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More than 200,000 US casualties from Gulf War 1

Tuesday 29 March 2005

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During Gulf War 1 more than 300 tons of depleted Uranium were discharged.
During Gulf War 2 more than 1000 tons of depleted Uranium were discharged.

Norman Schwarzkopf asked Rokke to oversee the environmental clean up
and medical care of soldiers injured in friendly fire incidents
involving DU weapons. Rokke later wrote the DU safety rules adopted by
the Army, but was relieved of subsequent duties after he criticized
commanders for not following those rules and not treating exposed
troops from NATO’s war in Yugoslavia.

Gulf War Casualties

By Dr. Doug Rokke
The upcoming battle Gulf War II will result in casualties that include:

* killed in action

* wounded in action
* killed in accidents
* and additional casualties that do not show up until after the
completion of hostilities. During the Gulf War between 1990 and 1991
the United States military incurred: 467 individuals wounded in action,
148 killed in battle, and 145 killed in other than battle (i.e.
accidents). Therefore, the total number of US Gulf War casualties was
760 at the time of redeployment.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Benefit
Administration Office of Performance Analysis and Integrity Data and
Information Services Gulf War Veterans Information System report that
was just published (May 2002) states that as of May 2002: 696,778
individuals had served during the Gulf War with 572,833 individuals now
eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs benefits to include
lifetime medical care, financial compensation, and a lifetime pension.

The difference of 123,945 individuals includes Desert Storm veterans
who are still on active duty, who already received a disability rating
directly from the military, and those who are ineligible for benefits
for various reasons.

As of May 2002, 206,861 veterans had filed claims for
benefits based on service-connected injuries and illnesses caused by
Gulf War combat related duties

Former Maj. Douglas Rokke, who was director of the Army’s depleted
uranium project, spoke to 125 people at the Buffalo & Erie County
Historical Society.
A U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs report says over 221,000
of our sons and daughters are on permanent disability and over 10,000
dead - one-third of our Gulf War I force. And they’re coming back sick
right now."

But the casualty rate now for Gulf War veterans is approximately 30 percent.
Of those stationed in the theater, including after the conflict,
221,000 have been awarded disability, according to a Veterans Affairs
(VA) report issued September 10, 2002.

Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of america’s high-tech weapons

Briton sues US giant over ’uranium poison’ Landmark court case could establish critical link for Gulf war veterans,6903,1258632,

Iraq’s cancer children overlooked in war

When the Dust Settles: Do Armor-Piercing Munitions Pose Threat Long After War?

Gulf War Syndrome, The Sequel
Soldiers now fighting in Iraq are being exposed to battlefield hazards
that have been associated with the Gulf War Syndrome that afflicts a
quarter-million veterans of the 1991 war, said a former Central Command
Army officer in Operation Desert Storm. In 1991, Desert Storm Commander
Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf asked Rokke to oversee the environmental clean
up and medical care of soldiers injured in friendly fire incidents
involving DU weapons. Rokke later wrote the DU safety rules adopted by
the Army, but was relieved of subsequent duties after he criticized
commanders for not following those rules and not treating exposed
troops from NATO’s war in Yugoslavia. What Rokke and other outspoken
Desert Storm veterans fear is today’s troops are being exposed to many
of the same battlefield conditions that they believe are responsible
for Gulf War Syndrome. These illnesses have left 221,000 veterans on
medical disability and another 51,000 seeking that status from the
Veterans Administration as of May 2002.

The Real Casualty Rate from America’s Iraq Wars
Even more alarmingly, the VA revealed that 206,861 veterans, almost a
third of General Schwarzkopf’s entire army, had filed claims for
medical care, compensation, and pension benefits based on injuries and
illnesses caused by combat in 1991.

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Forum posts

  • These are a small percentage of victims. The Iraqi ones greatly outnumber the US victims, and were innocent victims of genocide, mostly children. Playing the godess of death and destruction, the US wreaked havoc on the people of Iraq. Nearly six months after signing the ’oil-for-food’ deal with the UN (security council resolution 986 - December 9, 1996), Iraq received very little food or medicines it was promised.

    In the meantime, the casualty figures kept climbing. Most of the victims were civilians with children accounting for the overwhelming majority of casualties. Infant mortality rate among children over five years of age had climbed to 8,000 per month (a staggering 100,000 deaths annually), or one child dying every 5.5 minutes. The infant mortality rate for the pre-1990 trade embargo was 1600.

    Whatever one’s view of Iraq’s tyrannical ruler, Saddam Husain, the country had one of the best free healthcare systems in the Middle East, if not the world Thanks to US-led sanctions, even before the cluster bombing and uranium shelling, the system has collapsed completely. Millions of mothers were forced to watch their children wither away and die before their eyes while unable to save them. Some 839,400 children had died in Iraq as a direct result of US sponsored sanctions from August 1990 to 1996 according to Sultan Ishawi, head of the Support the Iraqi Children. Lets not completely forget these -even if the media would like us to.

    • True. Pitty is US citizens do not know or not even care. The religious fanatics in the states even think
      they are doing God’s work. Unfortunately the various kind of churches and especial the catholic church
      and here the pope even took a medal from George Murder Bush.

    • too true-thank you for saying it.

      What were the sanctions for? To make sure Saddam couldn’t build up an arsenal of weapons. He had no weapons, we bombed Iraq anyway...why did all of those children need to die? Nothing the US does makes sense. The Clinton administration even justified the genocide. Madeline Albright said "the price was worth it" Well, why did they have to pay that price if we were just going to bomb the hell out of them anyway?

    • Also, the people and their children from those countries where US genocide has occurred will not forgive or forget.

      Unless the American people ACT against the corrupt administration that is supposed to represent THEM, we should not be surprised when there are more 9/11s in the future.

  • Dr. Don Scott of Degenerative Diseases from Canada. List 6000 pages of gov. documents telling how governments have been testing and infecting the world since ww11. The open use of GM foods, Aspertame,CODAX,Chem-trails,false wars on drugs and diseases etc. Most stand and watch and participate. We must stop this cycle of acceptaince of [Bad Politics][Lies][Coruption][Agenda of Mass Distruction]. 200,000 disable is only a test to measure the ability/range of control from manipulation. The next step is activativation of the new concentration camps [FEMA], which are world wide. Who,s going to participate in walking or herding the sheepal to their death! Bird Flu orchestration,mass murder by design of [ ]. All you have to do is participate. There is free energy ,cheap healthy food,clean ways to live with out hurting our environment and in tern our selves.We allow dumbing down and an excuse of politics to control. The bases of truth and right, are still existent. we have to stand up for them by proper education. example ,Prayer heals, a scientific fact. Free magnetic motors and water motors are easily accesible. Money is only a tool of [fair] exchange. [Treat your brother as you would treat yourself].A check on the controlers would be to limit their welth to one life time. [No Inheratence,or corperations] The public owns its own natural resorces to be fairly shared and managed. Unacceptance of fraud,[example tax assesores could not unfairly tax.][No private sale of public infrastructure and information. The satilites were payed for by tax payers.Banks were to be paid 2% over prime, farmers havent seen a raise in 50 years. To open a door of individual achievement, gives incetive for self advancment and inticment of mind to work for your family. This would excel inventions and achievment. God please help us to work at our individual growth. This is incured by each of us helping each other in balance of good morals.