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Michael Berg Changes His Story About Nick and Moussaoui

Thursday 29 December 2005

Michael P. Wright —
Norman, Oklahoma, USA

In May 2004, after his son Nick was decapitated in Iraq, Michael Berg told a very
strange story to CNN to account for the fact that Nick’s University of Oklahoma
computer password had come into the possession of Al Qaeda member Zacarias
Moussaoui, who spent six months in Norman in 2001. In 2005 Moussaoui pled guilty
to all six counts of an indictment charging him with terrorism.

The elder Berg said that while his son Nick was an OU student in Norman, he was taking a bus ride one day, and he allowed a stranger sitting next to him to borrow his laptop computer to send an email. In this encounter the stranger acquired Nick’s password. According to Berg the stranger turned out to be an associate of Moussaoui, although Nick did not know that at the time. Moussaoui was able to come into possession of Nick’s password because of this. Here is the CNN story:


Recently Michael Berg told a different story to The News Journal of Delaware. Berg, who is currently seeking the Green Party’s nomination for Congress, was interviewed by Ryan Cormier. Relying on information from Berg, Cormier wrote:

"Nick had previously been questioned by the FBI. When he was in college in Oklahoma in 1999, someone used his computer to send an email to Zacarias Moussaoui..."

In the 2004 CNN account, there was no claim of anyone having used Nick Berg’s computer to send an email to Moussaoui. Michael Berg’s purpose in being interviewed by CNN was to explain how his son’s password came into Moussaoui’s possession. The idea that an email system will transmit the sender’s password to a receiver, without the sender’s authorization, is absurd.

I sent an email to reporter Cormier and linked him to the CNN article and emphasized the fact that Michael Berg had changed the story since the 2004 CNN interview. I said: "The elder Berg can’t keep the story straight about how his son’s information turned up on Moussaoui’s computer."

I concluded that, in all likelihood, Nick Berg had been an acquaintance of Moussaoui, but said that I was not accusing him of being a terrorist.


Cormier replied with this statement: "That’s just a misstatement in the story. My fault. He did say that Nick let the stranger borrow his e-mail account info."

To this I responded with some questions. In view of the fact that the "stranger on the
bus" incident allegedly happened in 1999, I wanted to know how Michael Berg dealt with the fact that Moussaoui did not arrive in Norman till February 2001. I pointed out that Moussaoui had no motive to steal anyone’s email password. He had free anonymous hotmail accounts and, like anyone else, could walk into the OU library and use the public terminals without needing to have a userID. He also used the internet at Kinkos.


Cormier’s response was to call me a "conspiracy theorist" and to tell me that the FBI had investigated Nick and "nothing was there."

This provided me an opportunity to inform him that the FBI, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from me, had lied and claimed that they had never investigated Nick Berg. I had requested that they disclose to me the true nature of the relationship between Berg and Moussaoui. Here is the letter in which they told this extraordinary lie. Readers might need to enlarge this with the mouse:

clic to enlarge

Cormier ignored this FBI lie. His final comment was sarcastic: "Have fun with your research."


Since Cormier’s first response was to claim that he did not quote Michael Berg properly with the story about the "stranger," I emailed him and his editors, along with Gannet publications, with this statement: "If this was truly an error by you, as you claim, then surely by now the newspaper would have published a retraction and correction."

On December 26 I asked them to send me a link to the retraction when it was published. There has been no reply to this request.

The likely conclusion is that Cormier did not misquote Michael Berg. Berg had told him a story which differed from what he told CNN. Berg’s earlier claims to CNN made no sense either. The FBI told an enormous lie in the course of refusing to answer my question about Berg’s relationship to Moussaoui. Giving Michael Berg the benefit of the doubt, he is not telling the truth because he is believing someone else’s lies.

What we have in my experience with Ryan Cormier and his editors is more evidence of the lameness, incompetence, and arrogance of the American mainstream press.

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Forum posts

  • Damn!!! This is just what the world needs. Another lefty running as a Green. Let’s nail Berg’s ass to the wall. Oklahoma wants and needs another Republican in that office. Or at least a Damnablecrat. They don’t need any damn commie, lefty, socialist Greens.


      Berg is not running from Oklahoma. He lives in Delaware. I don’t have a problem with his antiwar message. I have a problem with the fact that someone fed him a line of nonsense to explain why his son’s information turned up on Moussaoui’s computer, and Michael Berg is repeating the rubbish instead of questioning it. There is much more to the Nick Berg story than the mainstream media has told.

  • Thanks, Michael Wright, for your perseverance and dedication in trying to expose false publications.

    There is so much on the Internet, and my ability to retrive the memorable posts is far from efficient, that I would like to review for accuracy in what my memory thinks was said. I say this now in regard to apparent false reporting by media sources. A post I recently read talked about a recently adopted pledge by professional journalists that was required for recognition as a professional journalist. The writen pledge was about always striving to report truthfully, and never purposefully reporting falsehoods.

    If you can find that pledge, Mike, it might be used to your advantage in exposing spin agents spreadeing false rumors for their masters.

    Keep up the good work, Whistle B. Currier, Wisconsin dissident.

    P.S. Daddy Berg’s strong tie to the Green Party causes one to suspect an irrational thought process.

  • This all sounds great. I remember researching Nick’s connection a while back. I guess..almost two years ago, now? Here is my question: what does it all mean? Certainly we can clearly see importance here but what does it all mean? Was Nick working for the FBI? Was he being used by the government? What was the real reason for him being in Iraq? Who was he working for, really?

    - Veronica.


      I would appreciate your emailing me and telling me what you learned in your research about Berg —

      See the links at the bottom of my post for my suspicions — and documentary evidence — about what it all probably means.

  • republicans should burn in hell for being so gullible and sheep-like.

    • if we burn in hell for being sheep-like then most of America is pretty much doomed.

      Anyway. Extremely interesting. I wonder why something as silly as the original explanation was not questions earlier - anyone who is remotely computer savvy could figure out that it doesn’t make sense to begin with that the password was obtained in this manner. One always needs to look at motivation behind such nonsense - Berg wouldn’t have spewed inaccurate information unless he had either been completely convinced of it or had ulterior motives for doing so.


    • Some people analyzed the the Nick Berg video. It seems to have been a PSYOP snuff film to coincide with Abu Gahraib. After all, his father is a PEACE ACTIVIST and you know what that means ... traitor.

      But mostly to as a horror film for Americans, just too convenient when the Torture stuff started popping up and other atrocities on these civilians ... including some who didn’t have their papers in order and went to prison for that. (coming soon, to a town near you?) (Waco?) (Austin?) (Seattle?)

      The men were standing "at ease". Their skin was white. Their accents wrong, like Russian, a translator said. The plastic chair was Abu Gharaib. Berg was wearing the orange jumpsuit, from when he was in Iraqi (us) custody. He is motionless the entire time. The guy keeps turning the same page over, not reading it. One is wearing what appears to be a gold ring, a Muslim no-no.

      The scream — a woman’s voice — is not even properly dubbed with the video.

      THERE WAS NO BLOOD, where there should have been gushers. And lastly, I didn’t see it personally, but someone spotted a frame with what looked like an arm badge of a US military officer accidentally leaning in.

      There is a whole page on the PSYOP of the Nick Berg killing. Google for it.

  • Dear Sir,
    what could one do to stop you from going down the mad path of conspiracy theories for the rest of your life?
    Look at a picture of the "elder" Berg, future Junior Senator of Delaware, if that doesn’t tell you enough, ask his poor wife, and his son if he would still be alive. His son seemed to have baked bricks in Ghana before running out of food, why can you not see that THIS FAMILY HAS PROBLEMS.
    Why would Arabs ever slaughter your own, chopping their heads off or even more heroically
    walk into cafes, churches, restaurants, discos and just blow themselfes up as long as they can take a few dozen Jews with them,why oh why, why don’t you ask the Israeli athletes who came to Munich , why don’t you ask Mr. Klingelhoefer, why don’t you ask a thousand more who might have had the misfortune to have a different opinion.

    By dedicating your life to the fostering of so totally unsustainable theories you are in essence supporting a barbaric culture the like of which hasn’t been around since the THIRD REICH

    And finally:


    I’m not jewish

    • I am not a conspiracy nut but clearly there is more here than we are being told unless you think norman Oklahoma is the cross roads of cell phone tech and Islamic radicals. what it means I dont know. It could be that the CIA was in contact with Al Qaeda prior to 9/11 in hopes to use them against Saddam or god forbid the tin foil hat crowd actually got one right. I think the first option is much more likely even after the African embassy bombings we are stupid enough to think we can make a deal with the devil can come out on top, Then when it blows up deny we ever knew any of them.