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Cynthia McKinney censored in congressional record- Is someone afraid of the word IMPEACHMENT?

Monday 12 September 2005

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Rep McKinney Special
Order Censored???
By Rep Cynthia McKinney

I mentioned the word impeachment on the House Floor Thursday late afternoon, but I don’t see it in the official Congressional Record transcript. I was chided by the Speaker that it was out of order to question the President’s motives. I didn’t question motives, I questioned actions: from lack of actions on Katrina to cutting the budget of safety net programs, to rewarding the rich to the detriment of all the rest of us. This transcript directly from the Congressional Record is mangled and omits that word!!!! I can’t believe this.

Please read the attachment (I don’t normally do attachments) and see if I missed it. If I hear back from you that it is, indeed, missing, then I will say the word repeatedly on the House Floor upon my return to force them to put my words as I say them in the Congressional Record.

In this talk, I discuss Katrina, the State of Black America, the State of Hispanic America, poverty in America, and the Katrina timelines being developed that will keep us from falling victim to the White House spin. In addition to explosive information given to me from investigative journalists and whistleblowers, there is one particularly pernicious development taking place: bioweapons labs under water with who knows what having been released into the environment. People desperate for jobs must be informed what the heck has been unleashed in the devastated areas as a result of Katrina. Anyone involved in cleanup must have this information before entering New Orleans. I shudder to ponder all the ramifications of Katrina. Although I didn’t finish my remarks, and I’m told they also shut the microphone off as I was concluding my remarks—something I don’t remember ever having been done to a Member before—I think you get the message here that high crimes and more than misdemeanors have been visited upon the American people.

THE TREMENDOUS CHALLENGES THAT FACE OUR COUNTRY — (House of Representatives - September 08, 2005)

[Page: H7801] GPO’s PDF
— -

The SPEAKER pro tempore (Miss McMorris). Under the Speaker’s announced policy of January 4, 2005, the gentlewoman from Georgia (Ms. McKinney) is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader.

Ms. McKINNEY. Madam Speaker, I have got a lot of papers and a lot of posters. One hour will in no way accommodate all that needs to be said tonight about the tremendous challenges that face our country today, including how we conduct ourselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

While my remarks tonight in no way should be construed as encompassing all of my thoughts on the very important issues that I discuss tonight, just mark this down as a start.

First, let me say that I am especially proud of the way the people of my district and of this country have wrapped their arms around the victims of Hurricane Katrina. At this time, we have a healthy contingent of expert Georgians in the traumatized gulf States, and we have received thousands of Katrina’s victims into our cities, churches, and homes.

I have come to this floor on many occasions. People around the world have commented on how shocked they are to see such poverty in America. While cities and localities pass anti-panhandling measures that criminalize begging tourists and visitors in downtown areas asking for help, Hurricane Katrina washed away America’s veneer of populist opportunity, a country that has overcome its racist, slave-holding past, a country ready for world dominion because it has learned how to uplift the human spirit at home.

Katrina, in images as stark and undeniable as could be, has laid bare the Republican lie that its policies promote growth and prosperity for all Americans and leave no child behind, while Katrina put into our living rooms and the world’s living rooms the cruel hoax that has been played on America and those who love America by the ruthless sybaritic power player elites who are as responsible for the conditions endured by too many Americans as they are for the embarrassing and breathtaking incompetencies we all witnessed just before Labor Day.

Almost 30,000 New Orleans households live on less than $10,000 per year. More babies and young kids are going hungry in our country. Eleven percent of our families experienced hunger in 2003. One million more Americans are living in poverty today than there were 1 year ago. Income distribution has become obscenely skewed toward the rich during the Bush years. In Manhattan, the poor make two cents for each dollar that the rich make. This places Manhattan on par with Namibia for income disparity.

Interestingly, in the financial capital of the world, New York City, the Bronx is the poorest urban county in the country, and New York State is being depleted of its middle class.

America is being depleted of its middle class. Over 50 percent of America’s income goes to the top 20 percent of households. With even more tax cuts for the wealthy on the horizon, coupled with real budget cuts for the programs that are forced to take care of more and more Americans, the situation can only be expected to get worse, sadly.

Incomes for 95 percent of American households are flat or falling. Only the top 5 percent are experiencing the growth that we hear the Republicans talk about.

Now, I have got tons of documentation to offer for all of the statistics that we cite, but let me take a moment and reiterate where we are for all the people who are listening tonight.

[Time: 18:15]

Let me recall for just a moment the America they might not know but that more of us are coming all too well to know.

I will start with this poster, which depicts a black man hanging from a tree. The caption says "The body of Robert McNair is seen here as residents and schoolchildren in the Georgetown community saw it between about 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. last Thursday.’’ This was on the front page of the Jackson, Mississippi, Advocate the week of October 23 to 29 when I was in Mississippi for a speaking engagement. This was what I saw.

Sadly, it is what the children in the neighborhood saw, a black man hanging from a tree. A lynching. That is 2003. I am not talking about 1903. This is 2003. Sadly, in 2005, we have two lynchings being investigated in the State of Georgia, my home State, and both of them are supposed to have been suicides. In this story it was reported that this poor Mr. Robert McNair committed suicide, hanging from a tree.

When I come to the floor and do these monthly talks, some way or other we get around to the state of black America because it is important for us to understand that there are many Americans, and some of those Americans we do not see and we do not know. But we need to know how all Americans live so that we can make sure that no American is left behind.

On some indices, even today, it is true that the racial disparities are worse today than they were at the time of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. People would say it is not true, but, alas, it is true. And, of course, the statistics document that sad truth. United for a Fair Economy gives us these statistics in its State of the Dream report on imprisonment. To close the racial gap, it will take 190 years just so that black people are imprisoned for the same crime at the same rate as white people are imprisoned.

What about poverty? We saw a lot of that. Overall poverty, the racial disparity, 150 years to close the gap. Why does that have to be? At the slow rate that the black-white poverty gap has been narrowing since 1968, it would take 150 years to close the gap.

What about child poverty? Two hundred ten years to close the gap. Almost one-third of black children live in poverty. The child poverty gap would take 210 years to disappear, not reaching parity until 2212.

I would like to thank the National Council for La Raza that provided us with these statistics, the proportion of children without health insurance in the United States, home ownership rates. Look and you can see the proportion of children without health insurance in the United States. Look at the Hispanic figures. Look at that. Twenty-five percent of young Latino children do not have health insurance in this country.

What about home ownership rates, because we hear a lot of talk about the growth economy, and the Republicans and the President talk about promoting home ownership, home ownership, the first tier toward building wealth, okay? Well, if you are lucky enough to be able to own a home, sadly black and Hispanic home ownership rates are low. How low? To close the home ownership gap, the disparity between white home ownership and black home ownership, the first tier toward
[Page: H7802] GPO’s PDF
wealth building, it will take 1,664 years to close the home ownership gap.

This is something that so many Americans take for granted. Yet so many Americans still have a dream for home ownership.

Now, what about income? It will take 581 years for us to close the per capita income gap. Since 1968, we have only been able to close the gap 2 cents. Black people make 55 cents for every dollar. That was in 1968. In 2001, it was 57 cents. Two cents, so 581 years to close the gap.

When some people start talking about how we want to build, rebuild, and provide for folks, that is what this Congress is supposed to do. We should build lives, we should build communities, build neighborhoods, and protect our people.

When it comes to the economic conditions that are prevailing for so many Americans, it is almost a joke. Here is a cartoon from the Washington Post. This is the sybaritic power player who is pulling the strings behind the scene, calling the shots, dictating politics and policy; and he is saying, "It is not trickle down economics. We got the plumbing fixed.’’ Here is the poor little fella down here, little panhandler trying to wait to get some of the stuff that is trickling down, and it is not trickling down any more.

Poverty is up. Median income down. That is the result of the policies of the Bush administration since 2001.

What about all these tax cuts? New Orleans has got a lot of attention now because of what has happened, and we hear and we will hear some of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle suggesting that we need to do more tax cuts. Well, the faces of the people that came into our living rooms from Hurricane Katrina got this much from George Bush’s tax cuts. But if you happened to make over $200,000 a year, you got this much from George Bush’s tax cuts.

It is so clear that the administration wants to serve some of the people all of the time and fool the rest of us all of the time. The tax cuts, we should not hear another word uttered about the need for more of the kind of tax cuts that the Bush administration has given us thus far. This insensitive policymaking that ends up hurting real people leads to a kind of callousness within our society that we do not recognize sometimes, that we do not notice sometimes.

It is easy to pass an anti-panhandling ordinance in the city of Atlanta because we do not feel the pain of the people who do not eat at night. So it is also easy to demonize people. It is easy to demonize people that you do not know.

This made it around the Internet until Agence France-Presse pulled their photo off. But how is it that we can have a media in this country displaying one young man wading through that putrid water and the American press, the Associated Press, says that he is "looting.’’ Then you have two people who are obviously not black and they are "finding.’’ This young man, according to the Associated Press, walks through chest-deep floodwater after "looting’’ a grocery store. Two residents wade through chest-deep water after "finding’’ bread and soda.

This is the America of those statistics. This is the America that all Americans need to know and see. This is the America that too many of us have borne the brunt of generation after generation after generation after generation.

And then, they called them "refugees.’’ Some bright light in the media came up with that one to further dehumanize poor black people in New Orleans. I had some New Orleans residents in my congressional office in Georgia who said that they had never, ever thought that they would be called refugees in their own country. Other insensitive language just shows how totally out of touch the leadership of this country is with the American people.

[Time: 18:30]

While the city was still flooding, Speaker Hastert suggested that New Orleans should not be rebuilt.

As the mostly black people were herded into what looked like concentration camps, Barbara Bush suggested that they were really better off now than they were before. Well, maybe she has got something there, because it took losing an entire city for the "compassionate conservatives’’ in Washington, D.C., to finally get some compassion in the laws they pass, in the policies they enact, in what they do around here.

And you can imagine my surprise to hear the very people who chose not to adequately fund education, health care, affordable housing, now saying we have got to have Pell grants, Section 8 vouchers, schooling for children. It is what some of us have been saying all along.

Now, you can just about bet your bottom dollar that the Karl Rove spin machine is working overtime to whitewash the Bush administration preparations for the response to Katrina. Let us remember as we go through this that the State and local responders were victims too. That is why it is critical that the feds act. But they did not act, notwithstanding anything that comes out of the spin machine.

Kathleen Blanco, the governor of Louisiana said, "We wanted soldiers, helicopters, food and water. They wanted to negotiate an organizational chart.’’ This is from the New York Times. "Far from deferring to State or local officials, FEMA asserted its authority and made things worse,’’ according to Mr. Broussard, and I will talk about him a little bit later, who complained on Meet the Press.

Mayor Nagin said, "The root of the breakdown was the failure of the Federal Government to deliver relief supplies and personnel quickly. They kept promising and saying things would happen. I was getting excited and telling people that. They kept making promises and promises.’’

MSNBC informs us that FEMA Director Michael Brown waited 5 hours after the storm’s landfall to get agency assistance, to get agency aid from the Department of Homeland Security.

Now, another thing that we need to know about, there are so many things that our government does in our name with our tax dollars, on our behalf supposedly, that we do not know about. The Bush administration has opened up these biodefense labs all over the country. In about 20, 25 universities around the country we have got biodefense labs studying I do not know what.

I can remember the Tuskegee Study. I remember MK-Ultra as an African American. I remember Paul Robeson. But Tulane University is under water, and Tulane University houses one of these biodefense labs. We need to know what the heck was in that lab, what was going on in that biodefense lab.

Some of the headlines. Notwithstanding what you may hear from the other side of the aisle or coming out of the White House about how everyone has to share the blame, these are some of the headlines.

"FEMA won’t accept Amtrak’s help in evacuations.’’

"FEMA turns away experienced firefighters.’’

"FEMA turns back Wal-Mart supply trucks.’’

"FEMA prevents Coast Guard from delivering diesel fuel.’’

"Homeland Security won’t let Red Cross deliver food.’’

"FEMA bars morticians from entering New Orleans.’’

"FEMA blocks 500-boat citizen flotilla from delivering aid.’’

"FEMA fails to utilize Navy ship with 600-bed hospital on board.’’

"FEMA to Chicago: Send just one truck.’’

"FEMA turns away generators.’’

"FEMA first responders urged not to respond.’’

Those are just a few of the headlines. I have got all of the documentation, of course.

There is also a story about three U.S. Customs Blackhawk helicopter crews that are absolutely livid because they had been directed not to provide full-time support for the hurricane relief effort in the Gulf.

"Navy ship nearby underused.’’ This is from the Chicago Tribune. A craft with food, water, doctors. All it needed was the orders. It never got the orders.

"Federal agency slow to accept business help.’’ This is from the Financial Times, "Federal agency slow to accept business help. From Wal-Mart’s satellite-based communications system to FedEx’s aircraft, U.S. business has in some cases managed to provide a swifter response to the initial impacts of Hurricane Katrina than the Federal and State authorities.’’

This is from the Salt Lake City Tribune: "Frustrated fire crews to hand out
[Page: H7803] GPO’s PDF
fliers for FEMA. Many of the firefighters assembled from Utah and throughout the United States by FEMA thought they were going to be deployed as emergency workers. Instead, they have learned they are going to be community relations officers for FEMA, shuffling throughout the gulf coast region to disseminate fliers and a phone number, 1-800-621-FEMA,’’ which does not work most of the time.

Now, I know that American children can do better in geography, but you would think that at least our emergency management people would get their geography right. says, Well, they were supposed to go to Charleston. My colleague from Charleston, we were in a meeting on Tuesday night, and he said they had the shelter all set up with supplies, cots, blankets and everything, and nobody came. Now we find out that this is why they did not come. They were supposed to be in Charleston, South Carolina. Guess where FEMA took them? Charleston, West Virginia. What incompetence. Right city, wrong State.

I cannot even imagine. No one should imagine. It is ridiculous. But they are going to tell you everything is all right.

The New York Times tells us, "Navy pilots who rescued victims are reprimanded.’’ What? "Two Navy helicopter pilots and their crews returned from New Orleans on August 30 expecting to be greeted as lifesavers after ferrying more than 100 victims to safety. Instead, they were reprimanded.’’

Well, we are working on this, since I serve on the Committee on Armed Services. But the sad thing about it is, when we had our briefing on Tuesday evening, the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of HUD were all there at the briefing, except that Defense kept going in and out, Homeland Security kept going in and out, could not stay long enough to brief the Members of Congress or to hear from the Members of Congress who are directly impacted by their failure, their incompetence.

Malik Rahin is a former Black Panther Party member. In a very compelling radio interview he said, "You want more morality from the poor than from the rich.’’ But he rejected the idea that New Orleans was a city divided by race. He said, "Whites took their boats and went into black neighborhoods. But it was the feds who forced people to leave their possessions. Once they got rescued, they had to leave their possessions. They could only take one bag.’’

He says, "Over 70 percent of the people who were rescued were rescued by individuals.’’ Then he went on to say something very interesting. He said, "$90 million of HOPE VI construction, but the people who needed it the most in New Orleans got no training, no community service.’’

Louisiana has the highest dropout rate in the country. He said, "Juvenile justice is a disgrace.’’ He said, "The only equal opportunity employer here is drugs.’’

We heard a lot about shooting. He says, "White vigilante groups with shotguns and rifles rode around saying they were going to shoot the looters.’’ They were unchecked. There could have been a riot. He says, "There was about to be a race riot.’’

He said, "Many whites took their own personal boats into the black community. Too many acts of heroism, sharing ice, sharing water.’’

Then he mentions Jefferson Parish had to secede from the United States of America. So I want to mention the Jefferson Parish president.

But before that I am going to mention what Mayor Nagin in a wonderfully compelling interview with WWL said when he had the opportunity to speak directly with President Bush. He said, "I told him we had an incredible crisis here and that his flying over in Air Force One does not do it justice, and that I have been all around this city, and I am very frustrated because we are not able to marshal resources and we are outmanned in just about every respect.’’

But in perhaps the most compelling of all of the interviews that we have seen, and these are all available on the Internet, is Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish, on Meet the Press. He said, "Sir, they were told, like me, every single day the cavalry is coming on the Federal level, the cavalry is coming, the cavalry is coming, the cavalry is coming. I have just begun to hear the hooves of the cavalry. The cavalry is still not out here yet, but I have begun to hear the hooves, and we are almost a week out.’’

Then he gives three quick examples, one of the Wal-Mart delivery trucks, three trucks of water. FEMA turned them back. They had 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel on a Coast Guard vessel. It was docked in Jefferson Parish. The Coast Guard said, "Come and get the fuel right away. When we got there with our trucks, they got the word. FEMA says, `Don’t give the fuel.’ Yesterday, yesterday FEMA comes in and cuts all our communication lines.’’ Why is FEMA cutting communications?

"The guy who runs the building I am in, Emergency Management,’’ this is Aaron Broussard on Meet the Press, "he is responsible for everything. His mother was trapped in St. Bernard Nursing Home, and every day she called him and said, `Are you coming, son? Is somebody coming?’ He said, `Yeah, mama, somebody is coming to get you.’ `Somebody is coming to get you on Tuesday.’ `Somebody is coming to get you on Wednesday.’ `Somebody is coming to get you on Thursday.’ `Somebody is coming to get you on Friday.’ And she drowned Friday night.’’

[Time: 18:45]

And she drowned Friday night. "Nobody is coming to get us. Nobody is coming to get us. The Secretary has promised. Everybody has promised. They have had press conferences. I’m sick of the press conferences. For God’s sake, just shut up and send us somebody.’’ Aaron Broussard.

Want the facts? The FEMA chief waited 5 hours after Katrina made landfall on August 29. Five hours.

It is clear also that the administration would like to avoid a blame game. They want to do everything to not discuss the failures. What is Michael Brown’s reaction to all of this? Michael Brown, FEMA director, says in a CNN interview: "Considering the dire circumstances that we have in New Orleans, virtually a city that has been destroyed, things are going relatively well.’’ That is our FEMA director, Michael Brown. How out of touch could this man have been?

Those 9/11 activists know how critical it is to construct a timeline, because the timeline tells us who did what and when they did it. The timeline will tell us the truth. The timeline cuts through the spin. So, of course, I made a point to get in touch with the folks who were collecting the timelines, and there are a lot of timelines available on the Internet. Think Progress has a timeline, and WWL also has a timeline.

All the while this was going on, the news media reported that the Iraq war costs now exceed Vietnam’s. But I think it is pretty clear that the Iraq war is costing us more than money. Let us just look at where some of those assets were. Mississippi has 40 percent of its National Guard forces in Iraq. Louisiana has 35 percent of its National Guard forces in Iraq. Florida has 26 percent. Alabama has 23 percent of its National Guard forces in Iraq.

On June 8, 2004, in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Walter Maestri, who is emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, said, "It appears that the money has been moved in the President’s budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq. And I suppose that’s the price we pay. Nobody locally is happy that the levees can’t be finished, and we’re doing everything we can to make the case that this is a security issue for us.’’ Security, we are going to discuss that in a minute.

On April 24, 2004, the Times-Picayune said: "Less money is available to the Army Corps of Engineers to build levees and water projects in the Mississippi River Valley this year and next year.’’ Nobody can say they did not know, were not warned, whatever it is that the spin machine might come up with.

National Geographic Magazine, October 2004, came up with an article that reported on a simulation, I will not call it a game, but a simulation of what would happen should a hurricane hit New Orleans: "As the whirling maelstrom approached the coast, more than a million people evacuated to higher ground. Some 200,000 remained, however. The carless, the homeless, the aged, the infirm, and those die-hard
[Page: H7804] GPO’s PDF
New Orleanians who look for any excuse to throw a party.’’ It goes on to describe just exactly what happened during Hurricane Katrina, but that was in October 2004.

The Louisiana National Guard also knew that they were paying a price that was perhaps too high. On August 1 the Louisiana National Guard complained that they were taking critical equipment to Iraq that should have remained in Louisiana. But when the Bush administration does not like what one says, they just fire them. So there was a former Member of Congress that I had the pleasure to serve with, Mike Parker from Mississippi, who was with the Army Corps of Engineers. He complained that they were cutting the Army Corps of Engineers budget too much, and so he was forced out.

Now it turns out that Michael Brown was forced out too. He was forced out from the job he had before he became the FEMA assistant director and then director. Let me see if I can read this correctly. Michael Brown’s previous employment was with the International Arabian Horse Association, and he was fired from that job too. They said that he was asked to resign. And so, of course, eminently qualified to serve in the Bush administration; he gets one of the most important jobs in the country with the lives of the American people in his hands.

We know that this is what they do, hurting people whom they disagree with, because there is the case of another Army Corps of Engineers employee by the name of Bunnatine Greenhouse, who complained about the no-bid sweetheart deal private contracts going to Halliburton. Well, she was forced out of her job too because, even though Vice President Dick Cheney still gets his deferred compensation checks from Halliburton Corporation, I guess the Bush administration is not finished with Halliburton, because they have been hired to do the storm cleanup. Is there no other corporation in America? Why is it that it always has to be Halliburton?

Well, the Times-Picayune calls for the firing of Michael Brown; and I have signed my name to many letters that are floating around here calling for his firing, his resignation, Chertoff’s as well; and in a minute somebody on this House floor is going to mention impeachment.

But as if making sure that Halliburton got what they needed to get, I checked the FEMA Web site, and on the FEMA Web site it says: "Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.’’ First on the list is American Red Cross. We remember that during 9/11, there were many complaints from the victims of 9/11, and I remember seeing one report of the symphony orchestra getting some of the 9/11 contributions. But there is Operation Blessing. Operation Blessing was founded by Pat Robertson. That is the same Pat Robertson who called for the assassination of a duly elected president, Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela. How can FEMA recommend that someone who calls for the murder of somebody else get hard-earned money from the American people? It is on the FEMA Web site, and it is outrageous.

But there is more. Sadly, there is more. I agreewiththeTomHartmanarticle: "You Can’t Govern if You Don’t Believe in Government.’’ What we have witnessed here in utter stark relief is the culmination of all of that Republican ideology against government, against the people, against helping people who are in need. Ronald Reagan was elected President by saying: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, `I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’’’ Newt Gingrich in 1995 told us what he thought about government. He was speaking about Medicare. He said: "Now, we don’t want to get rid of it in round one because we don’t think that’s politically smart and we do not think that’s the right way to go through a transition. But we believe it is going to wither on the vine because we think people are going to voluntarily leave it.’’ Wither on the vine.

Grover Norquist in 2001 said this, and I think this encapsulates it all: "I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.’’

That is how these people feel about government. So I am not surprised that the Army Corps of Engineers budget is cut to the extent it is cut. I am not surprised.

Here, Bush’s agenda is to cut government services to the bone and make people rely on the private sector for the things they need. So he sliced $71 million from the budget of the New Orleans Corps of Engineers, a 44 percent reduction. In addition, the President cut $30 million in flood control. And then Bush took to the airwaves on "Good Morning America’’ on September 1 and said, "I don’t think anyone anticipated that breach of the levees.’’

[Time: 19:00]

"I don’t think anyone anticipated that breach of the levees.’’

Now, in stark contrast to the way the Department of Homeland Security mobilized to secure the people of the gulf States, within 48 hours of the notification of the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist, Bush nominated Roberts to serve as Chief Justice. They are real fast at doing some things.

Now, at some point, we have to talk about values and priorities and how it has become that our values and our priorities are so twisted and mangled now. We are focusing on other things, and some of those things are important. I am not going to say that everything is not so important that has become a priority. We had a resolution today that six people voted against to give Bush another blank check in the war on terrorism. I was one of the six.

No more blank checks, Mr. President, not for war, not for war.

I went to the Committee on Homeland Security’s Web site, and I just thought I would look and see which subcommittee has jurisdiction for natural disasters. Well, I could not believe it. I did not see any mention at all of natural disasters. So I went to one of our interns, whose eyes are a whole lot younger than mine, and I said, Would you please scour the entire website, because I have put in a search and it did not come up in a search; scour the entire website, and I want you to highlight the number of times you see the mention of the two words, "natural disaster.’’

It is not mentioned. It is not mentioned. On the entire Committee on Homeland Security Web site "natural disaster’’ is not mentioned.

Now, a young man had a script before him, and he was supposed to read the script, but he took the opportunity to deviate from the script and speak his mind. His name is Kanye West. He has been on the cover of all these national magazines talking about how he is the most brilliant new hip-hop, rap artist, Kanye West. And now, he is being vilified because he dared to take a detour from what some people wanted him to say and say what he wanted to say, which is, quite frankly, the origins of hip-hop anyway, young people who have something to say and have found the means to say it.

Kanye West said, "I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family; it says they are `looting.’ You see a white family; it says they are `looking for food.’ And, you know, it has been 5 days, because most of the people are black, and even for me to complain about it, I would be a hypocrite, because I have tried to turn away from the TV because it is too hard to watch. I have even been shopping before even giving a donation.

"So now I am calling my business manager right now to see what is the biggest amount I can give,’’ notice he said he is calling his business manager; I want you to pay attention to that. "And, just imagine if I was down there and those are my people down there. So anybody out there that wants to do anything that we can help with the way America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well off, as slow as possible.’’

Now, NBC censored that. NBC has decided that they can determine what we hear from the smartest young man in hip-hop.

He also said, "George Bush doesn’t care about black people.’’ NBC censored it. They deleted his remarks. And MSNBC President Rick Kaplan, who produced the telethon at Rockefeller Plaza in New York, had the cameras cut to actor Chris Tucker who was on a different part of the stage and who appeared to be looking off at something else in the camera. So it was the MSNBC president, who was also the producer, who said, Well, you know, maybe the American people do not need to hear the smartest young man in hip-hop’s ideas about George Bush.
[Page: H7805] GPO’s PDF

Thank goodness, I can come to the floor of the House and speak my piece. And as long as C-SPAN cameras are running, well, it will not be cut off, but I understand there is even an effort to try and limit C-SPAN’s access to American households.

But I have to tell my colleagues something. As I saw the African Americans, mostly African American families ripped apart, I could only think about slavery, families ripped apart, herded into what looked like concentration camps. So I was reminded of a Miami Herald article written on July 5, the day after Freedom Day, 1987.

The title of the article was "Reagan Aides and the Secret Government,’’ and here is a quote from that article: "A copy of the memo was obtained by the Herald. The scenario outlined in the Brinkerhoff memo resembles somewhat a paper Giufreda had written in 1970 at the Army War College in Carlyle, Pennsylvania, in which he advocated martial law in case of a national uprising by black militants.’’ In which he advocated martial law in case of a national uprising by black militants. The paper also advocated the roundup and transfer of two "assembly centers or relocation camps of at least 21 million American Negroes.’’

Now, I did not write that; the U.S. Government wrote that. They were going to round up 21 million Negroes because they were afraid of freeing black people. A story of neglect? I am not surprised about any story of neglect of the people that comes from this body with this set of priorities, that passes these kinds of budgets on the backs of the American people, these kinds of tax cuts on the backs of the American people.

I want to commend my sister Congresswoman, the gentlewoman from California (Ms. Lee), who has said that it is time for us to get serious about poverty in this country. It is time for us to get serious. I am a proud cosponsor of legislation with the gentlewoman from California (Ms. Lee).

I will just conclude by saying that on the United States State Department Web site is "How to identify misinformation.’’ Does the story fit the pattern of a conspiracy theory?

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  • Dear Cynthia


    yes, I saw the "I" word in your speech

    "Well, the Times-Picayune calls for the firing of Michael Brown; and I have signed my name to many letters that are floating around here calling for his firing, his resignation, Chertoff’s as well; and in a minute somebody on this House floor is going to mention impeachment."

    • Brave and admirable Cynthia McKinny WAS CENSORED by those who fear our present day version of KING GEORGE! :(
      The people are mumbling...the people are angry... Mr. Bush’s goose is cooked!

      Bush and Karl Rove think they got the a lot of what they consider the SHEEPLE under control and duped but a LOUD and THUNDEROUS BAAAAAAA can be heard, some saying it is more like the ROAR of LIONS!!!!!!

      It seems Cynthia McKinny is a real AMERICAN PATRIOT!!!

    • Water loo, oh Water loo, where were you when Bush reached his Water loo...........

    • Cynthia,

      Stay strong...we support you...

    • I can’t believe that C-SPAN cut Cynthia McKinney off. Bushco must really be scared. They have been threatening C-SPAN with some ridiculous FCC regulations that C-Span must have digital station as well as their regular stations. C-SPAN has a yellow round sticker on their site which says DIGITAL UNFAIR UNCONSTITUTIONAL. C-SPAN wrote that it could not afford to have duplicates of their station and even if they could their was limited space on cable and would not be able to buy it.

      Keep writing to CNN, Anderson Cooper, Brian Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Shepard Smith, Fox and MSNBC, Newsweek had a devastating critique of the Bush Regime on its criminal incompetence in mishandling the Katrina aftermath. Encourage them to keep fighting even if the journalists are having guns pointed at them and their cameras smashed. Cooper and Williams have been writing articles on their web that are extremely honest about the intimidation of journalists. Encourage them. Democracy is not a spectator sport!

    • I know there is reverse discrimination and any discrimination is hard to bear but tens of thousands of lives of poor people were lost, black as well as white. And the FEMA Concentration Camps are going to be for all of us not just Arabs and blacks. Pastor Neimoller, a Protestant, finally stood up to the Nazis and his famous remark is "First they came for the Jews and I was disturbed but I wasn’t Jewish so I said nothing, then they came for the Catholics, and I wasn’t Catholic, so I said nothing, then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I wasn’t a Unionist so I said nothing...Then they came for me, and there was no one left to say anything." Actually they came for his whole congregation and Pastor Neimoller survived 6 years in the Nazi Concentration and Death Camps. It is a Paster Neimoller moment for all of us. We need to get involved write your own and other Representatives at if you click yes on the second box under the email form your letter to Congress will be published on their site. You can also find local and national media and send 5 or 6 emails at a time to print, radio and TV news.


      View this story online at:

      FEMA is giving proof that the have the "Final Solution" in their concentration camps.

      Refugees from New Orleans behind barbed wire in Utah
      Posted on Wednesday, September 07

      Utah’s Governor Jon Huntsman has taken in some of the New Orleans refugees, at Camp Williams. Replete with barbed wire, armed soldiers with weapons at ready, police and sheriff with weapons at ready, and hell, they must surely feel right at home. In America yet. What bullshit! I’m not done with this outrage, not by a long shot. I’m actually just getting started.

      Denver Post even used this phrase about what is happening to the NOLA Detainees:
      Evacuees’ stories are moving, but fence isn’t
      Article Last Updated: 09/07/2005 03:37:49 AM
      By Diane Carman
      Denver Post Staff Columnist

      If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought I was peering through the fence at a concentration camp. (more)
      Thursday :: Sep 8,2005
      Welcome To George’s Holiday Camp
      Here we go again.
      The other day, I wrote about Katrina evacuees being taken to Utah with no prior knowledge of their destination, and that they were reportedly being kept behind barbed wire.......

      And then there is that report I have noted in recent days of the 1,000 evacuees flown to Roosevelt Roads naval base on Puerto Rico’s eastern tip. What of them?

      Please send questions to and media: Why are Evacuees Being Sent to Puerto Rico Against Their Will? The Katrina Evacuees are being treated like POWs behind fences, not allowed to leave with heavy military guard. Please investigate and help these survivors of Katrina who are being treated like Gitmo detainees. They haven’t committed any crime! The following article has a photograph of two very unhappy, oppressed and worn looking women behind orange fence.

      I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp
      I’m extremely depressed to report that things seem to only be getting sadder concerning the people so devastatingly affected by Katrina last week.

    • The roar of sheep indeed. The rabble rousers are always loud. But they are a minority, and in fact a minority of a minority at that (loud, angry, bush-obsessed). Reminds me of another obsessive, loud minority, convinced that their leaders were selling out their nation. Adolf hitler was a real patrio. Cynthia McKinney has links on her CONGRESSIONAL WEBPAGE to anti-semitic reading material, and touts Louis Farrakhan, who doesn’t only dislike Bush, he thinks that Bush blew up the levies in New Orleans. Bush sure is a busy man. President by day, super-villain by night. You guys are getting awfully creative.
      Also the brave and admirable Cynthia McKinney who hit a police officer, and has now pulled the race card. Why, you ask? What other defense could she fall back on? Members of congress are stopped all of the time if they are not wearing their pins, because there are 535 of them!! Not to mention that the last time McKinney was upset about officers not identifying her, the officers put signs up of her at stations so that officers would recognize her. Her response? A Facelift!! My member of congress has been stopped before because he wasn’t wearing his pin. When he was asked to stop (once, not the three times the officer asked McKinney to stop before having to CHASE HER DOWN (no police officer tasked with protecting the members and staff of the U.S. congress should ever have to chase a staffer or member down. When police ask you to stop, you stop, no matter how important you think you are)) , he stopped, showed his identification, the officer thanked him and apologized for having to stop him. I would be a lot more angry if the officer hadn’t stopped McKinney for fear that DOING HIS JOB OF PROTECTING THE WORKERS IN THE BUILDING would invoke the famous race card.

    • I live in Utah and YOU ARE WRONG. Huntsman has no such camp, stop freaking out and put the pipe down, man, you’re paranoid.

    • maybe she’s getting a little tired of the constant arrows and slings simply because of her race... something that white people don’t face throughout their lives in the US

  • Dear Ms. McKinney,

    I wish there were more Democrats like you in the House and the Senate.

    Don’t the Democrats understand that if they ALL stand up calling for "impeachment" in Congress, then there will be an impeachment! Now is the time. The majority of Americans are behind you!

    — a patriot to democracy

  • Bless You and your efforts.
    There will be a day of judgement for all.
    Let us stand and fight the good fight.
    Until our judgement comes.
    Bless you and your efforts.

  • I am reading your caution statement on here and I guess the only messages you want are those that is sugar coated nothing about how a true american feels. Wow what a shame, well here it goes anyway!

    It is people like you that bring race into everything that goes wrong with America! Why don’t you come to my neighborhood and see just who the minorities are it will be a shocker for your records it’s NOT the big bad white people! You tell me why my child is bullied daily by black kids here are just a few sweet names my daughter has been called white whore, white trash, ugly fat white b***h, white heifer and so on. My mother is also verbally abused at work by and this may be a new word for you Reverse discrimination! What did my child have to do with slavery, what did I have to do with slavery, or my mother or grandmother, NOTHING! If you are so aware of how horrible people are being treated why didn’t you do something before the spot light came on to you, why was nothing done when Client or other democrats were in office. You have no right to pass your ignorant judgment upon people of any race! I wonder how many Jewish people did you witnessed being taking to camps? Take your racist remarks and go fester and rot in a corner, it is people like you that I now vote other than Democrat!

    • No my friend, it is u that are the misinformed one.

      The treatment of your family is absoutely wrong...and any behavior like that should be stopped. Actions of the sort are flat out worng, IF those actions actually are the case.

      What do those occurrences have to do with what happened in New Orleans? To say that this is not about race and status is absurd. Do you have eyes and ears? It kills me when whites such as yourself equate your occurrence with factual evidence of racism that other minorities have dealt with. Again, I sympathize with your plight, but to view this as "bringing race needlessly in the equation" is withought thought or merit. Cynthia McKinney is doing what THE REST OF THE ELECTED OFFICIALS SHOULD BE DOING. If you are an American, you should be outraged that any of our people were treated as such. With the effected populace being mostly black poor people...tell me what other conclusion can you draw? McKinney was forced out of office because she dared to question 9/ she’s again standing up for truth. Can you handle the truth?

      Obviously you can’t. You’ve selfishly equated your occurrences with the brutal treatment of thousands. This my friend AGAIN shows how misguided many people are. Sounds like you voted for this administration that is screwing everyon, not just people of color. This also shows that the process of "divide & conquer" works to fruition. Instead of loving ALL people as Christianity ( the religion that most CLAIM to be a part of), hate & bigotry, religion, red & blue states, etc...further divide us and blind most to the reality that we are all being hosed.

  • Dear Cynthia 
    It is my prayer that you can teach some of your MALE constituients to grow the balls you have!!! And that is meant as a compliment!

    Thank God we have you in the "circle".....please don’t give up. We are praying for you and your goals to turn this Country BACK to the American people!!!


  • Rep McKinney,
    It sounds like you run the media in this country, or at least agree wholeheartily with the majority of them. The fires of San Diego burned a complete circle around my house a few years ago. Three of my neighbors and may friends had their whole house burnt. Everyone here complained about the too little, too late response as well. No one ever gets there quick enough with enough people and enough money and enough equipment when you are scared and in danger. But that’s the natural evil in people to focus more on the bad instead of the good. Too few want to focus on the good around them. Too few wants to be thankful for the positive things that are in their lives. Being content doesn’t get people re-elected. Complaining gets them media coverage. We look like a bunch of idiots to the rest of the world because the media 99% of the time only covered the complaining people. There’s a time for making improvements when you see problems. But for you to only insinuate that because you are black you should be able to rob the government and essentially always deserve free money from other hardworking taxpayers is an offense to working black people who have a sense of decency, morality and an ethical conscience. Black rappers and government people ought to be teaching self-respect, and respect for authority figures in our young kids lives. They ought to be teaching responsibility, faithfullness, discipline, perseverence, honesty and other character traits that are trues worthwhile values in life that will bring poor people out of the difficulties of a rough neighborhood. These are the sticks that will rebuild a greater New Orleans.

    Lambritch V. Jonesmoblee, Escondido, Ca

    • Hey go kiss Bush’s ass and stop the blah blah belong on the GOP.usa site. Focus on that happy shit.

  • To bad they did not start to censor McKinney immediately after she began to speak, because she obviously does not have any understanding of the Local, State or Federal Emergency Procedures, not to mention her sources that were quoted might be just a tad suspect right. Of course not the media would never post a lie would it of course not. And she’s not a race-baiting fool is she? Well she may be a race baiter but she is certainly no fool. Nope the fools would be the ones that believe the crap she slung out. I guess she follows the reasoning that if one throws enough s@#t some of it is bound to stick. Nagin has no blame in what has happened in NO. He had a plan...only he decided to modify it slightly...To hell with City of NO evecuation Plan "everybody fast." And Nagin was assisted by the wonderful effort by the LA Governor does’nt she cry so well on TV, now that wasd leadership. Oh yeah it was Bush’s fault alright, he should have known from the out set that the Mayor and the Governor to idiots had a plan in place to evacuate the citybefore the huricane hit. Oh that right he’s a racist...this storm was all a big plan to keep the blackman down. Same old story ...

    • I’m SHOCKED people are still defending Bush after the federal government refused to action aid to the people of New Orleans and Southern Mississippi. Our government is the world’s largest corporation, and like any corporation, when things go horribly wrong, the person at the TOP is to blame and is FIRED! George Bush has continually LIED to the American people, but yet people still sit around supporting his agenda because he goes to church.

      It is time for the American people to take their government back from the throes of this dictatorship!! Step outside party lines and take a look at what is right and wrong with the present situation. We’re now offering $60 billion in aid to rebuild the region and Bush is accepting fault. For his fault the current and future American taxpayer is paying a dear price.

      Do people now see the link between all the natural disasters, melting artic ice caps, rapidly decrease of the ozone layer and our lust for petroleum products to global warming? Yet our government doesn’t support the Kyoto Treaty. One of the most powerful countries in the world is turning a blind eye to the needs of the world we live in.

      We’re also fighting a war that Bush started himself — this is not the war on terrorism. Where is Osama Bin Laden? If the war on terror and vindication of 911 is so important, why hasn’t *that* leader been brought to justice?

      We now need to question why Halliburton, Bechtel, etc. have been ’awarded’ the cleanup and reconstruction efforts in the South. Surely there must be other competent companies that aren’t tied to the Bush/Cheney empire. What happened to open bids?!

      PLEASE, stop looking at this as a race and/or religious issue. Wrong is wrong. Kindness begets kindness. We need to come together as a unified front and take our government back. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall? United WE, the people have control. Divided we’re being used as pawns in a game.

      Checkmate George.


    • When Cyclone Larry hit the north coast of Queensland in Australia recently, Federal resources were there to help from Day One. Why is it that in America a Republican-run FEMA just isn’t interested?

    • Cynthia McKinney is absolutely right and the devil is afraid of Gods (angels)Soldiers.

      Now What! We are over 5 Million strong.

    • Yep, yep, and yep. Do NOT proceed without watching the DVD Loose Change ( It’s not in the media, so you know it’s important. Critical info & views supported by many loyal former insiders. Try Morgan Reynolds says:

      "There are all kinds of problems with the conventional story. And the Pentagon hole—everybody that’s looked into it knows that the 757 Boeing didn’t crash into the Pentagon,"

      "You show me another aircraft crash vaporization in history," Reynolds says. "It’s never happened. It will never happen."

      "I defy anybody to fly a 767 at sea level at 550 mph. Sea level? Bull shit. Pardon my French," he says. "And then Mohammed Ata at the stick—he’s going to hit a tower 200 feet wide. Wow!"

      Read the rest at
      It ain’t America without the Bill of Rights or braindead "patriots."

    • Poor Cynthia. Her tin foil hat must have blown off!

    • The "tin foil hat" Turd has surfaced again...flush it quick before it gets out of the toilet.

  • To answer the question, I too saw the word impeach. Thanks to the sharp reader up thread.

    As for some of the comments here and given my excursion once again into the FEMA Detainment Camp story and the rebuttal from Ed Kostiuk, Oklahoma State Dept of Health, Emergency Management, I believe that America is in for a world of hurt. Way too much sowing has been done not to reap a very bitter harvest indeed.


    • Learn how to spell before you post a message. How and what makes you think that Bush stole the last two presidential elections? I know what happended, America came out and did the right thing. Hurricane Katrina was sent to us by Bush...The war on Iraq....necessary before we were attacked it would only have been a matter of Time. I suppose you believe that Iran with nuclear weapons is no threat to us. You are a FOOL! Impeach Bush? Then what? By the way did I mention you are a FOOL!

    • Did I mention that you’re a sucker for propaganda and scare campaigns a la 1984?

  • I have read that it only takes one Representative standing up and calling for Impeachment for Impeachment Hearings to begin. I am unclear if Rep. McKinney was calling for Impeachment or just mentioning it. I am strongly in favor of Impeachment hearings to begin immediately or better for Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald to send in the Federal Marshalls to arrest the entire Bush Regime.

    I am sorry that Rep. Lee’s A Resolution for Inquiry failed by one vote last week. It is my understanding that The Resolution of Inquiry is the first step towards impeachment and had more people known that is what it means there would have been a media and Congress Blaster of emails and letters and calls. When can The Resolution be sponsored again. has been keeping up with the Resolution of Inquiry into the Downing Street Minutes and Memos. ... The ’Impeach Bush Coalition’
    A United Coalition of Blogs for the Impeachment of George W. Bush
    ’Impeach Bush’ is the #1 searched term on Technocrati today




    Katrina, Bush and Cheney
    Grounds for Impeachment

    The longer we delay the necessary and principled impeachment process against Bush Jr. and his Neo-conservatives apparatchiks the greater will be the disaster for all the peoples of the world and even here in the United States. Witness the racist and class-based criminal mistreatment inflicted by the Bush Jr. administration upon the victims of Hurricane Katrina.....

  • Cynthia, Whatever it is I am feeling after reading the text of your address to Congess I can’t describe. I no longer refer to el presidente as George Bush but merely as bush, like the small prickly bush that used to grow along our front lawn when I was a little girl. That’s the image. I have been sending e-mails to friends and acquaintances with that "i" word in it. I wrote a letter to the NYTimes calling for the guy’s impeachment. You have the ear and heart and support of many of us. Thank you. I love to see courageous women, unafraid and actively engaged in the fight. I love your work and I am not afraid of the word. ¡Vamanos!
    Paula Vasquez

  • Impeachment is in there, but its a little indirect. Is there any way to get better video documentation in our public institutions?

    Rep McKinney, don’t let the people calling you racist get to you. Im sure you dont need to be told this, but I had to say it anyway. I stand with you, and it’s obvious from these posts that many many other people do as well. The problem is even if we were to parade Bush down Pennsylvania avenue in handcuffs (possibly the single greatest thing we as a nation could do to lessen the threat of terrorism, both international fundamentalist based and american government based) it still leaves his puppetiers in their thrones. Im becoming more convinced by the day that the only way to save our democracy and avert a global catastrophy is an all out restructuring of the system, starting over from a blank sheet and making sure that fascists cant pull strings behind closed doors. Will it ever happen? Probably not, but we can try our damndest.

    As a white person born and raised in the United States (but currently ashamed to be titled as an ’American’) I stand firmly with you for full equality for all, regardless of our differences. I stand just as firmly with you to bring to justice the criminals who have hijacked our democracy, and have been doing so for far longer than either of us has been alive. The american people need to wake up to the reality that these anti-democratic forces are not represented by a few people who have stumbled into power. This internal coup has been generations in the works, and represents a level of criminal cronyism that I can’t think of any historical precedent for (and Im a history/international studies major).

    I’d say keep the faith, but faith is defined, aside from a belief in god, as a belief in something without cause or reason. You have ample cause, ample reason, and so much more. You have truth and justice in your corner, though Im sad to say the traditional ’American Way’ doesn’t do much for either those or our cause.

    I’m doing a thesis on the abduction of history and the gross missportrayal of american heritage in our collective and popular history (Columbus, the genocide enacted on American Indians, American righeousness following WW2, etc.) I would be honored to interview you about your experiences as an exellent primary source. I will try to get in touch with you through your website as my research progresses.

    Keep strong!!! We need you out there!

    - A concerned and grateful citizen

    • Wow, i just checked Cspan for the full video, and theres no sign of it even existing. Guess Im not surprised. Were you really out of time or did they cut you early?

  • Liberals are not allowed in my neighborhood. And the lawns are mowed, flowers are blooming, and trees are growing.

    • Another retarded knee jerk reation by a Bushdroid NeoCON. Bush and co president Cheney are by far the worst presidents ever. He and his puppeteers make me long for the days of Nixon and Reagan. Hell, I’d take Dan Quale over Bush/Cheney/Rove/Rummy

  • Cynthia McKinney should be frog marched out of the House of Representatives and sent to prison. She is a danger to the American people and obviously to herself.
    It is quite hilarious that Ms Lunatic, er, McKinney, bellyaches about her goal of impeachment being censored, yet right above this message is the warning "we will erase."

    If that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Actually, the word ’impeachment’ remains as spoken in the record.

    It’s even in the record as posted here on this page.

    However, I sent a note of thanks to Rep. Cynthia McKinney for standing up to those power-hungry money-grubbing war-mongering thugs that persist in their criminal acts geared toward running this country into infinite debt along with their concerted efforts to destroy this country from within faster than any ’foriegn’ terrorist organization could ever dream of doing.

    I often pnder what good all their ill-gotten gain will do them when the US dollar is worthless.

    Maybe their investing in those Iraqi dinars that NewMax keep advertising as a ’good investment’.

    Anyways, the quote as shown here and in the record is this:

    "Well, the Times-Picayune calls for the firing of Michael Brown; and I have signed my name to many letters that are floating around here calling for his firing, his resignation, Chertoff’s as well; and in a minute somebody on this House floor is going to mention impeachment."

    Send Cheney/Bush and their entire cabinet to prison for life if not longer for their war crimes et cetera et cetera et cetera crimes against America, Humanity, and this planet in general!!!

    • thank God for people like you. Otherwise Congress might focus on things that weren’t completely foolish. Like the notion that spit-when-you-talk hatred of Bush is somehow the course of action. Let it be said for the record, too, that you have defended Cynthia McKinney. You can thank her for all of her "boldness" when she costs the Democratic party the ability to rally behind an idea. So thank you Rep. McKinney. Otherwise, us Republicans might have had to pay for the blunders of certain members of our party in the last few years.
      And the terrorists can only measure success by how many of you turn and say something so grossly offensive as George Bush is the real terrorist. Terrorists have divided us, and that is exactly what they want to do, because divided we fall.
      The bottom line—if George Bush was committing ’crimes,’ he would definitely get charged with them. The fact that Democrats can’t stand behind personal glory crusaders like Feingold for a censure of Bush demonstrates that so clearly. I’m so glad that people like Feingold and McKinney are so interested in pleasing fringe mindsets from the left—if they didn’t, democrats might actually have a shot at getting into power, and then instead of bitching, you could actually get something done about your issues. But I forgot. You guys like to bitch, and then don’t show up to the voting booths. Because it’s easier to bitch than to solve the problem.

  • Cynthia McKinney is a courageous woman.

    Keep up the good work, Cynthia! You are the best hope we’ve got in Congress!

    And you’re right, Cynthia - the devil is a coward. He’s the biggest coward in the cosmos!

    Tony Stewart
    Sarasota, FL

  • Cynthia Mckinney you are a racist idiot. looking for a any reason to be offended

  • Hey, conspiracy goofballs- Bush does NOT control CSPAN. Get educated! I voted for Kerry and I DON’T like Bush, but this nonsense about his knowing of 9/11 is stupidity and shows a complete LACK of understanding about how politics actually works.
    Cynthia McKinney is a RACIST moron, pure and simple! She was cut off because she rambles and makes no sense (unless you’re an uneducated bigot - then she makes perfect sense). She’s a dumb joke on her poor constituents in Atlanta. As much as I dislike Bush, and I greatly dislike Bush, he ISN’T afraid of Cynthia McKinney, I assure you. The ONLY people who should be afraid of Cynthia McKinney are her voters. PLEASE, go back to school. Learn to think correctly. Learn to seperate fact from fiction. Cynthia McKinney would have you believe that MLK was shot with the same rifle as JFK and RFK (after all, they all end in K! Three K’s...hmmm...KKK! Run for your lives!) How stupid can people get?
    What is truly sad and disconcerting, is that there are those WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVE this nonsense! I know, let’s tie in Bigfoot, Elvis, Jesse Helms, MLK, RFK, JFK, any other K’s you can think of, maybe Mary K, and create a racist conspiracy! WOW.
    Cynthia McKinney is a joke. BTW, haters, I’m black and I’m here to tell you that sister is CRAZY.

    • Cynthia McKinney had a temper tantrum because she is so insignificant that the Capitol Police Officer did not recognize her. She made a fool of herself that day, and rather than accepting responsibility for her actions, she continues making a fool of herself in the national media. I am enjoying every day of it! Unfortunately, her false accusations will lower the credibility of all who have truly suffered from discrimination — the boy who cried wolf ring a bell?

      I’m looking forward to Cynthia being arrested. Maybe she’ll slip through some loophole in the legal system to avoid a conviction, but the incident will heighten the public’s awareness that such an ignorant person is in a position of public trust. Apparently she and her defense team do not realize that cops don’t go to jail for doing a good job. It’ll be nice to see Cynthia behind bars, where she belongs. Her actions that day, and subsequent excuses are typical of common criminals.

      The Democratic party needs to do the right thing by demanding she be held accountable. If they are in favor of securing potential terrorist targets the need to take action now. I have a feeling that 9/11 is no longer a significant issue for many Democrats, though.

    • > because she rambles and makes no sense

      you’re thinking of dubya, aren’t you?

  • One of the major problems for reasonable, humane individuals in search of a more enlightened world is that they face the reactive charge that they’re "liberal" and regardless of how logical their argument may be it should, accordingly, be ignored because of their supposed liberal bias. Under the auspices of a liberal bias, believers summarily follow an agenda of supporting "liberal" causes regardless of whether or not they make sense, e.g., the habitual, unconditional charge of racism. Yes there’s racism and it’s propagated against every race, from blacks to Jews, from Hispanics to Slavs, because, unfortunately, there’s a belief in far too many people that their kind is better than all the rest. That’s a human disease, not a white disease, or a Republican disease.

    For instance, ask Ms. McKinney, off-the-record, which race is the superior one.

    By collectively backing McKinney in this case, the liberal cause is profoundly damaged because of the lack of being objective and fair. Fairness in this case requires that the finger be pointed in the right, or in this case, the left position, directly at Ms. McKinney, who, by the way, has a thyroid condition of some kind - Just look at those bulging eyes! Maybe it’s merely hormonal. But whatever it is, it’s uncalled for and there’s no excuse for it no matter how she’s voted in the past.

    Liberals discredit themselves, and appear desperate when they support behavior like hers, which adds fuel to the other side. Republicans are often accused of being attack dogs, and they are, frequently abusing the acceptable limits of civility. Yet likewise, Democrats also have their share of attack dogs when things go wrong, but unfortunately it’s customarily for the defense of their own welfare as in this case, as opposed to justifiable attacks that amount to true progress. Too bad Ms. McKinney has chiefly relied on fringe conspiracy theories to go after Bush. There’s ample evidence on the record to work with; one doesn’t have to invent metaphysical theories to change the course of America’s history. Hopefully her replacement, who won’t arrive soon enough, will remedy that.

  • Dear Cindy are you a card carrying member of the BlackPanthers? Or the front Woman for Islamic fundamentalists is the US? Political Islam is at WAR WITH US....Whose side are you on???

    • I’d say she is not. I’d say she is on the side of decency and honesty and social justice, operating in one of the most highly corrupted governments in the world, a government corrupted by big business and the whiff of cash.

  • you who agree think that it is all bush’s fault and yet congress is being blamed for none they are the ones that are to blame yes he coul have made better desicions but he can also be over ruled by 2/3’s vote so before you comment read up on your government history.