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New Orleans has been taken over by the United States Government

Tuesday 6 September 2005

The entire city of New Orleans is under evacuation orders. I just spoke to my friend Daniel in the Bywater (9th ward). He reports that unmarked police vehicles (cadillacs) are driving through the neighborhood with SWAT team police armed with ’big black machine guns’ telling people through bullhorns they are under orders to evacuate and must leave the city now.

People in that neighborhood are being told to go to the big pool on the corner of Lesseps and St. Claude (this is one block from my house) to be airlifted out, tho people are allowed to leave by their own means if they can.

He reports helicopters all over the place of all kinds - everything from large Army helicopters with guns to Red Cross helicopters - they are swooping down low in the neighborhood and ’buzzing’ houses - he said one just flew low enough over him to blow shingles off the roof.

He is starting to see National Guardsmen marching through the streets with guns to make sure people obey evacuation orders.

He wanted to get into a neighbor’s house to save their dog that is locked up in there, but was told by a National Guardsman that unless he has keys to the house, if he tries to break the door in he will be shot on the spot.

He also reported that Dr. Bob, Bywater artist, was beaten by NOPD who thought he was a looter - they beat him up severely and took his weapons.

We are being forced out of our city, with no word as to if and when we will be allowed to return. We’ve been wondering what they would do after enough people were forced to die of starvation. Population reduction has been accomplished.

Here are the updates I was working on before this latest call from Daniel:

Yesterday I finally spoke with my best friend Daniel who stayed in New Orleans as he finally was able to make a call on his cell phone. He was calling from the upstairs of the house he lives in, sitting on the porch with an AK-47 in his lap. More details on that call to follow.

He just left me a message about 5 minutes ago telling me that there are cops driving around the neighborhood with bullhorns telling everyone that there is a mandatory evacuation and EVERYONE must go.

There are helicopters all over the skies. He is not sure if they are just trying to scare people into leaving, or if they are serious, but he has found a ride and they are leaving the city.

We do not yet know how this will affect our plans to return to the city.

We will be monitoring the situation as we drive towards New Orleans today and will assess our plans when we arrive in Baton Rouge, our first stop before heading into the city. If we are not able to gain access to the city - which we will still try to do - we will be assisting with relief efforts in Baton Rouge and Covington, where there are hundreds of thousands of refugees from New Orleans in desperate need of assistance.

Some people have asked for a physical address to send money to, so here are two places you can do this. Our good friend Ward Reilly, who will act as our Baton Rouge liason and staging ground, can cash checks for us (we will not have access to bank machines in New Orleans to cash checks!).

The best and easiest thing to do is send a check or money order made out to Ward Reilly and note on the check that it is for Get Your Act On.

Please send to:

Ward Reilly
645 Kimbo Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

People that are on their way to Louisiana to help or want to come down - right now we do not advise people to try to enter the city of New Orleans until we know better what the situation is, especially with the breaking news about the forced evacuations. However, there are hundreds and thousands of refugees in the areas around New Orleans, and there is a desperate need for help there.

Daniel says that in 6 days they have not seen or received any help. In 6 days they saw one policeman - flying through the neighborhood in a police car at 40 miles an hour.

He reported that for the first two days after the storm, Wildlife and Fisheries were rescuing people from the flooded out lower 9th ward, blocks from my house and his house by boat - and just dropping the people off on the dry side of the levy, with no food or water or anywhere to go.

He said that after two days the boats just stopped coming. He had no idea why until I explained the situation with the National Guard to him, and that the rescue boats were told to stand down and stop rescuing people.

The people locked down in the city have no idea that supplies are sitting just outside the city and being turned away.

The only reason they have food is they managed to gather what they could from friends’ apartments, etc., but again, no one has come to help them or bring them food. Other than the people left stranded in the neighborhood, it has been completely abandoned by all official entities.

Here is a bit of heart breaking news. There is only one radio station people can receive in the city. Daniel said that people trapped in their attics in the lower 9th ward have been calling the station saying where they are and asking that some one come get them.

But there is no one to come. Those that are not already dead are dying. Daniel estimates that there are easily some 40-50,000 people dead in their homes in the lower 9th ward. I can not imagine listening to this on the radio, knowing that these peoples pleas are falling on deaf ears. They have simply been left to die.

Now, as with others we have had contact with in New Orleans, the people are afraid to leave their homes because of the National Guard, who have permission to shoot anyone on the spot.

There are many more small details Daniel relayed, but I do not have time for them all now. Just to say that he confirms reports we have received about supplies and relief not getting through. Apparently some assistance is starting to get into the city, but not to the poor neighborhoods.

OK, I have to go now - we need to get on the road towards New Orleans. We will be stopping in Baton Rouge where we will be meeting up with Daniel (they have found a car to get out of the city) and we will then assess the situation and take things from there.

It looks more and more like we will not be able to enter the city without the extreme likelihood of being killed in the process.

So we will regroup in Baton Rouge and start relief efforts with the refugees already there and the rest of the people being airlifted out of New Orleans.

If we deem it at all possible, we will still try to enter the city of New Orleans, but we will not put ourselves in the position of being killed as then we can be of no help to anyone.






Forum posts

  • There must be more than sand under that city. It must be over OIL

  • My cousin was driving from "The South" to Illinois Friday night, listening to Public Radio. He said some callers had said that the hundreds of prisoners we saw on the news for the first two or three days were just released, cut loose in their orange jump suits. One person said he had been called by a relative that had been in prison for murder. Someone else said they were killing people for their clothes for one thing, to get rid of the jump suit they were wearing. The prison guards had been left at the prison for days with no reinforcements, no food, no water and apparently felt abandoned. I heard one "investigative reporter" ask over the weekend about the prisoners and the military responded, "They’ve been taken care of." The reporter asked nothing else. I sure haven’t been able to find anything mentioned anywhere about it.

  • I think the government is WHITEWASHING the city. They’re going to disperse the "refugees" all over the country, and not let them return if and when New Orleans is cleaned up.

    I’ll bet the government will allow big corporations to buy up all the land, either to turn it into a resort for Bush’s have-mores", or to clear the way for ubridled petroleum production with little or no environmental regulation, since the people will be all gone. One thing’s for sure - Katrina has paved the way for the Bushies to steal New Orleans from its good citizens - and it’ll take a herculean struggle to win it back.

  • Are you really serious??? Andrea Garland has no sense.

  • Reports are that an entire Cadillac dealership had all of the vehicles stolen. Would this be the "unmarked" vehicles referred to in Garland’s story.

    Common sense - when used - would put things in perspective concerning this article. One must have to stretch to believe this article. This is the inflammatory rhetoric that malcontents thrive on.

    Would it be so hard to consider that there are valid reasons for leaving New Orleans? Who is Daniel? What makes him a "credible" witness?

    Barbara Riley

  • You are right! The "rescue" of survivors appears to be much like an "assault" on Fallujah, with jackbooted troopers, with full combat gear and rifles eternally cocked, loaded and pointed right at the trembling survivors. The Blackhawk mercenaries shout as loud as possible to terrify, they wrestle people to the ground, smash open doors, apply handcuffs and treat the "survivors" like Muslim Terrorists. I’m surprised they don’t use tanks to shoot at uses and crush the survivors under the treads, or shoot cannon into the houses to give warning that they are not to be trifled with. Bush has no compassion, no pity, no sensitivity.."His Will Be Done." He is a minor Jezus whoseword is law. All we need now are machine guns mounted on corners and guard posts from which automatic rifle fire will be directed at anyone foolhardy enough to try to walk free in America. Perhaps Bush can use gas chambers to get rid of the poor naked, hungry, ignorant inferior people now occupying valuable land and property. Certainly the developers will find ways to get the land and other property into the hands of Republican lobbyists. This is now an occupied nation, much like Iraq and repressive measures, secrecy and indefinite detention are the hallmark of Bush. How can he possibly continue in office??
    Heil George I.