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Amnesty Italy/ Call Oreste Scalzone for Life!

by Open-Publishing - Sunday 24 April 2005

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Hungry Strike to amnesty Italy. Call for the life!

translation of the contextualized French version

APPEAL FOR ORESTE! Initiative of support to the battle of Oreste Scalzone for the
amnesty and explicit demand why it suspends the hunger strike and does not
put ulteriorly in danger its already difficult state of health. This appeal
upon request leaves of friends and companions, preoccupied from the
determination of Oreste to continue to oltranza the hunger strike:

A M N E S T Y I T A L Y !

Whatever are the differences of our political and European ideas, in
front of blind and deaf powers in Italy as in France concerning the balance
of the lead years, we show solidarity to support the hunger strike of
Italian Oreste Scalzone, whose objectives are the following ones:

- Appeal to the individual, associative, union, and/or confederate
popular initiatives, to ask for the immediate restoring of the forms of
"enfeeblement" of the execution of punishment, statutory prison Italian said
" reform gozzini ", today hollowed out and congealed.

- Call for a campaign to an Italian referendum in matter of amnesty and
indulto (remission), to overrule the special law of 1992, which brought up
the quorum of the simple majority to the two thirds or to the "qualified
majority" (what blocks any change of the law), for the approval of a law of
amnesty or indulto (remission).

- Launch of a campaign for a " law of popular initiative "
rehabilitating the project of indulto of 1997, which had been abandoned in
spite of its approval by the Committee " Justice " of the Chamber of

For our part, we call to support and to promote these initiatives for the
respect of the civil liberties and in a similar respect for our diverse
purposes and for our positions. We know here the expectations of the
political refugees threatened with extradition and we know there the abusive
conditions about their prisoners companions, in the term of the same
lawsuits under charges and punishments by the laws of exception -which
continue beyond their former time.

We confirm our support for Oreste Scalzone, noticing right now that the call
by its own body is understood and that all kinds of individual and/or common
united actions, whatever they are from the part of citizens, persons, or
militants, will follow and will be hear in echo of his movement growing. In
matter of fact we ask him to suspend immediately the hunger strike, knowing
it upstarts to the point that his health can announce very serious or
irreversible aftereffects.

Aware of the difficult environment to propagate this call in the
traditionnal medias, nevertheless we call to pass on this petition to
newspapers, to radios, to TV, and in their forums on Internet -by the way of
our respective means and all those of our correspondents.

Finally, we call to inform this appeal to signatures and its links in all
the sites, to put active titles " Amnesty Italy Sign on ", as well as to
indicate it in the forums and the alternate medias, and by email via mailing
lists and via the lists of discussions.

Here and now, since April 20th, 2005,

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