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Canadians to reelect plutocrat Stephen Harper

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 27 April 2011

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According to the most recent polls, Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper will be reelected.

Stephen Harper, the up to the task guy when the US needs Canada in a war, has warned that in a troubled world we need a stable gouvernment because, as he said, Canada is the closest thing to an island of stability and security.

What Harper did not say is the fact that plutocrats like him are no stranger to the destablization of the rest of the world. And Canada’s stability is an illusion when you take into account that the richest 10% of Canadians count for 90% of the total wealth of the country. Also, in Canada, one million children live in poverty and 200 000 people are homeless.

With the multiplication of armed conflicts and a prime minister always ready to serve the interests of the wealthy capitalist world of finance and business, it is not certain that a conservative government will assure stability for Canada.