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Gays, God & The End of War

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 12 May 2011

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Violence is the first refuge of the incompetent-Isaac Asimov

It’s almost unbelievable but the end is near for the U.S. military and quite possibly, the end of war. The gravity of the President’s recent decision to allow gays to openly serve in the military is beginning to sink in and most of those speaking out say that they will take early retirement or quit and they will advise their sons and daughters or grandchildren not to join the military. Some say that for every gay that joins up, five heterosexuals will quit or resign. The idea of the Marine Corps being forced to accept gays is unimaginable but two million men and women in the U.S. military are now being forced to undergo training on how to cope with the new rules.

Only a short time ago it would have been unimaginable but it will happen as the executive and legislative branches force it upon the nation. However, for every action there is always a re-action and it doesn’t appear that our leaders thought of that.

If gays find a welcoming atmosphere in the military, administratively speaking, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of straight men and women will drop out of the service; reserve units will be especially hit hard because this is where a large part if the older segment of the military is found and they are probably far less tolerant of tampering with God’s plan.

Unlike most professions where they can rise to commanding positions, the military was always thought to be off-limits to gays and homosexuals. The planning and execution of warfare tactics requires personnel to be of the highest moral character. We all know what that implies. Did the president not take into account passages in the book of Leviticus before he committed to the cause?

Chapter 20 of Leviticus covers all the different forms of immorality that requires the penalty of death, bareness or excommunication from God’s people. —adultery, fornication, homosexuality, incest, sex among relatives, sex with animals, any sexual activity other than between husband and wife.

So where does the president get the authority to arbitrarily make such changes? The Bible is very specific so why should congress stand idly by while our military is destroyed?

In the good books of the three major religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity, there are several passages that speak of killing and war, swords, jihad, who to kill, why, etc., so it takes an unusual disregard for the ultimate authority to issue a counter-command, even though it might not have not been an explicit intention.

Hebrew Bible:
"Joshua’s army killed everyone in Jericho, both men and women, young and old, oxen, sheep, and donkeys, Joshua defeated the whole land; he left no one remaining, but utterly destroyed all that breathed, as the LORD God of Israel commanded." (Joshua 6:21 and 10:40)

Islamic Qur’an:
In spite of the Qur’anic statement against forcing religion on others, Muslim leaders have sometimes threatened to kill unbelievers if they did not accept Islam (Peters). Although Islam spread to some parts of the world like Indonesia mainly by means of "beautiful preaching," much of its expansion elsewhere was due to offensive war, first by Muhammad to unify Arabia, then by his followers in conquering Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Persia, parts of India, North Africa, Spain, Turkey and the Balkans.
Qur’an 9:5, "Kill the idolaters wherever you find them,"

Killing unbelievers was actually declared by popes Leo IV and John VIII to be spiritually beneficial for Christian soldiers...No one was immune from attack by Christian crusaders; whole cities were slaughtered. (1)

So, the religious precedent for war and killing has been established, and that it takes millions of real men and women, to wage global war, it’s possible they will be quitting in droves. The trend is evident and the revelation is about to become a reality. It is the end of the military and thus, the end of war; all because of gays and homosexuals. They will have accomplished in a very short time what the United States has been fighting to win for over two hundred years, everlasting peace and it comes to this: Peace by Homosexuality. If it indeed comes to pass what an unremarkable way to end to the glory of war and a way of life.

But a word of caution Mr. President; the whole economy of the United States hangs in balance, indeed our imperial dynasty could be toppled by this incredible phenomenon. Can you imagine? No more body-bags, dog-tags, snipers, drones, screaming nightmares, civilian causalities or combat boots. Troop ships, jeeps, Hummers and drummers all gone. Military Specifications will be a lost form of measurements and codes. No more use for the Agency for International Development where bright young elite men can serve to direct other young men where to burn villages. Other bastions of war mongering will cease to have importance. The propaganda factories will lose direction and fold. Their directors will have to join the unemployed since their profession is now a casualty of peace.

What has the President done, allowing gays to serve in the military? This president will possibly bring about the total elimination of war and all that it means to us as a nation. Certainly this decision could not have come from a divine message for it is in direct opposition to biblical teachings, of the three major religions, and of course, the previous president received a message from God to go to war. (2) God would not be that inconsistent. If one subscribes to the belief in God and the scriptures and accepts the fact that God has allowed and/or directed his children to kill each other, probably numbering more than one hundred million people, for thousands of years, does it not seem odd that he would suddenly allow Mr. Obama to use the gays in the armed forces issue to bring about the demise of our military and ultimately, to end war?

Surely, there must be some way to override or ignore this aberration and return to God’s will and continue the killing for democracy, freedom and liberty, for all of mankind, for eternity.

To add realism to this piece of satire, one might visit the Veterans for Peace website and view their production: The Human Costs of War:


(1) http://www.scu.edu/ethics/publications/ethicalperspectives/perry.html

(2) http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2005/oct/07/iraq.usa

Title photo credit: www.marines.mil
Vanessa R. Defender, 17, from Bismarck, N.D., tries to maintain her composure after drill instructor Sgt. Michael S. Bachicha and senior drill instructor Staff Sgt. Salvador Moralessolis catch her smiling at the Recruiting Station Twin Cities mini boot camp May 6.
Photo ByLine: Staff Sgt. Clinton Firstbrook
(This photo is used strictly for a military graphic-not to imply sexual orientation of any person)


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  • Well I must say Europe and its political accomplice acting caste and us their voters are responsible too for these kind of mess.

    Why was fascism fought down, if we trying or allowing to be reinstated.

    • GMATHOL…Thanks for your astute comments. Yes, I agree, we are all to blame for allowing these types of things to proliferate. In the United States, at least, I suspect that complacency and lack of true information share much blame. Since much of the media is very controlled and linked to special interest groups the population is doomed to repeat mistakes of the past. However, there is a growing number of highly motivated and street-smart individuals (activists) doing everything they can to educate the voters and motivate them to effect better government. These people all have humanitarian ideas that will work world-wide and we are beginning to see a sweeping awakening of citizens in many countries. Nuclear bombs and napalm are tools of incompetent leaders. The more incompetent the leaders are, the more bombs they will have in their arsenals. The voices of Gideon Polya (Australia), Arundhati Roy ( India), William J. Cox (California), Stephen Lendman (Chicago), Noam Chomsky (USA) and the late Howard Zinn are some of the tireless supporters for equal rights and freedom for all. Numerous activist websites provide a “big picture” of what is developing all over the world.
      It is truly a race between good and evil. Before, man was only able to kill a few million people at a time; now we have the capability of killing our earth.