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Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense

by : Uri Avnery
Monday August 29, 2005 - 13:43
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by Uri Avnery

At long last it must be spelled out, without hypocritical pity, without "if" and "but".

We have paid billions of shekels in order to settle you in the Gaza Strip. We have paid billions to keep you there, and most of you have lived there at our expense. We paid billions to defend you, and dozens of soldiers, male and female, lost their lives doing this. Now we are paying billions (Eight? Ten? Twelve?) to get you out of there and pay you generous compensation.

But all this is not enough. Again you are shouting. Again you are being robbed. Again we owe you much, much more. Whole stretches of the country, preferably on the sea-shore, to be especially reserved for you, so that you can resettle "as whole communities". So that you can live separately. So that you can have your own separate schools. So that you can draw government salaries as employees of the local council, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Defense.

I don’t know whether the Guinness Book of Records awards a title for champions of impertinence, cheek, impudence - in short, good old Jewish chutzpah. If so, you should win it hands down. In the past we only owed each of you a luxury villa for next to nothing, as well as a source of livelihood, land and water, now it seems we owe you everything. It is your right to help yourselves from the money needed for the sick, the elderly, the handicapped, the children, the unemployed. Because you are the best of the best. Because you are holding on to the beard of the Messiah. Because you were personally chosen by God.

I might have some sympathy for your plight, if you had uttered one word of compassion for the inhabitants of the 1500 Palestinian homes that were destroyed because of you, a greater number than all the homes of the settlers that are being destroyed now. If you had expressed any compassion for the children that were evicted from their homes within half an hour, without compensation, without hotels and psychologists. For the thousands of trees uprooted in order to supply you with "security".

As the good Rabbi Hillel said 2000 years ago, when he saw the skull floating down the river: "Because you have drowned others, you were drowned..."

And please remember: the bill is not being paid by "the State", an anonymous body, but by me and the Israeli readers of this column, out of our own pockets.

To the "Yesha Council", Shalom —

That’s it. The bluff is over. The bubble has burst.

For months now you have been terrifying us. You have bombarded us with imaginary figures. One hundred thousand demonstrators. One hundred fifty thousand. "All in all, we have mobilized two million people". That means, almost 40% of all Israeli Jews.

And you told us: You ain’t seen nothing yet. At the right moment, hundreds of thousands will march on Gush Katif. Tens of thousands of soldiers and officers will refuse orders. All roads throughout the country will be blocked. The state will come to a standstill. The entire people will rise up and foil the evil designs of that man - that one, sole man - who wants to evict the redeemers of the land from the Gaza Strip.

So what happened? Heaven did not fall. Not a single road was blocked. Only a handful of soldiers refused orders - many less than the conscientious objectors of the peace camp. And unlike them, not one of you was faced with going to prison for a year or more.

And, most important: You have remained alone. Quite alone. That was obvious already from the first moment, in your big demonstrations, when there was almost nobody there who didn’t wear the knitted skullcap of the national-religious or the bigger caps of the Repentant Jews. No other sector of the public joined you: not the left, not the center, not the secular right-wing, not even the Orthodox. All the arrogant boasts that we heard mornings and evenings have burst like soap bubbles.

Nothing remains but the mother of all failures. Yet instead of disappearing from the stage in shame, to "search your soul" and absorb the failure, you remain at the height of chutzpah and just go on as if nothing has happened.

To the Media, Shalom —

Excuse me for addressing you as if you were one single person. True, you consist of many newspapers, radio stations and TV networks, but I address you in the singular form because during the last weeks that is what you indeed were. All of you spoke as one person, in one style, one terminology. And all of you, except a select few, have betrayed your mission.

For weeks now you have provided a platform for the settlers’ propaganda. All the papers. All the radio stations. All the TV networks. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every belch or grunt of a settler was hot news, if not a sensation. The voice of the peace camp was hardly heard, the most consistent opponents of the settlers were not heard at all.

You have drowned us in a sea of kitsch, hour upon hour of crying and weeping, simulated hysteria and real hysteria. An unending series of scenes that were carefully staged for television, with the stated intention of "burning into consciousness" and "creating a trauma". From the roof of the Sanur fortress, MK Aryeh Eldad ordered "cages" in order to stage-manage the tragic submission of the heroes, and not one single reporter quoted the old Yiddish saying: "Meshiggener, herub fun dach!" ("Madman, get down from the roof!") Instead of factual reporting, you poured out a flood of loaded words like "heart-rending sights", "terrible pain", "wonderful youth". (Only occasionally did a real truthful scene slip through, like the child praying with his mother and, perceiving that the evacuation didn’t stop, exclaiming in wonderment: "Mama, it didn’t help!")

While all this was going on, where was the investigative press? Why were we not told the real numbers of the demonstrators? Who is this "Yesha Council", who elected them, what is its legal status, where do the millions of dollars wasted on this campaign come from? Why did nobody investigate in which field these wild weeds grew up, what is happening in the autonomous "religious-state" education system that has produced - at our expense - these fanatical thugs?

And why has nobody exposed the farce of these so-called Stalingrads and Massadas, whose heroes knew full well that nobody would use tear gas or clubs against them, and that all those arrested would be free the next day?

To the Prime Minister, Shalom —

I apologize. I did not really believe that you would go the full distance in this story. But you have carried out what you promised to do, and it’s not really important why - whether you were left without an alternative, or were carried away by your own momentum, or were compelled by the Americans to do so.

But your real test is only just beginning. Your actions during the next days will decide whether you have acquired an honorable place in history or will be remembered as a fool.

Another Prime Minister, the British statesman David Lloyd-George, while trying to justify his disengagement from Ireland, talked about the impossibility of jumping over an abyss in two strides. Now you are precisely in this situation. You have started your jump. The abyss is beneath you. If you stop, you will fall in.

If you do not progress quickly towards a historic compromise with the Palestinians, you yourself will realize the prophesy of doom made by Binyamin Netanyahu: a third intifada will break out and the Gaza Strip will turn into a platform for mortars and Qassam rockets.

This is not the time to think about the next elections, to worry about the Landaus and Netanyahus, Likud A and Likud B. This is the time to raise your eyes and do the historic thing.

This is your test, and only it will decide whether the withdrawal from Gaza was just another unimportant episode or a historic act.

Dear Appeasers —

there you are again, like the proverbial mushrooms after rain. You want to appease, to get the minds to meet, to "mend the rift within the people".

There is no rift. On the contrary, in this affair the people are very united, in an impressive and even amazing way.

This is no "rift", but an inevitable confrontation between the vast majority of the public and a small separatist sect. If proof were needed, here come the settlers themselves and demand separate localities in Israel, with separate schools - separate even from the general religious-Zionist sector.

The Israeli public, almost unanimously, wants a state based upon law, a democratic state, where the majority decides and the rights of the minority are respected. A sane, free and rational state. A state with borders and a constitution. A state belonging to progressive humanity. A state that respects all religions but is not subject to any religion.

Against this state, a fanatical sect has risen up, a sect that wants to establish a different state: a faith-based, nationalist and racist state, ruled by divine law as interpreted by their rabbis. A state whose task is to conquer all of the historic Land of Israel, to inherit it, to drive out its "foreign" (i.e. Arab) inhabitants and fill it with settlements.

Between these two concepts there can be no compromise, nor should there be a false one. Because the proposed compromise goes always in one direction, the surrender of the State of Israel. That would be the first step towards the liquidation of the Israeli democracy. The ideological ambiguity is a smoke screen, behind which the forces of destruction are at work. The very opposite is called for: to throw a bright, merciless light, so that every person in Israel will understand what the struggle is all about.

Not appeasement, but mobilization for the defense of our democracy.

Dear Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz, peace upon your soul —

You told me once that, when the followers of the Muslim preacher Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahab conquered Mecca, the first thing they did was to demolish the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad. So that the believers would not sanctify stones. Now it is being asserted that the demolishing of the Gush Katif synagogues, that were built only two or three years ago, would contravene some divine law.

With your sharp and biting tongue, you, an orthodox Jew, would have reduced these charlatans to ashes - as you did when you called the Western Wall "a religious discotheque."

We are missing you.


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Commentaires de l'article

> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Monday August 29 - 14:52 - Posted by bd48d64c07e155f5...

Uri Avnery forgets to include the American taxpayer whose "contributions" to the creation and maintenance of the illegal settlements probably exceeded - at least indirectly, if not directly - what the average Israeli citizen has ponied up over the years. And, who do you think will help pay for the eventual withdrawal of the Israeli settlers from the West Bank and East Jerusalem? In truth, the citizens of the United States, through their taxes, probably have as much a claim to Israel as the Israelis do.

> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Monday August 29 - 20:46 - Posted by b602e0e3e2dd52c4...

Would someone please explain just what gives this tiny country such clout with the US?

> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Monday August 29 - 23:33 - Posted by 3c9ad75997273c6e...

The jew$ spy on our corrupt politicians and have dirt on them. Then they also funnel part of the money that they receive each year back to enough of these crook’s to get what they want. Remember, even Clinton was careful of what he was saying during his phone sex talks with Monica ( jew spy) because his phone was tapped. Ever notice that anytime something big happens there are always Jew$ involved. JFK assassination, jew (Jack Ruby), 911 six jews elated that it happened and almost 5000 jew$ never show up for work that day in these two buildings, there has been a link found that supposes Morris Dee’s knew about the Oklahoma city bombing before it happened. There are many more cases that can be pinpointed of jew involvement through our history.

> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Tuesday August 30 - 08:07 - Posted by 23a500c11d5af727...

Uri Avnery’s message is universal in that it addresses those, of all ideologies and nations, who feel that they’re "owed" an inheritance as a result of being, rather than doing. It’s a timely message which could benefit an increasingly divided world and encourage a shared responsibility toward humanity and healing.

> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Tuesday August 30 - 07:57 - Posted by 587dd50408db0603...

According to Ariel Sharon, the leader of Israel, "The Jews own the United States, and they know it"...short and not so sweet, but obviously true since the U.S. gives Israel more than 13billion dollars a year in "aid" more than all of the aid given to all other countries put together, and this has been going on for 60 years. Each "re-located" Jew household was given the average of 250,000dollars paid for by the U.S. taxpayers who are taught never to ask their government for anything or face being accused of being a commie after being told absolutely not....we only believe in Jew welfare or corporate welfare, I think its in the new constitution.

> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Monday August 29 - 23:23 - Posted by 587dd50408db0603...

Tax payers money from U.S., Europe and money from the Holocaust industry makes this squander possible.
Furthermoore why are the nice houses, which somebody has already paid for are destroyed - does hatred blind this people. Gaza or Palestines will never have sovereignity! The American backed government keeps the Palestines under occupation law.
The Jews, Zionist or Israeli lack honesty. The jewish money scams used in the advanced money industry destroys the life of millions of people who are kept in constantly poverty.

> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Wednesday August 31 - 01:08 - Posted by 00711e1ab911e17f...

The Terrorist country of I$rael should be cut off from all funds, these blood suckers cannot make it by themselves. I$rael is also just a haven for the world’s jew criminals to run too after they commit their crimes. There are people in this country who can’t even afford their medicines after working and paying taxes their entire lives. How many of you live in a 200 to 350 thousand dollar house? alot of jews in I$rael do, paid for by our tax dollars. How much is their gasoline a gallon? It’s probably subsidized with our money also. They steal the land kill most of the people that lived there and then want us to pay them. Ever hear of the "Red Mafia"? They are Russian jews, but you will never hear them called that by our jew controled media.

> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Wednesday August 31 - 14:04 - Posted by 0b36ef5d4bf9ec53...

Read and learn about Israel’s control over the US Administration.
The US has funded everything that this article refers to, and now the US is funding a war on behalf of Israel to establish the Greater Israel.

Read this:


View the four part series which aired on Fox News


Google: "dancing israelis" to learn about the Mossad Agents caught red handed on 9/11

Explain that!

Google: "USS Liberty" to learn about how they use "False Flag" operations.

Google: Cheney NORAD

read this:


read this:


> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Wednesday August 31 - 15:03 - Posted by 0b36ef5d4bf9ec53...

This is how "news" is manufactured in the United States:

Mr Perle’s close friend and political ally at AEI is David Wurmser, head of
its Middle East studies department. Mr Perle helpfully wrote the
introduction to Mr Wurmser’s book, Tyranny’s Ally: America’s Failure to Defeat Saddam Hussein.

Mr Wurmser’s wife, Meyrav, is co-founder, along with Colonel Yigal
Carmon, formerly of Israeli military intelligence - of the Middle East
Media Research Institute (Memri), which specialises in translating and
distributing articles that show Arabs in a bad light.

She also holds strong views on leftwing Israeli intellectuals, whom she
regards as a threat to Israel (see "Selective Memri", Guardian Unlimited, August 12, 2002).

Ms Wurmser currently runs the Middle East section at another thinktank -
the Hudson Institute, where Mr Perle recently joined the board of trustees.
In addition, Ms Wurmser belongs to an organisation called the Middle East Forum.

Michael Rubin, a specialist on Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, who recently
arrived from yet another thinktank, the Washington Institute for Near
East Policy, assists Mr Perle and Mr Wurmser at AEI. Mr Rubin also
belongs to the Middle East Forum.

Another Middle East scholar at AEI is Laurie Mylroie, author of
Saddam Hussein’s Unfinished War Against America, which expounds
a rather daft theory that Iraq was behind the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.

When the book was published by the AEI, Mr Perle hailed it as
"splendid and wholly convincing".

An earlier book on Iraq Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf
which Ms Mylroie co-authored with Judith Miller, a New York Times
journalist, became the New York Times’s No 1 bestseller.

Ms Mylroie and Ms Miller both have connections with the Middle
East Forum. Mr Perle, Mr Rubin, Ms Wurmser, Ms Mylroie and Ms
Miller are all clients of Eleana Benador, a Peruvian-born linguist who
acts as a sort of theatrical agent for experts on the Middle East and
terrorism, organising their TV appearances and speaking engagements.

Of the 28 clients on Ms Benador’s books, at least nine are connected
with the AEI, the Washington Institute and the Middle East Forum.

Although these three privately-funded organisations promote views
from only one end of the political spectrum, the amount of exposure
that they get with their books, articles and TV appearances is extraordinary.

The Washington Institute, for example, takes the credit for placing
up to 90 articles written by its members - mainly "op-ed" pieces -
in newspapers during the last year.

Fourteen of those appeared in the Los Angeles Times, nine in New
Republic, eight in the Wall Street Journal, eight in the Jerusalem Post,
seven in the National Review Online, six in the Daily Telegraph, six in
the Washington Post, four in the New York Times and four in the
Baltimore Sun. Of the total, 50 were written by Michael Rubin.


> Dear Settlers : "Dear" in the most literal sense
Thursday September 1 - 14:42 - Posted by 22229460d656fce6...

To assume power over a country or government, first you have to control the press. Then get all the dirt and filth on the politicians so you can control them. The ones that can’t be controled, are assassinated. How many of our politicians died mysteriously? (JFK & RFK) Then get your people into power positions in the FBI and CIA, both of these organizations have been purged. Remember when Bill and Hillery had all those FBI files in their closet? Then there is the military and the rich. No problem with our rich as long as they get richer. they are billionars now, millionars are a thing of the past. Now for the military, remember when Clinton treated and used them like lawn jockey’s? I also never saw so many generals of jewish decent. How about when both Madaline Albright and John Kerry didn’t know that they were jewish? The jewish population in this country is only about 3% yet they control our media, ever seen jews portrayed as bad guys in a speilberg movie? The amount of jewish senators and congressmen is out of proportion, bush has more jewish advisors around him then sharon has.

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