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Saturday 28 January 2006

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1) The Northern Alliance Leader, Ahmed Shah Massoud , is buried - paving the way for installation of an oil company company executive , Hamid Karzai. The likey perps : British intelligence and Pakistan’s ISI

2) The head of Pakistani intelligence arrives in Washington on this day , after wiring 100k to Mohamed Atta. An asset of British intelligence , Omar Saeed Sheikh, facilitates the transaction.

3) Sir David Manning ,Tony Blair’s top foreign policy advisor, meets with Deputy Sec. of State , Rich Armitage in Washington - the latter a recipient of Pakistan’s highest civilian honour.

4) Tom Kenney arrives in NYC late in the evening of 9/10/11. He tells Dan Rather on live TV that his FEMA crew were in the city for an emergency disaster preparedness drill to be conducted the following morning. FEMA denies this claiming that Kenney is mistaken . FEMA insists that the crew arrived in resonse to the events of 9/11. Mayor Rudoph Guliani , testifying before the 9/11 Commission, sided with Kenney’s version of events

5) Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs issues a terror alert to it’s employees and clients on this day . Clients and executives worldwide are admonished to avoid close proximity to tall buildings.

6) NSC advisor Condoleezza Rice decides that she will call former SF Mayor Willie Brown to urge him to cancel his flight to NYC scheduled for the following morning.

7) Attorney General John Ashcroft continues his practice of flying on private chartered jets ,citing unspecified "security concerns"

8) Top Pentagon civilian leaders suddenly cancel their flights scheduled for the mornong of 9/11/01.

9) Detailed plans for the invasion of Afghanistan arrives on the desk of US President George W. Bush on 9/10/01.

10) Executives working at the Twin Towers Complex begin to arrive in Omaha , Nebraska . The following morning they will attend a charity breakfast and participate in a golf tournament sponsored by billionaire investor Warren Buffet. The location for this event is Offut Air Force Base . The president of the United states would arrive at Offut AFB hours later.

11) Operatives of Mossad receive word that tommorrow is "D-Day". The following morning they will video the World Trade Centre as planes crash into the two gigantic buildings - much to their glee.

12) Open interest in put option soar for stocks in reinsurance companies and large air carriers. Many of these trades are handled through the private investment banking division of Alex Brown/ Deutschbank in Germany. The head of that division resigns days later.

13) The former head of the counterintelligence division of the FBI, John O’Neill , is preparing for his first day of work at his new job , head of security for the World Trade Centre complex. His first day on the job would tragically be his last day on earth.

14) One of the largest war games in history is assembling within shouting distance of Afghanistan. The deployment of 22,000 British troops is that nation’s largest deployment since World War 2.

15) The final preparations for another emergency disaster preparedness drill are taking place at the Defence Dept. Some crazy idea about an airplane striking the Pentagon . As the drill commences ,a real plane strikes the Pentagon, leaving drill participants in total quandry - not knowing whether they are reacting to a simulated "disaster" or the real deal. The Navy Captain (Res. ) who helped prepare these disaster drills is the lead pilot of the plane that actually crashed into the Pentagon. That part of the Pentagon where these drills are planned is the location where the plane exact it’s fatal toll on passengers and employees of the Defence Dept.

Forum posts

  • But, we need some sources.

  • About the Pentagon thing. Google: Frozen fish pentagon
    (And to my friends at the NSA: don’t put me on that no fly list yet. I would like to see my old mother in June)

  • I agree - need sources. (Also, the possessive of ’it’ is ’its’, not ’it’s’).

    Also, remember the forgotten news that day: Rumsfeld reveals missing $2.6 TRILLION. "As you know, the Department of Defense really is not in charge of its civilian workforce, in a certain sense. It’s the OPM, or Office of Personnel management, I guess. There are all kinds of long- standing rules and regulations about what you can do and what you can’t do. I know Dr. Zakheim’s been trying to hire CPAs because the financial systems of the department are so snarled up that we can’t account for some $2.6 trillion in transactions that exist." ...

    REP. LEWIS: Thank you, Mr. Moran.

    Mr. Secretary, the first time and the last time that Dov Zackheim and I broke bread together, he told me he would have a handle on that 2.6 trillion by now. (Laughter.) But we’ll discuss that a little —

    SEC. RUMSFELD: He’s got a handle; it’s just a little hot. (Laughter.)

    Ha ha. Ha ha. What’s a few trillion dollars among friends?

    • It is a fair criticism that I have not provided sources . Will endeavour to do so. Come on guys with the grammatical misspellings stuff . Most of them occur because I am a crappy typist. I’m also graduate of small religous school and will , consequently , declare myself a victim of malign circumstance. Anyone out there have any more excuses I can use ?

    • I’ve followed the 911 ’conspiracy’ against America ever since then. I have heard everything here before. I am sure it is all true. The worse it sounds, the more likely it is true. The responsible parties (Bush and his administration) are the worst criminals in the world. And they’re not finished with us yet.

    • "Anyone out there have any more excuses I can use ?"

      Sorry, that was me - kind of a grammar cop. Just trying to be helpful =P

      Other excuses: aspartame, fluoride, TV cartoons, 8th grade English teacher that forced you to have sex with her instead of reviewing grammar (you poor thing), chemtrails, CIA mind control programs, EM pollution, the plastic model glue that no one warned you about - be creative! This is America! No one should have to go without excuses :D

    • Hey grammar cop! The singular possesive form of it is it’s. The plural possesive form of it is its’. Guess you were forced to screw your grammar teacher too!

    • roflmao

      too bad it’s all too true. I just watched Dr. Strangelove... "fluoride is a commie plan to destroy us" ha! That and rogue elements within the govt trying to start a world war...

      Is Rummy a real life Dr. Strangelove?

    • So was it really 2.6 TRILLION?? This "trillion" number recently came up at a town hall meeting with Rep. Murtha. The idea of it being "trillion" was scoffed at. It was stated that it must be Billion, not trillion?

    • Wrong - it’s = it is. It is not the possessive form. Its is.

    • I agree, and I have a degree in Linguistics, so there. :P

    • So was it really 2.6 TRILLION?? This "trillion" number recently came up at a town hall meeting with Rep. Murtha. The idea of it being "trillion" was scoffed at. It was stated that it must be Billion, not trillion?

      I put that in my comment as a link, so you can read the transcript for yourself. Yes, trillion. Conveniently swept under the rug, as would be all this talk of impeachment, indicting the (p)Resident, etc, were another staged fear event like 9-11 to occur sometime soon.

  • I strongly believe the Bush administration planned and executed the 9/11 attacks to solidify their power and use it as an excuse for everything.

    • "Son of Bush" is close but not quite there yet. Please try re-spelling of that moniker. I have one in mind but it would be considered an expletive. I also would bet that you beieve strongly in Fairys.

  • For anyone that has followed this its all old news. The problem is noone is willing to do anything about it. Our politicians cant even confront election fraud let alone this.

    • This is an intersting point.

      The reactions of our "elected" "representatives" to these, and countless other facts associated with "election" 2000, 9/11, "election" 2004, the Downing Street Memo and so many other similar events that would have resulted in massive riots against Bill Clinton have been stunning in their mildness. Similarly the "liberal" (ROTFL) press has done a much better job of burying these facts than reporting them.

      It is hard to imagine why representatives from either party (or the press) would ignore these events unless they had something to gain, or fear from addressing them.

      Perhaps they do not want to give up their $200,000 a year jobs (including benefits) and realize that the decision as to who warms the seat they hold no longer occurs in the ballot box, but later, when Bush Election Comittee Co-Chair and "secretary of state" (Katherine Harris, J. Kenneth Blackwell or the likes) "counts" the votes in secret (discarding any that become inconvenent).

      Or maybe they have something to fear since most of them have to spend a lot of time in small planes like the one Paul Wellstone (a tireless worker for the People) mysteriously died in. Or maybe they are actively involved in one of the many massive criminal underground networks (perhaps it is a requirement for election) that supply "illegal" drugs to the populace in a "free" nation where the goverment decides for you how you run your body (and you aint seen nothing yet).

      Something like half of the People of the US KNOW about many of these serious anomalies. HOW DO THEY keep the press and the politicians and the Evangelicals so tightly allied and so successfully organized behind decieving, cheating and ripping the rest of us off for our money and our freedoms?

      You got me.

      It is B I Z A R R E. Surreal. Dizzying.

      Brainwashing? Not difficult, especialy if you have complete control over the information that gets into people’s brains.

      So how to proceed...

      Bush did seem surprised and maybe a little frightened by the huge turnout in the Palestinian election and what appears to be an outcome he did not expect or like.

      Perhaps if We the People manage to force our "representatives" to follow their Oaths of Office by forcing a filibuster of the nomination of Samuel "Unitary Executive" Alito through massive grassroots action on Monday before 4:30 eastern time, we can convince our "representatives" that it is not in their best interest to ignore our wishes.

      You never know - not from here inthe Twilight Zone of the American Democratic Republic.

      Good luck to all - I am going back to making a bumper sticker from magnetic vent covers that encourages citizens to call their "representatives" (and provides the Congressional switchboard number 202-221-2131) to demand the filibuster of (or vote to reject) Samuel Alito. If Alito’s concepts of the unitary executive become law as they almost certainly will on the Supreme Court, we can kiss the Separation of Powers (not to mention our freedoms and the republic) good by for good.

  • Please include the sources from the above information. It’s difficult to research without it.


    Pentagon "not capable" of tracking 2.6 Trillion dollars in transactions

    Bush Admin overules Federal and Appeals Courts conviction of Microsoft

    Bush rejects 1972 Biowarfare Treaty

    Bush blocks release of father’s records (including Iran-Contra records) under the Presidential Records Act for the third time

    Popular Bush tax "rebates" exposed as a "shill"

    Poll shows majority want to roll back Bush tax cuts to save surplus


    Regarding Bush budget and saving the surplus

    Federal Appeals Courts prepare to strike down laws preventing media conglomeration

    Bush as "mathemagician" for economy figures

    The People becoming increasingly aware of election fraud 2000

    Bush increasingly recognized as friend to big business

    Discussion of growing American Iperialism

    Big shots cancelling airline travel plans

    Fears of threats to Social Security due to Bush economic policies grow

    2000 "election:" Souter says Kennedy would have changed vote in Bush vs Gore

    Ariel Sharon cancels trip to NYC

    New York Times characterizes Bush White House economic policies n "panic"

    World Trade Center security alert lifted

    • Hi ,love the lists.Still the sleeping won’t wake.

      I find Michael Rivero’s What Really Happened an excellent resource for this :

      What I don’t inderstand is how people who lost loved ones can sit on their hands about the murderers who are in power.

      I remember reading that the British gave the photos and list of names of Hijackers but there was no source.The British and Mossad are the same now anyway, so infiltrated at the very top. Same with Australia.No Jewish person in high postiion can resist the Mossad’s demands.

      Why that part of the Pentagon? WHo was on that side?Who was meant to be What was destroyed and who was killed?

      We already know that Larry Silverstein failed to meet the Port Authority on the top floor at
      900am,to discuss the very expensive asbestos removal job he was pushed to do.Wham,all removed including annoying official.

      Why did he not turn up to work,nor his children who also work there?

      These little details tell us all.Thanks for all the hard work.Americans have only themselves to blame if paradise is lost due to lack of vigilence.They were warned by the great Jefferson. UK has long been lost.

      Australians are too naive in all this to ever see their danger in time nor understand the complexities other than in simple racial terms. There is even a new zionist city being built, a PRIVATE city,owned by the Rothchilds’ Rio Tinto,at the end of a purpose built expressway F3 in the Hunter Valley,NSW, from which to govern. They will feel what is like to be a Palestinian one day too.


    • Why that side of the Pentagon? Simple really: The offices were all empty, because of work being done to "harden" the facade. It is so unbelievably coincidental that the "plane" hit in the centre of the only hardened part, that it can’t be a coincidence.

      As for Larry Silverstein, not only did he get rid of his problems (asbestos as well as annoying official), but the insurance companies had to pay him 7 billion (yes, billion) dollars for the loss of the buildings.

  • If this is how the neo-con’s open the door for the new world order , then Condi Rice is correct when she say’s, "the devil IS in the details." THX-1138 here we come.

  • You have overlooked the fact that Australian Prime Minister John Howard was present at the Twin Towers , and had a meeting with Bush the day before, also he was at the White House when the missile hit the Pentagon.
    It is in the White House archives, dated 9/10/01

    • The entire Bush Crime Syndicate is rife with corruption going right back to granpa Preston who made most of his money from business dealings with the Nazis. Nice layout of all the dirty dealings here:

      Casting blame on just this family is merely one layer of the onion. Peel away and feel the sting. You just may find that the world leaders, in reality, are simply followers of a much larger game plan. William Cooper, author of “Behold A Pale Horse,” the best selling underground book of all time, was most likely murdered by the Clintonistas for putting the light on these roaches.

    • And in Addition, the swimming Icon, Ian Thorpe who had just impressed in the pool in the olympics the year before was planning a visit-his itinery not organised by him!- to the twin towers that morning and would have been up in the towers at impact point were it not for "havin gto go back for his camera".

      A sacrificial lamb? Or bad coincidence? Or warned at the least minute?

      cheers ,



  • don’t forget that the esteemed mr. zakheim was head of a company that designes and builds remote control systems for airliners

  • Does it change anything? Hollywood is baking films with arabs as the badguys, just like they did with the Sovjets during the cold war.

    At least we now we’re being misled by Israel and the Zionist movement .
    Worse is going to come.

  • And moreover: the CIA prisoner flights are just peanuts, most flights ae being flewn to Europe to sell Cocaine at 50 Euros per gram providing enough money to pay for these secret operations and bribing oficials, without having to ask the congres for a credit.

  • I think 9/11 is the key to all our current problems - solve this and we expose the cause of our problems. So many of us are against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that are a diect result of 9/11. It is like 9/11 is the root and the wars the branches. The problem is that the governments involved keep us busy with 24 hour news that moves so quickly, we are dizzy trying to recall what just happened - never able to properly group together on one subject long enough to react with the strength of voices required.

    Anti-war/peace groups, 9/11 truth movements and individuals who see beyond the veil are too dispersed to have an effect. We need to stop - unite in one solid group and get the governments (who are supposed to work for us) to pay attention. How, is the problem.

    So, a possible start to a solution......take one issue only - the war in Iraq - if we agree it is wrong (based on lies) then we can have one point of agreement amongst most people. No other agenda - just agreement on one point "I WANT AN END TO THE WAR IN IRAQ". The reasons for your objection to the war are not important, nor is your location, race, religion, status, political affiliation. Plus, there needs to be no purchase necessary so that commercial interests or financial bracket are not important either. A campaign started this month to address this very issue

    It recommends the wearing of a simple piece of any white fabric as an armband until the war ends. This will show unity, numbers and an ability to organise ourselves as one single unit that is bigger than any government. It may not feel like much, but this one act, performed by many - show the governments that we, the people, do not like what they are doing.

    I think it is a snowflake that could one day become a snowball of worldwide proportions - I hope you will join me.
    Tina Louise

    • HI, I think that you are right. In the American sphere if 911 is properly investigated and the explanation for all the things that don’t make sense properly sought then the can of worms that is the corrupt wriggling amongst the top will be exposed to the light. There are enough good people there too but they are bein gpicked off one at a time as examples and none of the mutts that we all are give a damn enough to even protest or miss a tv show.

      In the UK when the 7/7 and 21/7 reality hits there will be shit to pay. The key to that is Isaacs ,who has already spilled the beans to the Italians as protection. Isaacs background and what he really did,us a good start.

      Then take apart all the phoney info from the real attack,7/7 including
      - explain the false psychology of the alleged perpetrators(no idea they were going to die/be killed),
      - the perplexing timetable that suggests the perpetrators couldn;r even have made it to the sites(personally I think after their photo shoot they were snuffed),
      - the account describing explosives that are not acetate derived-hence all the forensics were pohoney-hence a coverup at that level already,
      - how was a boy in Pakistan’s face on the alleged perpetrator’s passport photo that was released to the public media
      - Why did Netanyahu not attend the planned talk that morning and who else didn;t attend from the conference of israeli financiers that morning .Why was it reported that he was warned?
      .-AGAIN there is a terrorist drill at the exact site of the terrorist attack
      - where are all the CTV images?
      - Why did an eyewitness report that the Bus bomber/guy with the backpack was white-one newspapaer even got excited about Balkan agents?
      - the eyewitness account descirbing the floor hole with the bits of torn metal pointing UPWARDS.

      WHen these discrepencies are explained we can start to take seriously the UK gov version,but we already know what a bald faced liar Blair,the police chief is,about the Brazilian killed.

      INCIDENTLY PLEASE REMEMBER THAT EXECUTION TARGET WAS MISTAKEN FOR ISAACS. He is the danger to the liars. Expect him to disappear if the Italians agree.


  • George Washington here ( EXCELLENT post. Please email me v2 with links, and I’ll spread it far and wide. P.S. Not lazy, but too busy with 911 projects to do any googling right now.

  • Without references this article is completely usless.

  • It is old news to the 3 % of the population following what really happened. The other 97 % don’t have the foggiest notion that any of this happened. That is why the story needs to be repeated .

    • Either that or the 3% are the people that have nothing better to do than search for a conspriacy in everything that happens.

    • Funny you mention 3%. It turns out that 3% of the population is clincally insane. Could describe some of the therios that I’ve read here. Elvis is still alive too.

    • of course the other 97% know what you’re all claiming, they’re just not paranoid enough to fall into such susceptibility as the people who believe in the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

    • I hate to break it to those people who think we’re nuts for thinking independently of the media and the ’official version’ but you really need to stop and consider some obvious facts for a second. Planes don’t vaporise. Huge buildings don’t just collapse like that. It’s a DAMN scary thought that your govt would do this but they have. I’d totally recommend watching Lets Roll V.2 9/11 doco and see if you can deny it then.

      God bless. We sure need it!

  • Unfortunatly, WhatReallyHappened.Com seems to have some conflicting interests as well and since Mr. Rivero attacks everyone else (most of the time with only half of the information) for their hidden relationships I wonder what he gets out of these. Read below if you want to make a conspiracy theroy about everything else you might want to start one about " as well...... Just a thought

    Research on:
    Devvy Kidd
    January 19, 2003

    One my loyal readers sent me some research he did on the above captioned web site.

    I receive literally a ton of information via e-mail every day and simply don’t have the time or manpower to filter through it all.

    I did, however, take the time to go through this research and decided to let you, the reader, make up your mind about this information because Mr. Jackson makes some very valid points.

    January 16, 2003

    Dear Devvy:

    I’m not sure that many are aware, but there seems to be a Trojan among them there Conspiracies. Yes. What’s the best way to control the hatching of conspiracies and how they proliferate? You own the market!

    There’s a website called What Really Happened, and it is supposedly run by a single individual with an interst in promoting "The Truth The Government Hopes You Don’t Learn." This site has been one of the fastest growing sites on the Net in the last 2 years.

    It has been called a "News" site, it’s been called a "Conspiracy" site, and it’s been called a conspiracy of conspiracies. This site, as a matter of content, hosts links to 3rd party news stories with a comment or two on each story from the "individual" that runs the site. I’ve heard it described as "Drudgereport with comments."

    Recently, there’s been a rash of finger pointing and charachter attacks
    between an Internet pen name titled "S. Boyle", the individual that runs the What Really Happened Site, and a site called Bank Index, which is owned and operated by PMC4, LLC.

    You can read the initial article by S. Boyle, here:

    In this article, S. Boyle comes to a number of conclusions, of which some are verifiable and true while others are completely false. What was immediatly pounced upon by "The Staff @", though, was a major leap of logic that could not be substantiated, and was not true. S. Boyle revealed a number of things in his article, but he made the mistake of assuming Dandelion Books was part of PMC4 holdings.

    I will clarify a few things:

    1) What Really Happens is run by a guy named Michael Rivero.

    2) Bank Index is owned by PMC4, LLC.

    3) GoOff is owned by PMC4, LLC.

    4) Dandelion Books was started in November 2000 by Carol Adler who is the

    Here’s a solicitation by Alder (Letter with Subject of "Books", 2/3rds down
    the page:,+Inc%22&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

    5) is the "Bookstore" and Affiliate "Hub" for Dandelion Books.

    7) Inc. is the founding partner of the PMC4, LLC family.

    8) Inc. Lists the following projects on it’s website:

    Internet Service Providers
    Genetic Information
    Casinos, Gambling and Games
    Art Exchange
    Banking and Finance
    Modeling and Fashions

    9) Michael Rivero has done two interviews - One with GoOff - and the other with Bank Index - Both owned by PMC4.

    10) Dandelion Books is a subsidiary of Dandelion Enterprises, Inc.

    11) Dandelion Enterprises, Inc. also has a self-publishing division, Tiger
    Maple Press.

    12) Bank Index, some point after 9/11, changed the type of stories it
    released in the "Today’s Top Headlines" section.

    Here it is just after 9/11:

    Here is it today:

    13) What Really Happened went through a major change after 9/11:



    I hope I’ve made the above relationships clear. One thing that I have not made clear, though, is the relationship between the What Really Happened website and the other parties mentioned. I have no solid proof that the owner of What Really Happened works with or for PMC4 or any of it’s holdings, but I can say that they work closely.

    1) Sometime in 2002 Bank Index had a "Popup Ad" for the purchase of an album titled: "Isle Of Sanctuary" by Claire Rivero, Michael Rivero’s wife.

    2) The What Really Happened website links to Bank Index and Go Off articles almost on a daily basis.

    3) A number of Mr. Rivero’s articles have been posted on Bank Index.

    4) Michael Rivero has a new book, titled "Cyber Soldiers And Silicon
    Patriots: The New Face Of Political Dissent", published by Dandelion Books:

    So, they are (or were) all working together at some point or other. The question is, is there an agenda? Would it be to control the types of conspiracies that are rumored on the ’Net? You be the judge.

    S. Boyle has since posted conversation between himself and Bank Index, the outcome of which was supposed to be an apology/retraction of false statements:

    In short, all of the sites and companies I have listed do in fact work with each other. Inc. seems to be the umbrella company to all of the other companies I’ve listed, except for Dandelion and What Really Happened. Dandelion just happens to be the publisher of the books written by conspiracy theorists, and What Really Happened seems to drive an awful lot of traffic to those two sites.

    An interesting comment made by one reader:

    "Rivero, What Really Happened, Go off, Dandelion, Gordon Thomas are essentially all part of an inbred and incestuous network of Right Wing propagandists and disinformation artists."

    "They included not only the standard Hard Right outlets like Newsmax but also Christian Fascist moupieces like Dandelion."

    "Their political function and agenda in general is to act as a phony
    opposition or Trojan Horse media specifically targetted towards those people who question the official story. If you study the disinformation put out by these propagandists, you will see a similar pattern in that they question the official story or version of events—only to carefully spin the issue in a way which just so happens to reinforce their own Right Wing agendas and political campaigns."

    "In particular with respect to 9-11, most of the sites have tried to seize upon obvious holes and lies in the official story about 9-11 in order to direct and deflect blame AWAY from the Bush Regime and American State in general towards some foreign bogeyman or patsy."

    "The bottom line is that these pseudo-alternative media outlets set up by the Right Wing have the effect of being classic CIA style psyops operations. They question the official story, only to steer and focus attention away from the more fascistic political factions which support the American military-corporate complex onto a suitable "enemy" foreign or domestic."

    The "Right Wing" may not have a darned thing to do with it, but still, an intersting insight.

    We all know that there are going to be people that question any official story. What better way to control the conspiracies than to setup "fake" alternative news outlets to push "fake" conspiracies? It would quench the thirst of most seeking that second opinion, but at the same time, confuse them while keeping the truth hidden.

    Don’t get me wrong, some of the links on are very good indeed. Others, though, seem to be opinions, almost forced onto the reader, like the Israli Spy ring, and the daily harping on Israel. All three sites (What Really Happened, Bank Index, and GoOff) all seem to be promoting NO WAR, Government in Debt, Peace Rallies, the Government cannot be trusted, and the coming of a revolution.

    Some of these things may be true, but the promoters of the ideas from these sites don’t offer solutions, and don’t seem to participate in public dissent. They would rather cause dissent from behind thier cushy web sites. They seem to want to promote the mindset that you can only get the truth from reading thier websites and/or articles and/or books. Simply not true.

    BTW, Rivero’s still promoting that Mr. Tom Kenney was indeed in NY prior to

    * * *

    I highly recommend you order and view Mike Ruppert’s excellent video on forces behind the scenes, 9-11, the financial implications and the towers:

    The Truth and Lies of 9-11

    There is another video on Mike’s site I’ve seen that raises some very interesting questions about 9-11. This video has real interviews with people at the location and news reporters who saw and experienced what the FBI doesn’t want you to know:

    Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

    Veteran TV journalist Dan Hopsicker takes his video camera into the lions den to investigate the real history of terrorist flight training in Florida. What he uncovers will leave you stunned.

    Related articles:

    The FEMA/Tom Kenney conspiracy theory is debunked here:

    • as usual, conspiracy theorists seem crazy until one looks at validity of theory. After that, most theorists fail to distinguish themselves as more than repeat complainers. So how are the theorists any different than the faux dems failing to do anything about even the mildest of issues of the day? Besides the overwhelming intel, what’s actionable?

  • I beleive this shit OK NOW who knows about the 20 dollar bill and if you fold it you see the planes crash into the twin towers on the other side the fire in the pentagon after the crash

    • Those Twenties were also first printed in that new format in ’97

    • I Like the one about the name of the flight typed in wingdings.These coincidences are so cute.

      Seriously,people are so keen to can the alternative hypotheses to the government conspiracy story BECAUSE it is so full of holes and worms.

      I challenge anyone to explain all the discrepencies and show where the data is available for the basic background invstigations,such as the short selling and why the Israelis were there filming the FIRST plane hitting and HIGHFIVING and Joking with cig lighters imitating the inferno.
      And the collapse details,thus involving the security of the buildings and the leasees,who also happened to be away that morning.

      The fact that (???Rendon) had already organised a huge supply of American flags to be available immeidately in NewYork.

      Love the official version,it is so full of crap it would never have stood a day on the internet as a guess version.

      Love the shillers who try to defend it,they tell so much about themselves don’t they?

      Michael Rivero has attacked lies and sought truth.There are those out there who don;t want that.

      cheers Bandikoot

  • Add this to your list.

    On 9/10 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had ’lost’ 2.6 trillion dollars
    That is $8,000 for each man woman child and baby in America.
    There was not a whimper of protest since ’ the world changed’ the following day, although the 2.6 trillion was still ’lost’
    Where could you hide this kind of news better than behind 9/11?

  • i don’t know what to believe but too the first witness’s comments after a disaster are discounted but they are usually the truth . According to a local paper on 9/11/01 in Jersey City NJ a group of men were seen celebrating in a woman’s backyard that had a excellent view of the burning towers .Appalled at the sight of these men back slapping taking pictures cheering on her property she called the cops.The men were arrested and in a ensuing article we found out that they were Israeli intellegience , and they owned storage space stations in bayonne and weehawken , months passed perhaps a year when the next article came out and it said they where deported back to Israel .they left everything ,the people with stuff in storage finally got their things , A detective said of the Israelis he never seen anyone leave so much behind and leave the country so fast .