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International Conference in Geneva “For a just peace in Palestine and Israel"

by Open-Publishing - Tuesday 23 May 2006

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Report from the european network after the seminars, working sessions and Assembly on Palestine during the ESF in Athens, conducted with the participation of Palestinians civil society representatives and Israeli anticolonialist activists.

The occupation system on Palestine is achieving a new stage. Israel is implementing its strategy in order to achieve its own unilateral solution completing the building of an apartheid system. The total isolation of Gaza is part of this system.

We condemn the Israeli governement’s intention to unilaterally draw borders using the wall and land annexation, that is creating a new wave of refugees. The “green line” 242 resolution has always been the basis for any peace process and is denied by this policy and acts. The wall should be demolished and not become a “new” basis for peace negociations.

We condemn the daily arrests and attacks to the civilians in the West Bank and Gaza. We condemn the implementation of a whole policy of organised chaos aiming to “devide and rule”.

European Union, following the US decisions, is supporting the Israeli policy, who started to stop the taxes due to the PNA. The cut of funds to the Palestinian National Authority delegitimates a Governement democratically elected, exacerbates the whole situation and pushes for divisions and internal conflicts.

The developing of military and so called security cooperation between Nato, European Governments and Israel in the Mediterranean area is becoming structural, and it goes to increase tension and conflicts. On the contrary Europe needs much more dialogue and peaceful cooperation in the Middle East.

The situation is changing dramatically: it is urgent to act now!

We call for a general mobilisation of the social movements against the arbitrary decision of the European union to cut the funds to the PNA, punishing the occupiers instead of sanctioning the occupation. We condemn this policy and ask for the immediate restauration of funds. This policy is also a damage for Europe itself, it is against the principles of dialogue and the respect of international laws.

In continuity with the process started in the previous Forums and considering the urgence of the situation we call for the following campaigns and initiatives:

 26- 28 may 2006: International Conference in Geneva “For a just peace in Palestine and Israel: enforce international law”
 European Campaign against EU decision to cut funds to PNA starting with:
 29 june in Brussels: European delegation to meet European institutions and give a press conference
 7-9 july (anniversary of the ICJ advice in 2004): mobilisation against the cut of funds to the PNA and for its immediate restauration. Pressures on National Governements and parties.
 Reiterating the European campaign on sanctions against occupation and violation of international law, launched by European coordination, in particular on economic association agreement and military agreements
 9-16 november: against the wall and annexation, stressing Jerusalem issue
 Campaign about the political prisoners, for the respect of Geneva Convention, for their liberation
 Increasing and strengthening European civil missions, with more participation of trade unions, against the isolation of Palestinian people