ’super power’ in the world is a little bit like playing king of the mountain, it’s easier when everyone is not focused on you at the top.

> An honest American Perspective
Friday December 31 - 09:53 - Posted by 558275d79cbc6320...

You must be kidding. Moving WMD to Syria????? With all the drones and spy satellites hoovering over Iraq 24/7. Where is the intelligence? So if the WMD moved to Syria then the American intelligence is very stupid or incompetent. Maybe both! If WMD is in Syria where is it ? Does Halliburton need an ’open contract’ to find WMD’s in Syria? LOL!! Stupid neo-cons are forever delusional.

Fight smart not hard!! Destroy terrorists & camps but Don’t occupy countries!

> An honest American Perspective
Saturday January 1 - 06:44 - Posted by 27d621ecda67e3c6...

When are the American people going to clean house of the sleeze and oust a dictator that abuses our citizens and steals our wealth...Bushco, Wall Street/Social Security, $128million in Iraq for nothing but mass murder and murder of our good name???? Or is your Bible shoved so far up your ass that you are so truly blind?

> An honest American Perspective
Saturday January 1 - 06:45 - Posted by 27d621ecda67e3c6...

That’s $128million per day in Iraq...now if that is not stealing our wealth than there is no such tjhing.....

> A REALLY honest American Perspective Part 1
Sunday January 2 - 06:27 - Posted by 9e976687ed4ce970...

Interesting point D in your priority list : " A list of countries that would not start a nuclear war if we attacked" . So you condone an offensive war of aggression against any nation that is SUGGESTED to be a threat to your peace and security ........just so long as they don’t have nukes. This should send a message, all right. Either get yourself some nukes or you’ll be "democratized" whether you like it or not . Yeah, I know , I’m a heel-nipping , liberal , ungrateful, short-sighted blanketty-blank blah, blah, blah.........

An Honest American Perspective Part 2
Friday December 31 - 08:57 - Posted by c000f2652a72f0f2...

Oh and yes Robin. The lines in Ohio were long because the liberals had rallied the conservative base and the silent majority to get out the vote. I just happened to stand nearly an hour in line in that Warren County, Ohio you so lovely rattle off in your ramble. So that I could place my vote for someone who stood for what he believed in and not what everyone else wanted him to believe in. And no we did not close the poll until after 9 PM because people in Warren County were still standing in line. In fact 75% of the county voted that day. The big conspiracy there lies in the stupidity of the elected officials putting big trucks in the grass around the building and locking side entrances, not the men in trench coats. We’ll take care of those people the next time they ask for our votes. And even this quote from the Dec 12th Dayton Daily News regarding the recount and certification I’m sure will not dent your reason:

"Jeff Ruppert, a lawyer who served as a Democratic observer of the vote count, said the process appeared to go smoothly and he had no concerns" (http://www.daytondailynews.com/loca...)

Also don’t forget the lines of voters waiting for days in Florida. We had 1 day here in Ohio and we always have.

So to follow along with the ramble:

 Unemployment (5.4%) is at historic lows (yep even with the Internet bust)

 Ditto for abortions and teen pregnancy (must not be those abstinence lessons after the 1980’s)

 Youngstown only has a total population of 79,000 (hard to be short -25 million votes and not notice)

 I’m going to guess you’re not a veteran (we volunteered for service - including the occasional war)

 The military doesn’t want a draft it only brings in problem children and currently they have professional soldiers who want to be there.

Sorry Robin to bring facts into your emotional diatribe. More and more I’m starting to believe the separation between the left and right in the US is firmly split between the emotional and logical.

Have a good New Year Robin. I just wanted to take the time to expand your knowledge a bit. Keep up the good work. I’m sure you’ll eventually find something to write about. Perhaps and nice fictional novel..... :-)

> A Republican in Boston
Friday December 31 - 13:42 - Posted by 156ea5a4c62860ee...

Seems like each Republican commenting here has done a fine job of proving Robin’s point. At best, you’re in denial and afraid to discuss the treasonous crimes and damage to democracy your leader has wrot. At worst, you’re a bunch of Nazi brownshirts marching in lockstep.

> A Republican in Boston
Saturday January 1 - 06:49 - Posted by 27d621ecda67e3c6...

Republicans do not want to discuss anything on the list because they feel so guilty and have no responses to it other than to pretend they do not know or believe that Bu$hco is nothing but a money grubbing bunch of murders and as long as Bush himself claims to be doing it for God that’s good enough for them...

> A Republican in Boston
Sunday January 2 - 21:40 - Posted by 63094bc99ae64f2b...

I read an interesting study about intelligence. The states with higher I.Q.averages (taken from SAT scores, I believe) usually voted Democratic. No need to reply about the crediability of the research, I know all research should be suspect, espcially that which is funded by corporations or special interest groups. My democratic friends are very intelligent, educated, and logical. Many intelligent and logical Republicans also see the evil in Mr. Bush. He is not religious! Saying you are, does not make it so. In fact, how horrible to say you are to get votes. Something about bearing false witness. Jesus would never approve of this war. An intelligent and logical person does some research on many issues and does not vote for someone just because he says he is a Christian. Mr. Bush lines the pockets of corporations and the rich with no regard for the environment, the people, other nations, our constitution, or right and wrong. Something in the bible about being harder for a rich man to get to heaven than through the eye of a needle. Blind Christians are turning me away from the church and back to common sense, love, compassion, the golden rule, and honesty! These are the true moral values!

What an ego to think that those who do not agree with you are stupid. In deed, these people have educated themselves because they care so deeply about the future of our nation (and yes, The World). One can be both intelligent and emotional. In fact, the balance is ideal. We are not robots.

> A Republican in Boston
Monday January 3 - 06:50 - Posted by 27d621ecda67e3c6...

People who think you are STUPID are the same ones who are tired of you saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that Saddam was behind 9/11 like Dick Chicanery kept insisting (but he knew it wasn’t true) you’re just stupid and keep showing your ignorance, thus the label.

> A Republican in Boston
Monday January 3 - 13:05 - Posted by a76047084e7b3b61...

I have never said that Iraq had WMD. I have been against this war since the beginning. I agree that the country is headed in a very dangerous direction.

Also, to respond to another comment, I believe that the Election Observers (even Democratic) were hired by Blackwell (and we all know what he is about). The lines were long in democratic counties because fewer machines were available, proportionately, even though unused machines were sitting in a warehouse. There were so many ways the election was rigged. Making it difficult for Black voters was one of many.

What really kills me is that Bush is doing all of this damage (domestically, internationally, and environmentally) and he wasn’t even elected by the people (either time). This should be a huge concern to all citizens.


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