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Labor Day Weekend: The Great American Campout at Camp Casey

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 25 August 2005

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by Ben Frank

Monday 22 August 2005
Ann Wright announced tonight that Caravans will be leaving Camp Casey
in different directions August 31st heading to Washington, stopping all
over the country to organize for the March on Washington on September


Labor Day is a huge travel holiday... why not advertise Crawford, Texas as the site of the Great American Campout this Labor Day Weekend. I don’t know for sure, but in all likelihood our vacationing President will stay thru the weekend- why the rush to disband Camp Casey? Why the rush to announce the camp’s demise- if not to kill the momentum.

Is Ann Wright’s plan the best plan for the peace movement? Do the caravans
really need those extra 5 days? I propose this alternative:

Labor Day Vacation at Camp Casey
Free RV Parking, and Tent Camping (bring your own sleeping bags).

will be paid for by the $125,000 or more in donations already received.
$10,000 in lumber and in canvas, and 100 volunteers with cordless
drills could whip up a slew of quick tent frames that could fit a
family or two.

If we advertise this widely- we could get many,
many thousands of people to come to Crawford to make a real statement.
Which would be more powerful in affecting change, caravans leaving the
31st, or the Great American Campout in Crawford? Am I being divisive just because, or is there actual logic behind this proposal.