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Congressional Candidate Calls for Arrest of Bush & Cheney by U.S. Military

Saturday 23 September 2006

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Former Army Lieutenant and a candidate for Congress in VT, Dennis Morrisseau
of W. Pawlet, today called for the arrest of President Bush and Vice President
Cheney by the American military "if necessary" to prevent an unauthorized attack
upon the nation of Iran.

"American forces are apparently already active inside Iran, and Naval forces have
received orders to deploy to that country," Morrisseau said. "The President has
NO AUTHORITY to attack the nation of Iran whatsoever, in the absence of a full,
formal Declaration of War on Iran by the sitting Congress," Morrisseau said. He
said any order for an attack upon Iran or to deploy naval forces to its coastal waters
is illegal, and called upon officers of the American military to "First, refuse to obey
such an order. If the president persists and insists on ordering our forces into combat
in or over Iran without a formal Declaration of War, then I call upon you, General Pace,
as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and upon such other military officers as clearly see
their duty in these circumstances to detain both the President and Vice President,
until such time as the Congress shall act."

Morrisseau, a Congressional candidate who was court-martialled for opposition to the
Vietnam War in 1968, said he has written to General Pace to ask for the intervention
of the military. "In spite of my opposition to the Vietnam War and the court-martial
which we ultimately defeated, I was a good soldier who had the respect of my superior
officers throughout the ordeal. And they had mine!" Morrisseau said. "There are many
many, very, very decent people in the active duty military. I know this," he said "---
people who love their country and democracy too, and hate war."

Morrisseau wrote that "Iran is no present threat to us or anyone. Their right to enrich
uranium under treaties signed by us for the production of nuclear power is clear: and that
is all they have so far done. An attack upon that nation now by us, acting alone will constitute
an illegal war of aggression under international law. It is illegal under our law as well. I urge
you to so advise the President," Morrisseau wrote to Pace, "and urge that he take no such
actions. In particular, he must not act in the absense of a full, formal, responsible War Declaration
by Congress. That is the Constitutional requirement." If he and Cheney persist, Morrisseau
wrote, "than the country must rely upon you, Sir, and our armed forces generally, to resist
all illegal orders by Bush or Cheney, and take the gentlemen into custody if necessary.

The Lieutenant is a candidate for Congress in Vermont running under this ballot line: Impeach Bush Now. He has called for impeachment of both Bush & Cheney. He is recruiting other "decent and able Citizens" to run for Congress with him, without regard to political party. The goal is to remove all present incumbents from Congress, again without regard to party. He call’s this effort "Lieutenant Morrisseau’s Rebellion".

Forum posts

  • According to the Nuernberg protocols the U.S. forces are obliged to do so. The Bush gang has to be brought to justice and prosecuted. All appointed Judges by the Bush dictatorship have to be removed and prosecuted, too. The Republican party should by outlawed in the same way as the German Nazi pary NSDAP.

    All bribes taken should be seized. Haliburton, Bechtel and the Carlyle group should be disassembled and the major owners of the share prosecuted.

    ...of course, as these people like torture so much, they should get as much as possible of their own medcine.

  • This might be considered a dream, but it also may be closer to a reality than one might think! Don’t laugh or take this lightly as there are solid reasons why and they may surface sooner than you might think.

    Dennis Morrisseau, I briefly read through your webpages and this article. I stand with you! You are on the right path. As more of what this is surfaces, your dream which I also share, may certainly materialize.

    Accomplishing this will certainly entertain blockades and one big one might be that the criminal element within the Military will side with Bush. Some of the details are in the news and you can find their connections with the links to corruption. It’s all about money. Try refocusing your look at what is happening from a wide scale organized crime criminal perspective, I’m sure some of this will show you more. My personal life’s experience says there are MOB links all over the place and many more hideous and terrible crimes way above corruption still need to surface. My thought is that we need to WAIT. The best has yet to come! If I’m correct, your movement will pick up speed exponentially as more news breaks explaining more detail of parts of this. The Devil is always in the Detail!

    I was in a family for more than 26 years who joined organized crime, only this group wasn’t like any normal crime group. It involves a criminal element within our Federal Government that includes another criminal element within our Military among others. They often brag about being “The World’s Largest Criminal System” and for good reason.

    Something needs to be done and the time is right to make this happen.

    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

    • While you’re at it do the same for the corrupt and criminal state atty general & prosecutors, judges, state troopers, law commissioner, prosecutors in Alaska, especially at Bethel!