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Jack Layton the All-Canadian

by Open-Publishing - Sunday 24 April 2011

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Here he is going up in the polls. Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, is the talk of the country. He is according to the most recent polls the most popular party leader in Canada.

We still do not know if that will translate by more votes and more MPs in may for the neo democrats.

After five years of conservative policies, meaning policies favorizing finance and business instead of the needs of the people, Canadians maybe are ready for something else and the NDP and Jack Layton are the ones that can bring a change.

A majority conservative government will no doubt mean more cuts in social programs and more participation in all the US wars going on presently and all the very probable future wars of the US empire.

With Jack Layton as prime minister, Canada will surely have more independent policies which will be more oriented towards the needs of the people.