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Bush-Blair excuse for the Downing Street Memo doesn’t hold water

Sunday 19 June 2005

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Bush and Blair are claiming they went through the UN- they Did Not - they pulled the 2nd
Resolution before the vote. Bush and Blair Did Not get UN approval but they invaded anyway.

from the Downing Street Minutes
Britain’s [CIA] Chief told Blair:
"The NSC had no patience with the UN

Bush’s only response to the Downing Street Memo was at the June 8th press conference with Tony Blair. Guess what - they both agreed - of course they
didn’t ’fix the facts’. Really, they both wanted peace, so they went through the UN, and when Saddam didn’t comply, they were left with no choice but to invade.

As a matter of fact- Bush and Blair DID NOT go through the UN.
this fact seems to have been erased from the collective memory of the
US media. It would have been nice if just one reporter had stood up and
said, "But
Sirs, with all due respect, you tried to get a 2nd Resolution, you
didn’t get it, and you invaded anyway. Why wasn’t there a vote on the
2nd Security Council Resolution?"

Doesn’t anyone remember Colin Powell’s infamous speech before the UN?
On Feb 5, 2003, Powell gave a major speech to the UN Security Council, presenting the case for a 2nd UN Resolution.
At the time, the international community was adamant that the first UN
Resolution 1441 only authorized inspections, but it did not
authorize war. This is why Powell gave this major speech, trying to convince the Security Council to vote for a 2nd Resolution authorizing war.

"Every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources, these are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. There can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more- many more- and he has the ability to dispense these lethal poisons and diseases in ways that can cause massive death and destruction. Most of the launchers and warheads have been hidden in large groves of palm trees.... This is evidence, not conjecture. This is true- this is all well documented." - Colin Powell (audio)

As it turns out, every statement Powell made was not backed up by solid
sources, but by Ahmed Chalabi and others that have financially
benefitted (gotten filthy rich) from this war. It turns out that these
were all blatant lies. As former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter
explained in the movie Uncovered, the bio-weapons Powell described have a shelf life of a just few years- Powell’s testimony was patently false.

So if you’re keeping score, yes, Powell lied too. But the real point is
that Powell ’made the case’ for a 2nd UN Resolution authorizing war,
and it didn’t happen. The Security Council never voted on the 2nd Resolution. What happened to prevent the vote? Whistleblowers happened.

On March 3, 2003 Newsweek published a leaked transcript of
Iraqi defector Hussein Kamel testifying that all Iraq’s weapons had been destroyed- yet in August ’02 Dick Cheney claimed that Kamel told us the exact opposite. Recall the British [CIA] Chief said the "facts were being fixed" just a month before... this seems to be a smoking gun case of Cheney "fixing the facts" to make the case for war.

A few weeks before the war began in March 2003, with the vote looming,
the Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency testified before the
UN Security Council that Bush’s "Uranium from Niger" claim was a cheap forgery.
The forgeries were so lame, it’s amazing that the Bush team didn’t
realize they were forged. Dr. El-Baradei’s testimony was a huge blow to
the Bush/Blair case for war. The all important
2nd Resolution was in danger of not passing, they would not have
legal grounds for war.

Then 29 year old Katherine Gunn, a young woman with more courage than
Colin Powell, leaked a document showing that the US and UK governments
were spying on Security Council members,
monitoring their communications between the UN (in NYC) and their
repective governments, most ostensibly
to find their buyout price.

Spying on the UN was the final straw- the world was outraged and all
hope of the Security Council approving the 2nd Resolution was lost.
With the forgery, spying, and lies exposed, Bush and
Blair pulled the 2nd
Resolution as it was clear they would lose embarassingly. Without UNSC
approval, Bush and Blair did not have legal grounds for war. Evidently,
they didn’t care, because they ignored the UN and invaded anyway! Which is why Kofi Annan declared this an Illegal war.

That’s what makes the current Bush/Blair claim that they went through
the UN such a joke. Bush and Blair did not go through the UN. Colin
Powell put his reputation on the line for nothing because they pulled the vote.

So, next time you hear Bush and/or Blair say they went through the UN, you’ll know it’s
just another lie. What we have is a clear case of liars continuing to
lie in a feeble attempt to cover their asses. Can’t anyone in power recognize this obvious fact?

The ball is in Congress’ hands right now- who will uphold the Constitution?

Congress: you have two weeks- Do Something!
or July 4th, We The People WILL!

We the people need to consider: what if many of the Congressman voting with Bush are ’coerced’ into voting that way... what if it’s a straight party line vote and the Republican control allows Bush to escape unscathed... what if the Presidential Election wasn’t the only rigged
vote... what will our Democratic Leaders do then? Probably nothing.

How long will WE wait while politicians continue to stall?

When will WE commandeer a tv network, an NBA Playoff Game, or something to bypass the media blackout and clue in the masses.

Forum posts

  • Your column is a little off the mark. In fact, they did go through the UN by getting
    UNSCR 1441 passed. The real lie is that Iraq didn’t comply with UNSCR 1441. The
    obvious follow up question was: How was Iraq in breach of UNSCR 1441?

    The main assertion that Iraq was in material breach of UNSCR 1441 was that the
    Iraqi report on the state of their WMD programs submitted on December 7, 2002
    in compliance with UNSCR 1441 was full of omissions and false information. In
    light of what we now know, this assertion was false. The Iraqi claim that their
    WMD programs ended in the early 1990s and all remaining materials were
    destroyed was true.

    Furthermore, the reports submitted by the IAEA on January 27, 2003 and by
    UNMOVIC on February 28, 2003 clearly stated that, with the exception of a few
    outstanding concerns, Iraq was in substantial compliance with UNSCR 1441.

    These reports were completely ignored by the US and UK as they ran rough shod
    over the UN on their precipitous and predetermined course toward the invasion of

    To this day, the Bush and Blair administrations continue to promulgate the lie that
    Iraq "flouted" UNSCR 1441.