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Indigenous Activist Splitting-the-Sky Arrested at Bush Demo (+ video)

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 18 March 2009

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Indigenous activist Splitting-the-Sky was arrested in Calgary yesterday. He was protesting the presence of George Bush. Although both Canadian and domestic law compels Canada to bar or arrest Bush as a "credible" war criminal suspect - the government has thus far shielded Bush from any move to do either. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a staunch neocon and supporter of Bush policies.

Splitting the Sky was in the process of instructing Calgary Police as to their obligations when he was arrested and taken into custody. As of the time of writing he is still being held. There is great concern for his well being as his activism is well known to Canadian authorities, including the Gustafsen Lake standoff in 1995 and earlier the Attica Prison Rebellion.

Please help keep him safe and support this courageous fighter for accountability and an end to Canada’s collaboration with US war criminals like Bush and Condi Rice who is also scheduled to speak in Calgary in May.

Video of arrest of Splitting-the-Sky


Rage on the Streets in Calgary:

Protest and Demand his release:
Calgary Police Services
Email: cps@calgarypolice.ca
cc: info@peoplevbush.ca

Forum posts

  • WarCriminalsOut.com is now reporting that Splitting-the-Sky was arrested for assault and obstruction after attempting to enter the Telus Conference Center in an apparent effort to perform a citizen’s arrest of Bush on behalf of those tortured and murdered during his reign as president. He is being aided in his defence by Gail Davidson of Lawyers Against War and former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark.

    For more information and to hear an interview with Splitting the Sky, please go to http://www.warcriminalsout.com

  • I always thought of Canada as a really awesome place to go- after seeing this- I will NEVER set foot in that country accept as a protester againt its unfair arresting of someone using his Free Speech

    Shame on CANADA