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Iraqis Represent 17% to 21% of the World’s Refugees, and the People Responsible are Oblivious

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 15 November 2007

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“The Iraqi Red Crescent voiced ‘deep sorry’ for statements recently made by Iraqi officials on the situation of displaced people in Iraq, underlining that has nothing to do with the real situation of those displaced.

“The Iraqi body voiced in a statement received by the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI) that it is ‘deeply sorry’ for the statement made by some officials regarding the real situation of displaced people inside Iraq, mainly downplaying the sufferings and harsh circumstances they are facing.

“The Red Crescent had said in a report last week that ‘the number of displaced people in Iraq only reached 2.3 million.’”

I can’t decide what disturbs me more: That it is already well known, from the most recent estimates, that there are well over 4 million Iraqi refugees as of 2007, or that The Red Crescent had the gall to use the word ‘ONLY’ in the same sentence as 2.3 million refugees.

According to the UN Refugee Agency, “since the end of the Cold War, the number of people uprooted by conflict, ethnic strife and human rights violations has soared. In 2004 there were between 20-25 million internally displaced persons.”

This means that Iraqis represent between 17% to 21% of the world’s refugees, the sole cause for which has been the American invasion and occupation of Iraq.

This is a global catastrophe caused by the United States and the UK, then why is it that only 7,000 Iraqi refugees have been allowed to enter the US?

How oblivious are Americans to what they have done?