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Israeli academics boycott settlements

by Open-Publishing - Tuesday 7 September 2010

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Israeli academics boycott settlements


Over 150 Israeli academics say they will no longer take part in cultural activities or lecture in the occupied West Bank settlement of Ariel.

Press TV reported: In a signed petition, faculty members from universities across Israel vowed not to lecture or participate in any discussions in the illegal settlements area and voiced support for the theater artists who have said they would refuse to perform in this West Bank settlement.

"We will not take part in any kind of cultural activity beyond the ’Green Line,’ take part in discussions and seminars, or lecture in any kind of academic setting in these settlements," the academics wrote.

They said that resumption of the construction of the illegal settlements in the occupied territories caused "critical" damage to Israel’s chances of achieving peace with the Palestinians.

Close to 500,000 settlers live in more than 100 illegally built settlements in Ariel since Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem). They are considered illegal under international law.

A separate letter, signed by a number of well-known Israeli authors and artists, is expected to be published in the coming days.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israelis are to resume Washington-backed peace talks beginning Sept. 2 headed by acting PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A poll conducted on Tuesday by Gal Hadash Institute and aired on private Channel Ten TV station showed two-thirds of Israelis support occupation in the West Bank.