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Growing Collection of Vote Fraud links: ATTN Global Media

Sunday 7 November 2004

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The list of evidence is growing that the US election was anything but a
fair vote. Who could possibly think that all of these voting
problems are just a minor aberation? The long lines are always in
Democratic counties, that the computer ’glitches’ always favor Bush,
and the new e-machines were made by a Bush ’Pioneer’ (top donor) that
pledged to deliver for Bush. Funny how Diebold makes bank
machines which print paper receipts millions of times daily, but they
couldn’t get the printer to work in the voting machines.

All Europeans must recognize that this vote fraud is no laughing
matter- Bush might be coming after ’old Europe’ in the future. 
Climate Change, senseless killing worldwide, more death and destruction
in the name of profits will continue if Bush remains idiot emperor in
chief. Since the US press is burying this vote fraud evidence, the
world needs the reporters in Europe to help us bring this mountain of
proof to light and make this an international scandal that the US media
can no longer ignore.

Evidence Mounts the Vote was Hacked

USA today- Machine error gives Bush 3,893 extra votes in Ohio

Damschroder said the malfunction occurred when one machine’s cartridge was plugged into a laptop computer and generated faulty numbers in several races.
Why is a vote cartridge being plugged into anyone’s laptop?

from above story- Franklin county pdf file:
screenshot of page 23- cropped for bandwidth/ease, numbers remain the same

Statistically impossible coinidence of many more repub votes than registered repubs ONLY in Florida optical scan counties

Graph highilighting absurdity of Florida counties in above story- it looks like they just reversed the results!

Florida county anomalies discussed here


Palm Beach Post- Broward machines count backward

Computer Loses More Than 4,000 Early Votes

Too Many Irregularities to be coincidence

Washington Dispatch- Palm Beach County Logs 88,000 More Votes Than Voters

Florida Sun-Sentinel- 58,000 votes lost in heavily democratic Broward County, Florida

Group Finds Voting Irregularities in South

3 members of Congress call for an investigation

Democracy Now- Voting Problems Widespread in Florida, Pennsylvania

Scrub voter rolls in NY

Philly voter suppression

Ohio-not enough machines-flyer says vote wed

Links about the potential for vote fraud before the election- Where
were Kerry and Edwards on this issue- NOWHERE! Consider the first
article at CommonDreams above with Bev Harris demonstrating on CNBC how
to fix a vote in 90 seconds... Why wasn’t the Kerry/Edwards team
challenging this ridiculous system long before the election? And why
did Kerry give up when he was only down by 136,000 votes in Ohio with
250,000 still to count?!

How they can fix the election via modem link to central tabulators

Global monitors find faults

Reasonable Doubt that the primary vote has been tampered huge collection of background info

Take Action!
Black Box Voting has taken the position that fraud took place in
the 2004 election through electronic voting machines. We base this on
hard evidence, documents obtained in public records requests, inside
information, and other data indicative of manipulation of electronic
voting systems. What we do not know is the specific scope of the fraud.
We are working now to compile the proof, based not on soft evidence —
red flags, exit polls — but core documents obtained by Black Box Voting in the most massive Freedom of Information action in history.

We need: Lawyers to enforce public records laws. Some counties have
already notified us that they plan to stonewall by delaying delivery of
the records. We need citizen volunteers for a number of specific
actions. We need computer security professionals willing to GO PUBLIC
with formal opinions on the evidence we provide, whether or not it
involves DMCA complications. We need funds to pay for copies of the


Shouldn’t most Republicans want a real victory, or would they be happy
if their guy stole it- anything to win and stop those evil gay people
from getting health care. Are they really that shallow?

I think all honest Americans know there is something fishy about both
political parties backing electronic voting machines that are so open
to hacking. Why should the Great USA have million dollar voting
machines that don’t produce a paper trail? If the new Bush
’mandate’ is truly the will of the people, they really won the popular
vote, then they shouldn’t be afraid of a little transparent auditing
and hand recounts.

So many were disenfranchised by waiting in long lines, 58,000 votes
LOST, name taken off voter list, etc.... I think it would be worthwhile
to have a nationwide re-vote, all paper ballot and hand count. Millions
of dollars to produce new ballots? Hardly- just create one ballot
put it on a website and computers across the country can print the
simple Bush/Kerry/Nader. Sure, Nader too, this will get the
Bushies to sign on to this re-vote... but we need to also toss in a
quick 50% majority to win rule- Why not Mr. Bush and fellow boner
Kerry? Why wouldn’t you support a 50% or runoff rule... do you think
this might give Nader a fighting chance?

It doesn’t have to take that long, just hire more counters. 
Imagine that we could hire millions of jobless, even if it’s temporary
it’d sure be a boost to them and the economy, and we could hand count
every single ballot in the nation.

It is unacceptable to have longer lines in the city than in rural
(republican) areas- the cities need more polling places- period.

ps- to all the name calling Republicans calling "sore loser" and "get over it"- are you afraid of a recount?

Forum posts

  • yet another accidental plus in the Bush column, how convient

    maybe the guy adjusting the totals made a typo

    • the gahanna, ohio pdf was removed from the state website, it’s been reposted here

      Simple, undeniable fact: Bush was leading in Ohio by 136,000 votes- take off these 4,000 from the Gahanna ’glitch’ and the Bush lead is 132,000, with 250,000 votes still uncounted, #s from this article:

      With most of these uncounted undervotes and provisional ballots coming from cities (heavily dem), it is entirely possible that kerry beat bush 80-20% in these uncounted ballots, which would give kerry the win. Now that we’ve all seen how hard Kerry is willing to fight for us - not at all - if he won the recount/revote he still should not be president- he gave up that right when he surrendered and told us to unite behind bush- what an ass! Does he think we’re stupid?

  • Quit crying about it. Come up with some real solutions instead of just bitching. The liberal elitists and their snotty condescension have moved the Democrats out of touch with the majority of America.

    • What a great model you must be for your children - do you proudly teach them it doesn’t matter if the vote is fair or not- just as long as you win? Fine, close your mind and be happy with your new dictator- he may not last long.

      For all the open-minded people out there, here is an obvious discrepancy that should be investigated- in several florida counties Bush won by a mile when registered democrats outnumbered the Republicans 2 to 1. And how strange that these huge swings only occurred in Florida optical scan counties, not in touchscreen counties... perhaps they thought the focus would be on touchscreen counties.

      the link in the article to 8 such graphs is down- the new link is

      but that image is extemely large- depending on your computer setup- you might prefer this more manageable 780width image

      Aside from the statistical improbability of these #s, let’s just think in terms of basic common sense. Does anyone really think half of the registered democrats in these counties switched over to vote for Bush’s version of the New Imperial America? Come on people- certainly many 2000 Bush voters have switched sides, but there are very few, if any Gore voters that switched to vote for Bush this time. What are you going to say, his great performance in the debates convinced them? He’s a freakin madman- you can "tell that to tony blair!"

    • To be fair, one needs to look to the historical trends in these counties.

      For example, in Calhoun County, a small county in Florida’s panhandle, Bush received 3,780 votes according to, and Kerry received 2,116. According to the voter registration statistics provided on the State of Florida’s website, there were 993 registered Republicans and 6,879 Democrats, with 8,350 total registered voters in the county. If we assume that all of the voters in the county who weren’t registered Democrats showed up and voted for Bush in this election, that still leaves 2,309 Democrats who had to have voted for Bush — at least 52%.

      However, in 2000 at least 1,998, or 48%, of Democrats had to have voted for Bush, and in 1996, at least 38% or 1,121 voting Democrats voted for Dole.

      This is just one county, but we do see a 14% increase in "turncoat Democrats" in eight years.

      If someone wants to do the math on it in all Florida optical scan counties and show the percentage INCREASE in Democrats who voted Republican, I’d be more interested. But as a Southerner, I know that many people will vote for Democratic Senators and Representatives but Republican presedential candidates. A theory was raised that the high percentage of registered Democrats in these panhandle counties has more to do with local politics than opnions of presidential candidates.

      The data given at is compelling but incomplete without historical background. I think that logical fallacies being perpetuated (taking evidence outside of scope) discredits the entire verified voting movement — if one of our claims can be debunked, then the rest must be garbage, right? I hope someone can do the analysis for historical trends, and then we can use that as a better judge of the scope of the voter fraud which I do believe happened in this election.

  • We Americans need your help. It doesn’t look good.
    Some fear we will be going through what the Germans went through in WWII by the Nazi rule.
    The Bush crime family has "assumed control". The R-wing controls 85% of the media here in the US partly because of the Saudie Royal family. Thats why so many Americans have
    voted for Bush because we have been lied to over and over by the Bush crime family.
    I think most Americans that backed Kerry feel the election was rigged and have no dought that fraud took place on a very large scale. Currently If you don’t obey the governments right-wing agenda they can do what ever they
    want. For instance they can label you as a terrorist and under the patriot act legally
    strip you from all human rights and send you to a concentration camp for punishment
    and torture and may also be the case for all humans on the planet earth if they get their way.
    The Geneva Convention doesn’t apply under the Bush rule of his "fighting the war on terror"

  • I totally agree with your arguments. The ’tabulated’ results of this election and the stark discrepancies with exit polls (always favoring Bush, especially in swing states), stink to high heaven. I pray that this and further evidence comes to light in the national media and provides a strong impetus to reverse this fallacy of a Bush victory. What will it take for the media (and the general public) to realize that we have not had a genuinely elected president for the last two elections (2000, and 2004). Obviously they tried this in 2000 (Volusia County Florida erased 16,000 Gore votes and gave Bush a huge lead in 2000, then after the recount this lead shrunk to 537 votes!!—Gore would have won if Jeb Bush and his cronies weren’t running the elections process in FL and disenfranchising black voters on an unprecedented scale—why weren’t these people thrown in jail or even seriously prosecuted?)

    It blows me away that they found a voting machine in Ohio that gave Bush almost 4,000 extra votes in a precinct where only 638 people voted in total, and no one is seriously investigating whether other irregularities occured! I feel like we are living in George Orwell’s novel 1984. What happened to critical thinking in the US public and media! Pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare! George W. Bush is not our president!

  • When is the nation media going to pick this story up. Isn’t that the larger conspiracy here?
    JR- Seattle, WA

    • The U.S. media (apart from independent media sources) ain’t gonna pick up this story. They are cowards. Don’t believe them. And my Canadian mainstream media are chicken-sh*t as well; puppets, all of them.
      Mr. X
      Vancouver, Canada

  • Trying to conslidate convincing evidence summaries in a few locations: Help?

    see Convincing Evidence of 2004 Electoral Irregularity or Malfeasance? and comment HERE

  • I am a devastated American who is mourning the loss of our democracy because we can’t get these evil people out of office EVEN WHEN WE VOTE THEM OUT. Please to all of you outside the US: So many of us are frightened and outraged. We feel abandoned by our country and the process. We need your help and support in getting the truth out and pushing these extremists out of power. Know that 1/2 this country (probably more if votes were counted properly) is NOT in support of what the US is doing to us and the world. We worked so hard to stop them, but when the vote is rigged against you, what can you do but scream loud? Help us do that. Let’s make this the scandal the US media (and John Kerry) refuse to acknowledge. I’m so angry that he just walked away. WHY WHY WHY? Beverly in NYC.

    • Bev, I must cut-to-the-chase here. I am a Canadian. And I’m terrified of the USA. I’m under the impression that most of you in the U.S. want to bomb the f****** sh*t out of any country you can, including maybe at some point in time, my country (the U.S. needs our water, etc.). Scratch from the record my last sentence; our spineless wimpuppets in Ottawa would hand over Canada in a second. No need to bomb us!
      I don’t know what to think of this faux election now. It could have been rigged, but perhaps most of the United Statesians wanted Lord Bush in power again: cheap gas, bigger SUVs and terrorist-free shopping in the suburban strip malls. I’m as confused as the other 30 million Canadians and god-knows-how-many sentient U.S.-ians. (not to mention the other 6 billion).
      Again, my impression is that most United Statesians want to totally bomb the crap outta Iraq and then move on and bomb the hell outta whoever’s next (Iran maybe? Syria?). Please tell me I’m dead wrong about this. I want to believe that there are some of you who haven’t turned off your brains. I desperately want to believe that most of you DON’T support Lord Bush. I really would like to travel to your country again someday (no chance of that for now). Support independent media!

    • NO WE DO NOT! I was born in the United States and I don’t want to bomb anyone that isn’t trying to bomb us! Most of the people I know are totally pissed off at what Bush is doing! The thugs stole the election and they have the dumbest idiots in the country fooled! Even hacking the election they couldn’t pull better than a 2% margin, and THAT ought to really tell you people in Canada something! We here in the US are in deep shit wiith what is being pulled in our elections and WE NEED HELP getting organized to tackle this election cheating and the hijacking of our media.

  • Dear Richard,
    There should be a book on the recent election fraud - emphasis on computers - written by a respected authority without political leanings, with plenty of statistics like Youngstown Ohio going republican for no reason other than black boxes.
    Best, Patty

  • Can we really begin to consider what Richard Lofgren suggests? — a re-voting of this particular election — paper ballots only, counted in the "old-fashioned" way with both sides looking on in each polling place — sounds probably too simple.

    And I’m sure lots of pols would get hysterical over having a re-run of 11/02 — heh — especially if they stole the first one.... (also — why did Kerry concede so early — where will his people come down on this fraud thing?) —

    I think a re-vote should be kept in the forefront as an option, though. This is all new territory (in scope at least) & we might have to do some unusual stuff....

    • I’ve been following this since before the election and the links and stories are growing too fast for me to keep up.

      I’ve set up a page with links, but it falls well short, though I am trying to keep up while also maintaining my sanity and working on my regular job. Link is here:

      I also put up a petition asking Congress to investigate. Please sign it and spread the URL:

      I also have noted that some sites are experiencing problems, notbaly, whose video was hacked and in which the links to some federal election laws (particularly those dealing with fraud and illegal activity) were miscoded. If you’re scared, I don’t blame you. These may be the most important days of our lives, so we must remain vigilant.

      Keep the faith

      Rick Gagliano
      Downtown Magazine

  • Although I agree with the demand for a re-vote, your list of candidates (Bush, Kerry, Nader) was incomplete. You should include Bill Van Auken and Jim Lawrence of the Socialist Equality Party at in that list.


  • This is not UFOs landing w/ Elvis’ baby. I live in Ohio and this election was stolen. Phone lines were hacked
    Voting Machines developed funny troubles, GOP challengers worked with poll officials, Exist polls were dead on about
    a senate race and other issues but widely off for the presidential race, and bush took in more votes in this time than in
    2000 in a state that has lost 250,000 jobs. It was theft. In one central Ohio Community their were more votes than registered voters.

    Not only Ohio but nationwide in florida democratic counties voted overwhelmingly republican.
    In Colorado a democrat won for senate but for bush to carry the state over 500,000 people must have voted
    for a democratic senator but against a democratic presidential candidate.

    Study all data now because as we speak web sites w/ stats and graphs that do not support bush are going down.

    Welcome to Nazi America ...... And Gee, we now are lunching an offensive in Iraq against citizens who had nothing
    to do with 9/11 and killing them but the thousands.

    If bush is not stopped now this country is over.

    • I told you we need to fix the electoral process. You Republicans need to get it. If the vote isn’t fixed to be un-riggable and accessible to all citizens as candidates or voters, it will in the end tear this nation apart from the inside. This goes beyond Bush. Bush and Kerry were a dog and pony show to distract us all. The primaries used these too, you know. But whatever, Don’t do anything to make sure everyone’s vote counts. As soon as you get inconvenient to them it will be your vote getting manipulated to get the ending the people putting on the show want.

  • Mr. Lofgren, A BIG THANK YOU for getting the word out of this serious violation of our CONSTITUTIONAL Rights as AMERICANS!! The American Press has rendered itself impotent & no longer serves the American public. It appears they do not wish to jeopordize they’re lifestyle of living, & are content merely providing a facade for RNC & Coporate America. In light of all of this, we are still being besiged with the premise of "the liberal media". There is no such thing. We do finally have Air America Radio which proudly hails the liberal banner, but in comparison, the right-wing radio/television/newspapers are largely owned by corporate moguls who are beholden to Bush & the Republican Party. Those of us who wish to be informed are literally depending on overseas news to find out what in the hell is going on in OUR country...the media sitution here is absolutely PATHETIC! PLEASE contiue to enlighten our European allies....& US!

    - United States CITIZEN

    • Try, from Vancouver, Canada. Very interesting programs, especially over the noon hour Pacific time. Also, decent morning show M-W-Fri 7-9 am Pacific. Lots of discussions about stuff the U.S. mainstream media will never touch.

  • Either the poll takers were on the take, or someone gave the voting machines the votes they wanted. Or- both. But I dont care, either way I know that we are all being lied to, and it begs the question of how we can call what we have a ’democracy’.