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Learning from "Fahrenheit 9/11"

by Open-Publishing - Friday 24 September 2004

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by Robert Thompson

We have at last watched this brilliant film, which, as my wife has since said,
should be compulsory viewing for every single voter in the U.S.A., and I hope
that as many of you as possible have seen it.

Having been made aware by so many of you of the deliberate misinformation spread
across the U.S.A. by media subject to the control of the neo-cons, and their
failure to tell the public so much of what goes on in the word, we obviously
do not know how much was known on your side of the Atlantic before this revealing
film was made. However, I only gleaned three new items of information from Michael
Moore’s reports. I will therefore refer one by one to these elements which were
surprises for such a simple soul as myself.

The cowardice of the U.S. Senate

It was embarrassing that the Senators should have shown such collective and individual cowardice in that not a single one of them was willing to put his signature to the motions relating to massive disenfranchisement of certain categories of citizens, especially those with darker skin. If, as explained by Mr Moore, it only required one Senator to sign, it is difficult to know how any Senator can justify this dereliction of duty on the part of elected representatives of the people.

The singer

It was, in its own silly (and almost inconsequential) way, almost as embarrassing to learn that the great "Bible-bender", Mr John Ashcroft, believed that he could attract the populace to his vicious neo-fascist ideas by singing in public. Of course, we did not let that stop us from having one of the rare laughs inspired by what is, of course, a terrifyingly grim record of dishonesty and hypocrisy. This record included this same man steam-rollering the notorious Patriot Act through deeply slumbering elected representatives of the people - perhaps a further case of collective cowardice. As was so clearly stated, fear is a powerful means of fooling the public, and making unthinking persons hate easily identified scape-goats chosen with care, just as the Nazis selected the Jews to concentrate such articificially created (and assiduously fanned) flames of hatred onto supposed "threatening enemies".

The new "Battle-Hymn of the Republic(an neo-cons)"

Our horror, going far beyond mere embarrassment, was aroused by the disgusting words of the "theme song" commented on so crudely by several members of the U.S.A. armed forces. In this song, it was suggested that every Iraqi man had incestuous relations with his mother. This vile attitude to fellow human beings was shown being put into practice, in the shots of Gestapo-type raids on ordinary Iraqi homes, including those carried out on Christmas Eve with a background of slushy sentimental post-Christian songs.

General impression

As I have written above, we had the feeling that every voter should see this film, and we were greatly impressed by the broad sweep of the information so cleverly condensed into such limited time. Mr Moore is to be congratulated in having made a film which very clearly well deserved its Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. He also deserves to be heeded in answer to his open letter to all voters just published.


Forum posts

  • You can’t be serious. Moore contradicts himself in F9/11 and ignores facts contrary to his belief system. Hitler used propaganda films too.

    • Bush is the new Hitler

    • In 1935 a man in Europe said....."the world may reproach me with what it will; one reproach, however, it can never make...that I have vacillated in my views or been unfaithful in my work. This statesman went on to speak of his "invariable principles, and my unshakeable resolution...." regarding his relations with Great Britain.....A pundit whose name escapes me also said "Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds..." The European statesman is of course Adolf Hitler. Mr. Bush’s frightening fascist determination.....I am steadfast, he repeats....begging the question, steadfast in the service of what misguided, immoral principles? All Americans should fear a leader who cannot shoulder the burden of being wrong, and turning towards right. History is eloquent. alexandra in costa rica

  • A song that includes the line "let the motherf$%ckers burn"

    It is a song....

    It wasn’t created by the army, or military.

    It was just a song, that some of the soldiers played.

    There were thousands of other songs they played also.

    You have got to be kidding me.

    "In this song, it was suggested that every Iraqi man had incestuous relations with his mother."

    No, it is a song. The song has lyrics, some of the lyrics, are the ones above.

    The assertion that this song, and it’s playing, actually puts forth that Iraqis had sex with their mothers is completely assanine.

    And it is impossible to take you seriously when you make that rediculous connection.

    And those "Gestapo-type raids" I guess were just to try and catch some Iraqi men in the act of being motherf$%ckers, not to try and apprehend individuals engage in resistance.
    We just love making other people suffer. Especially when they have sexual relations with their mothers.

    • The perverts that are in uniform and sing "Let the Mother Fuckers Burn" are the same ones who are today being caught by you guessed it "Ass Traps" those foam rubber behinds that are designed to catch the little queers or should we say Fudge Packer G.I.s?

      They look so real just like the ass of an Iraqi man that these uneducated red necks who have been weaned on Deliverence films are falling for them..... brought to Iraq after the Abu Gariub victims became unavailable, these devices have bear traps hidden inside waiting to do a Lorenna Bobbit on these low lifes.

      So if your friends and loved ones are serving in Iraq, pass the word of warning to them that Ass Traps have been planted in unsuspecting places beware. Just keep sending them the porn they enjoy on their off hours, but try not to send any homo ones it makes them too horny to control themselves.