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Cui bono? Stupidity Versus Logic in the Latest “Terror” Attack

by Open-Publishing - Friday 8 July 2005

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Wow, al Qaeda must be the stupidest terrorists, no wait, stupidest people period, on this entire planet. Their purported goal is to shake the will of the western powers that have invaded Iraq, and to drive them out, no? Then can someone please explain to me the logic of the London bombings? No seriously, it is time to apply logic to these events. Please do not hand me the nonsense about these people being “killers” who do not apply logic. You do not become the number one terrorist organization without having some logic, no? We are expected to swallow that these people were smart enough to circumvent our billion dollar intelligence and air defense systems with box cutters, but they cannot play coherent cause-effect scenarios out in their mind prior to carrying out terrorist activities? I doubt that very much.

Just this week, it was reported that England had drafted plans to pull out their troops, gone, see you later, victory for al Qaeda, right? So we are to believe then that the orchestrated response to these plans was to blow up a double decker bus, in England. Now, can you guess what the most likely response to such an event would be:

1) Pull the troops out faster
2) Galvanize public support, thus keeping the troops in Iraq

Those of you that selected number one, I will assume you work for the Bush administration. Those of you that selected number two, good job. Now that we have established the enormous stupidity in the England bombings, the next logical front to examine is here in the United States.

Let’s examine the political climate here in this country just prior to this “attack”. Support for the Iraq War was at an all time low. People were unmoved by the President’s speech, dropping his overall approval rating to 43%. The drums of impeachment were growing louder with each passing day, with the revelations that the Downing Street Memos do indeed prove that George Bush committed felonies in lying to Congress and starting war without Congressional approval. Also on our political front was the Valerie Plame story and how it appears there is a good chance that Karl Rove committed treason in outing a covert CIA operative, who just happened to be assigned to uncovering WMD. Considering the closeness of Rove to Bush, if these allegations proved to be true, then how much of a stretch is it to assume Bush had complete foreknowledge of the revenge against Joe Wilson by outing his wife.

Now the corporate media has tried very hard to ignore these stories. We have had coverage of the Michael Jackson trial, and most recently the missing girl in Aruba for months now as Bush’s world unraveled daily. No offense to the Holloway family but the story about Natalie’s events should not be a lead story on any news show, with the possibility of impeachment, treason, and the Iraq War events happening daily. But there was our media, firmly in the pocket of George Bush, pimping the pain of the Holloway family as the most important news story. This aside though, the real stories were finally starting to poke through. Mainstream media received so many complaints about their ignoring potentially Bush-damaging stories, that they finally had to cover them.

Now, from al Qaeda’s perspective one would logically conclude this is a good thing. We were told by the Bushies that a vote for John Kerry was a vote for al Qaeda because they were so afraid of the great warrior, Bush. Considering the plummeting poll numbers for Bush and calls from the grass roots in this country for his political head, one should conclude that al Qaeda would be happy that the news had finally turned its attention to the possibility of getting rid of Bush. Please do not hand me the nonsense about how they do not look at these events. We are led to believe that al Qaeda runs their own website so they can leak stories that help Bush and claim credit for their own terrorist activities so it is obvious they are on the cutting edge of technology and Internet news.

So I ask again, given that the events in the US are in the favor of al Qaeda, and that public opinion for the war had been steadily eroding, I must ask the obvious question. Why in the world would they now carry out another terrorist mission? Are we honestly to believe they did not think about what the ramifications were? If the war was going poorly for them and the world was united against them, then I could understand an attack to break our will, but when things are going well, why in the world would they carry out this attack? It has now been reported that:
“BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner said a previously unknown group calling itself the Secret Organisation Group of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organisation in Europe had claimed to be behind the attacks in a statement posted on an Islamist website.
The group’s statement said the attacks were revenge for the "massacres" Britain was committing in Iraq and Afghanistan and that the country was now "burning with fear and panic", he added.”
Uh-huh. So, al Qaeda carried out the attacks for the massacres committed by the British troops, which are miniscule in comparison to the US. They further carried out the attacks in complete obliviousness to the news of the imminent British troop pullout. They further carried out these attacks despite the fact that Bush’s poll numbers were in the toilet and heading lower, leading to a possibility of impeachment. They further carried out these attacks even though the media had finally begun to cover the stories that could be potentially damaging to the entire war machine that they are fighting against. Wow, they are some stupid terrorists.
The level of stupidity is equal to when Osama bin Laden released his latest hit video, four days before the Presidential election. Surely he must have realized that would have only aided Bush, yet there he was providing America with a little fear before the election, a move that only could have helped Bush. Today, here is his little outfit, al Qaeda, once again coming to the aide of his alleged arch-nemesis Bush.
Cui bono is a Latin phrase which simply means, “Who benefits?” and it is the question we need to be asking ourselves. What does al Qaeda gain from this attack? The only logical answer can be, NOTHING. It will instill fear in the populace which could lead to a galvanizing of public support for the war they are fighting. It may lead to England changing their plans about pulling out their troops. It will give the US corporate media an excuse to not cover the stories that had been corroding the support for Bush. Instead of the potential impeachment, treason by Karl Rove, and the Downing Street Memos, the corporate media will be hammering the story about the terror attacks in England and how they show the need for this continuous war. I am sorry but when asking cui bono, it is clear that al Qaeda does not benefit from this attack, as it undermines everything they are working toward.
The war machine however, they benefit greatly. Their two main proponents, Bush and Blair get to play on people’s fears and reinvigorate support for their war. This event is only a few hours old, but here are their initial responses:
"They are trying to use the slaughter of innocent people to cow us, to frighten us out of doing the things that we want to do. They "should not and they must not succeed," - Tony Blair.
Really Tony? But your government had already decided to pull the troops out of England, so why would they need to carry out this attack and risk England changing their minds? No Tony, there is clearly no logic behind this attack and they clearly are not trying to frighten a people who have already agreed to pull out their troops, and who only represent less than 5% of the troops to begin with.
Here is what our fearless leader, Bush, had to say today:
“"The war on terror goes on."
Ah yes, every now and again, people who lie for a living slip up and reveal the truth. This statement reveals exactly the purpose of the attacks, and answers the question, cui bono. Faced with plummeting poll numbers and declining public support Bush tried last week to calm the storm by going to the American people with more fantasies connecting 911 to Iraq. The American people did not buy it this time though and his numbers got worse. Then the “Karl Rove is a treasonous traitor” stories started popping up and Bush was faced with the prospect of his war not continuing and his staunchest ally, England announced their plans for pulling troops out just as George was saying what a mistake it would be to make such plans. The morale in the al Qaeda camp must have been at an all time high. Their efforts in the war were finally paying off. Bush was losing his public support and his own country was beginning to speak about removing him from office. His top aide was under investigation for possible treason. England had started to make plans to pull out their troops.
So it is at this time, we are to believe that an organization smart enough to pull off 911, decided to throw away all the progress mentioned above, to frighten a people whose government only has 5% of the current troops in the war on terror, and had just decided to pull those troops out? The word stupidity would not cover this decision. It is unfathomable in its illogic.
I understand this raises things we do not want to consider. Well, consider this. In the early 1960’s your government considered operations that would sacrifice innocent, civilian American lives in order to start a war with Cuba. I will not rehash Operation Northwoods (http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430/) here except to point out that it is horribly naïve to assume people in power, would not seek to abuse that power for their own ends. If this was true in 1962, it is even truer in 2005.
We see the images of terror on the television and we remember our fear, just like we were supposed to. Our President will use this attack to rebuild all he has lost in support and we cannot allow that to happen. This attack does not change the fact that George Bush started his war 6 months prior to obtaining Congressional approval. It does not change the fact that he knowingly lied to Congress to go to war, fitting his intelligence around his policy. It does not change the fact that Karl Rove apparently may have committed treason against the United States. Don’t let him use this tragic event to sway us from pursuing the truth. Don’t let him.
Cui bono America, Cui bono.
Anthony Wade, a contributing writer to opednews.com, is dedicated to educating the populace to the lies and abuses of the government. He is a 37-year-old independent writer from New York with political commentary articles seen on multiple websites. A Christian progressive and professional Rehabilitation Counselor working with the poor and disabled, Mr. Wade believes that you can have faith and hold elected officials accountable for lies and excess.
Anthony Wade’s Archive: http://www.opednews.com/archiveswadeanthony.htm
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Forum posts

  • You know and I know you are absolutely correct in all of this. Now we need to convince the rest of the world that the real terrorists are in the seats of power in our own governments and that the media is complicit.

    Two burning questions: 1. Why were the American media reporting 6 blasts when there were only 4? 2. Why is British intelligence now denying that two bombs were not detonated?

    Those two questions need to be investigated fully, and without any flimsy excuses all the way to the top of the British and American government aparatus. The truth is out there.

  • Wake up you fucking pussy.

    • The trouble with these ‘theories’ is that they can easily be tossed up in to reverse…

      Could it be that al Qaeda deliberately planned the bombing at this time so that it would appear to be too much of a stupid mistake? Which in turn would start the conspiracy theories. This move would allow one unusually timed capital city bombing to both instill international fear and remove rival governments all at the same time. The London bombing doesn’t seem so stupid anymore does it? Think....

      A Londoner

    • I couldn’t agree more, Bush needs to be impeached, Rove to jail, Troops home, Cheny, Rummy, Bush, Ashcroft, et. all need to be imprisoned or deported to Iraq/Afhghanistan/North Central Africa or other suitable place. And PLEASE lets allow a viable electoral reform set of laws to allow a real possibility of a Libertarian President !!!!

    • amen, brother. these kooks and their inane facil thoeries make me first laugh, and then pity them. they just cant grasp that the terrorists actually hate western civilization and want to kill all poeple who ascribe to it. they just cant grasp it. what it is is what it is. its too easy, eh? well, some folks are simple, they mean what they say, ands they say what they mean. the conspiracy theorist dont understand this becasue they apply what they know of human nature (themselves) and dont get it becasue they DONT do that. they dont say what they mean. they are deceptive, in the least to themselves, and assume the rest of the world does the same thing. its is a wonder to watch them figuratively self-immolate though. when al-qaeda SAYS they attacked the worlds trade center becasue of the somalia pullout, they hear that pacifism will work. when al-qaeda SAYS they kill americans becasue of presence in suadi and western decadence and 700 years of infadel oppression, they (the conspiracusts) hear its because america has too much money and wants to steal their oil. they just dont listen. too bad. but the good news is, the kooks dont run the show, and the louder they scream their inanities, the more marginalized they become. so scream on, i say! let the conspiracies ring loud!! peace.

    • to: "tossed up in to reverse..." You’re an idiot! The answer as to who REALLY dunnit is very clear if you will just open your eyes.

    • You are an absolute idiot...wake up....read the truth all over the net about what is really going on, and who is really doing it....start here: Www.theresistancemanifesto.com read the whole site, all you can....911 was an inside job...OUR government did it to scare us into THINKING there is an OUTSIDE threat they need to protect us from! Learn the truth for YOUR own good, and your familys safety! Before its too late for you to...

    • Learn the truth friend before its too late for you to do so....concentration camps are already built and ready for us! Marshall law is around the corner....read up on illuminati!

    • The COMMENT ABOVE STATING THE FOLLOWING WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A COMMENT FOR : "YOU ARE A F****ING PU**Y" ....I was replying to him w/ the following...it showed up as its own comment so sorry bout the confusion!

      ""You are an absolute idiot...wake up....read the truth all over the net about what is really going on, and who is really doing it....start here: www.theresistancemanifesto.com read the whole site, all you can....911 was an inside job...OUR government did it to scare us into THINKING there is an OUTSIDE threat they need to protect us from! Learn the truth for YOUR own good, and your familys safety! Before its too late for you to...""

  • Osama bin Laden is to causing terror as Santa Claus is to giving toys. Only adults with the intellectual development of children believe in both fairy tales.

  • I have so far rarely seen such simple things on a political website. It seems that time stopped by. Such simple-minded analyses reminds me the end of Sixties. No worst lie can be found out such as the "cui prodest approach". It has the same value of saying "Bombs were put by leftists in order to have something to say". Will you ever be able to develop an adult thinking?
    Leonardo Cannavò

    • I applaud the writer of this piece "cui bono". Anyone with even the most rudimentary understanding of criminal investigation — why this target?, what were the possible motives?, who possessed the skill and resources?, and lastly, who stood the most to benefit? — will be led to the inevitable conclusion that the CIA/USA Secret Government pulled off another sinister act in its continuing drama of terror against all of humankind.

      Everyone should remember that Al Qaida has from its very inception been the bastard child if not pet offspring of CIA Secret Operations right alongside the Taliban. They were recruited, armed, inspired and trained by the CIA. In point of fact, the CIA project in Afghanistan and which was originally directed against the Soviet Union, was the largest in the Agency’s history. Since the Cold War ended, the CIA, in a stroke of Mafioso brilliance, has turned upon its former hitmen and lackeys and subsequently portrayed them as "Islamic fundamentalists" and "the enemies of civilization."

      Anyone with an iota of common sense and who can think for himself should be able to see through the veneer of this "terrorist" hoax and seek to identify the real culprits. The perpetrators of this evil are far more likely to be Anglo-bodied CIA men wearing business suits than pious Muslims on their way to work. If there is any Underground video-tape footage, you can be sure that it will be confiscated and destroyed —or at least doctored and forged — to disguise the real truth of the matter.

      Tyrants and fascists always require an enemy to scapegoat in order to pursue their vicious schemes of imperial conquest and world domination. Hitler chose the Jews. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and any country so unfortunate as to be in liaison with the Soviets provided a convenient pretense for American militarism. Now it is the Muslim and Arab world, because they are so unfortunate as to be living on top of two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves or they are even more unfortunate as to have been born in Palestine.

      Otherwise, if the pundits and experts can know their terrorist enemy so well that they can tell us the color of their eyes, then why is that after four years of the greatest, most expensive dragnet in international history they have been unable to recover even ONE Al-Qaida suspect?


      Because Al Qaida doesn’t really exist!

      The so-called terrorist actions attributed to Al Qaida are in actuality carried out by CIA operatives to give that impression and thus befool the American and British public into kowtowing to the bidding of their idiot dictators.

      Who are the real culprits behind these horrendous acts then? The terrorists may very well be religious fundamentalists, but they are almost certainly not Muslim or Arabs...

      Pay no attention to the detractors, as they are probably paid agents of the state meant to disparage and cause dissent. The dogs may bark, but the caravan must move on.
      People wake up and unite!

  • Hats off to you for your courage in presenting an agent provocateur hypothesis. but i write to you from Greece where such thinking is the norm, and they do not see it your way this time. Instead the view is that the British people will only superficially stiiffen the upper lip because the cause this time is not just. Instead , it is thought that al caida proved they could hit london on the first day of the g8 in spite of the enhanced security and thereby send their message to the world to the chagrin of the great leaders that ’we can always hit you’.
    Dr. Stanley Sfekas
    professor of Philosophy

  • What i am presenting is the apparant obvious nature that this attack could not have been done by AQ. Once you realize that and drop the sheep mentality, it leads you to the next logical question, who benefits? If you want to say BushBlair, i agree. If you want to say some radical fringe element in Islam, i could concur. If you want to say a coalition of interested business parties, no problem. But do not tell me the brilliant mastermind behind 911 (as we were told) could not see the folly in this attack. That was merely my point.

    Blessings, Anthony Wade.

    • Some folk are incredulously naïve; in this day and age there is no need to execute innocent fellow civilians in order to drum up support for a war. If that were the case then these same conspiracies for the London bombing most also be applied to 911. These same conspiracists are insinuating that men in suits purposely crashed jets into their own stock exchange and fired missiles into their own office; namely the Pentagon, all of this for a bit of super unleaded? Is it really that difficult to believe that a man of Muslim religion can be swayed into becoming a mass murderer? If you do find it difficult to believe then it seems you have been hiding under a rock, and that you really do not have any understanding of the Qur’aan, Allah or the Muslim faith…

      A Londoner.

    • ""Is it really that difficult to believe that a man of Muslim religion can be swayed into becoming a mass murderer?""

      of course, brainwashed muslim fanatics are used to detonate the bombs... but its the secret service - the new world order agents that orchestrate the whole operations... The simple fact is that these brainwashed muslims do not realise they are being set up by the very people they are supposed to be fighting. All these anti-establishment organisations are controlled by the establishment. They create them a) to find out who is against them b) so the secret service gets first hand knowledge of any potential attacks in kind c) so they can brainwash the members into commiting acts which are used for their own sinister agendas

  • Your argument procedes, I believe, on false assumptions. Getting the U.S. out of Iraq is NOT the goal Mr. bin Ladin has in mind. He wants the U.S. out of the Middle East and he wants Israel to cease to exist. Middle Eastern Arabs have been trying to destroy Israel ever since it came into existance. They haven’t been too successful. The Arabs ’must’ cling to the belief that their impotence in this effort could only be caused by the support and influence of the U.S. It would simply be too humiliating to be beaten by Jews alone. Since they can’t defeat an American-aided Israel, they must remove the American support. Mr. bin Ladin has loyal followers, but he doesn’t have a real Army. Or Navy. Or Air Force. What he does have is the ability to inspire others to commit the mass murders of thousands of inocent people. He is determined that America’s support of Israel must come at a higher price.
    As to why these terrorists seem to be acting stupidly, I believe you are again being misled by a false assumption. Bush was, and is, exactly the type of President Mr. bin Ladin needs. He’s a short-sighted political cowboy too engrossed in his own career to see the long view of history. Mr. bin Laden rightfully assumes that if he takes a shot at the U.S. Coalition, whether it be in America, Spain, or Great Britain, it will provoke a response. In fact, he’s counting on it. He hopes to ignite a Holy War that will drive the infidels out of the Holy Land, destroy the state of Israel, scatter (or worse) the Jews, and restore Islam to it’s proper stature as the ’one true faith.’ It is much easier to provoke an American President who rode his Right-wing Conservative Christian philosophy into office like Bush. Every time Mr. Bush shifts his focus from pursuing Mr. bin Ladin and his cohorts to ill-considered side trips like Iraq, he gives Muslims around the world more reason to believe that America (and by extension, Western civilization) just might be intent on destroying Islam.
    Please don’t view these, and future, acts of terrorism as part of anything as minor as getting the U.S. out of Iraq. These acts of terror are meant to be the opening battles of a glorious Holy War against the infidels.

  • Absolutely wonderful article....he speaks the 100% absolute truth as to what is REALLY going on behind closed doors....our government is out to destroy the people of not only the us but the world...the evil illuminati agenda is to rule the world, killing off all the little people....and ruling the rest....

    Well, i loved the article very much! We all need to stand up and fight this evil, which is becomming and WILL become exactly like the holocaust days....we have warning people!