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No Trust Left, In America Or In The World, For The Bush Administration

by Open-Publishing - Tuesday 8 March 2005

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No Trust Left, In America Or In The World, For The Bush Administration
Sam Hamod, PhD
March 06, 2005

Princeton, NJ

The lies being told by the Bush administration to the American people about Social Security, about our “success” in Iraq, about the causes of attacks on our country and now the attempted killing of the Italian journalist, Ms. Guilana Sgrena, have become too much for anyone to believe. No intelligent American or foreigner believes anything emanating from the Bush team.

At this point, I do not believe a thing Bush says or anything his military says. Ms. Sgrena makes clear in her statements that: 1. there were no warning shots; 2. the first shots at the car came from a tank; 3. the shots did not emanate from a checkpoint; 4. her car was not speeding; 5. the Italian embassy had told the Americans she would be coming out in a convoy. Yet, the American troops tried to kill her and he companions by firing over 400 rounds into her car on its way to the airport. She said she remembered upon being released, her captors told her, “Be careful of the Americans, they will try to kill you so that you cannot tell the truths you know about Fallujah.” How true, how prophetic this was...

What is also ironic is that her car had passed through security checkpoints and was in a zone where there was no more need for “security checks.” That leaves us with only one conclusion— our troops meant to kill her because of what the American government feared she would say about the massacres and bombings in Fallujah.

Then, tonight on “60 Minutes,” CBS pointed out that America has been, since the Clinton era, secretly whisking people from various countries into other countries where they are summarily tortured and abused in other ways. The countries that participate in this little American torture game are Uzbekistan, Egypt, Afghanistan and a few others-and I’m sure others we don’t yet know of.

When the American authorities were questioned about this, they just smiled and said, “It’s perfectly legal.” When Scott Pelley asked if the information gleaned from this torture would be, or had been, used by the U.S. government-a Mr. Sawyer replied, “Of course we use it, but we don’t know if it’s gotten by torture.” With that he used his patented snake smile, smiling as if he’d just eaten a mouse called “decency/morality.”

These events lead most of us to despair. But we must not despair, we must stand against this barbarism that has taken over our country—led by such barbarians as Bill Clinton and GW Bush and their cronies. Anyone who thought Samuel Berger was any better than Rumsfeld had best check out the recent disclosures of behavior by both men-you’ll see they are cut from the same cloth and Clinton from the same cloth as Bush.

We must never forget the thousands who died in Albania while Clinton was dallying with Monica Lewinsky, or the millions who died in Rwanda while she felt his cigar between her thighs, or the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who died while Bill Clinton denied his role with Monica on national TV. The same is true of GW Bush, hundreds of thousand of Iraqis will die from the Depleted Uranium he is using in Iraq, beside the other thousands who have died from American bombings in Fallujah, Ramadi, Baghdad. Most of these people innocent women and children—never having done a thing against America except trying to protect their families, their homes and their country.

If we try to think about the most horrible things a nation can do to other human beings, you will find this Bush administration is doing it to others and to us. Hitler reborn? Possibly. Senator Byrd was correct when he said that this regime was like Hitler in the taking over of the media and lying to the American public and to the world. Senator Byrd owes no one an apology for speaking the truth.

We have come to a time when no one believes America’s words to the world, and no intelligent American believes what Bush or what his minions say. Decent Americans, when abroad have to apologize for the evil Bush and his cronies are doing to the world—breaking international law, killing people at will, taking people into confinement without prima facie evidence and then holding them indefinitely. Not only immmoral and unethical deeds, but also illegal actions.

To say this is a sad state of affairs would be an understatement. It means that all the things our nation stood for during WWI and WWII (and in between) are lost, erased by the deeds of a bunch of evil neo-cons and by a dunce who relishes doing their bidding.

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  • So true, I have said these same words to family and friends when we talk of Bush....who could believe one word he says?

    • Does what you say matter?

    • When one habitually lies about everything as Bush does, it makes you wonder how the media can ignore it. I am beginning to believe that Americans do not want to know the truth because they still seem to listen to the propaganda being fed to them daily and continue to tune in and even repeat the lies. Are the people in America so stupid?

    • Yes I have noticed this too.

    • I agree that Bush has lost all credibility. How is it that people living outside of the US so easily see through the lies that Americans seem to believe?

    • rednecks believe what they want to believe. gott mit uns! sad, true ignorance is the inability to learn from mistakes already made.

    • they are. if hitler could do it, so can a man without a funny moustache!

    • I’m an American and I don’t believe the BS being spread by my own government. Sadly, most friends and family do. When I speak out & let them know the truths they simply don’t want to hear it, deny it or get so upsett with me and the conversation goes no where. I have never felt so frightened in a world of supposed democracy and freedom. I am frightened by the direction America is going and I want nothing else but to get out of here quick! Sadly, I can’t afford to do that.

    • Palpable emotions, there is no doubt about that.

      But while you are going through those emotions discern which are generated by yourself and which by an external. Some seem to forget and among those we can count regressive attitudes.
      It’s about taking your energy. Don’t want your energy taken? Then don’t let them...

      In essence, don’t let them scare you out of your energy.


  • Actually the way to interpret what they say is by automatically reversing it to mean the opposite ie) when they say Clean Air, Clear skies..they mean we will let polluters make the laws about pollution, and therefore pollution will increase... No Child Left Behind... we will reduece funding and increase requirements and leave many more behind, They give all their legislations "nice" names and they do the opposite.
    So if they talk about accountability you know they want to do away with that.
    They are SICKENING... a growing MALIGNANCY ..in need of chemotherapy FAST!!
    The World needs to rise up, how many more illegal wars and thousands killed will it take to stop W. and his gang of insurgents.
    Of course no one in the World believes them, because they have never given us reason to ....LIES... all the time.
    Their judgement day will come, and maybe they will have a Liberal judge!

    • but they are all white, are you? because white america only listens to white americans. im white, but i feel as though i’m a minority, marginalized by a machine that has no interest in letting me have a life, a mind or a heart.

  • What a sad piece, but I agree with it.

    And good for you on seeing both parties can be just as evil. I remeber when I lived abroad and Clinton was doing some shady stuff (never reported here of course) I adopted a Canadain accent. LOL, so sad but true.

    How long before the corporate press is toppled and some truth really gets out there? I know we have a few good representatives, but they are being drowned out by both sides (people don’t buy those sound bites, buy their TRUE voting records on issues).

    Sigh, I’m tired of being in this limbo of no action taking place.

  • These liars have put a form of concentration camps in place to deal with U.S. citizens, who dare to act or speak out against their evil deeds. Illegal, immoral, unethical? absolutely....the 2004 "elections", "non-legal weapons" (being used on children),"God’s man in the Whitehouse" (whose God? does he worship), the budgets that cut education, health care, housing, childcare. Why does this group fight for the fetus while destroying any support for the child (or women)? Perhaps they have a use for newborns, a use for women, a use for the resources of the earth mother.

  • What saddens me most is to see how this is in sharp contrast with the values of the Founding Fathers of the United States. I always believed in their approach. Believed, not like having faith, but believing like being confident this approach, the Constitution, is the right way to go. The Bush administration has completely trampled what was allready but a leftover of the Constitution.

    My dream was to become an American, precisely because I feel close to the values of the Founding Fathers. But considering these values are not uphold anymore by a large chunk of Americans (or even never were), and considering even the government, which is supposed to protect those values does nothing but destroy them, I no longer want to be an American.

    • im a white american. my family tree is rooted in this country going back as far as the First Families of Virginia. and you are correct my foreign friend, it is a sad day for america at the turn of the century.

  • the question of the media is an interesting one. dan rather was rail roaded, i believe. what about the forged documents, where did they come from? to kick dan rather out after 24 yrs of being a house hold name is clearly a sign of the state of things in the us today. but we all know, the relationship between the republicans and private sector industry (like the media) is one that is prone to corruption and favoritism. i not only don’t believe anything bush or his staff say, but i dont believe what the media is reporting from the ME either! look at how the media pumped the opposition rallies in lebanon for the past two weeks, and how they down-played the pro-syrian rallies of the past couple days (which were attended by far more lebanese citizens).

  • Bush adminstration has destroyed America and created war on people who did nothing to harm this country.

    Our people have died for a lie, millions of Iraq people, Several Thousand coming home with physical and injuries that will never heal.

    Bush himself was AWOL form servering in the service, he had a rich daddy to protect him. Its to bad he is not called up for active duty and sent to the front line to face the hell that he has caused.

    Hate, he has gathered more hate from this country then any president of the US. He ranks up there with Hiltler axis of evil, he looks in the mirror he will see the Satan himself
    the war terrorits.

    All the lies he told to invade a country, mislead the world leaders
    now he is working on destroying the
    programs here in the US, his budget set to protect the rich to get even richer, he cuts benefits with no answer to what people are going to , he as allowed the jobs to leave the country, Allowing imigration to be a very serious problem for this country, why because Bush does not have a clue on how to be a president for the people. Only for his smirk faced self servering and surrounds himself with yes people to help him carry out more lies.

    It is time for both parties to stand up and face Bush squarely and say to him enough is enough,its time you answer all the questions about Sept. 11, Iraq War, your real agends about
    Social Security, Health Care, Education, Prescrption drugs program is a failure.

    Everything he has done has cost this country our lives of of sons and daughters, no jobs, social security is another big lie, he knows that young people will not have personal accounts, they do not even have jobs that will support them one pay day to the next. The cost of everything will be three times higher then what we are facing today. How can he say its going to be a plan that they have control over, another lie. Banks charge to handle accounts and you have to have certain amount in the account before they stop taking monthly service charges on the account. Bush lies and all of his
    people that he appoints are people he controls thru Rowe, Cheney, and few others. Republicans you have lost your face you are not people in government but little puppets to
    do Bush dirty work and control the world.

    Bring back some honest government instead of covering up a president who lies and still lies every day.

    Call and impeach bush today
    Make him accountable for the war crimes and lies he as done the world.

    He has not won the battle in Iraq, they are worse off now then before,
    Bush remove yourself and bring peace to Iraq by your leaving office. Its your dirty policy and lies that are getting people killed everyday.

    You are a brave man when you can send others into battle, but you yourself
    did not want to face the battle.

    Clean up the White House sex and gay parties in the
    office. Clinton you were after him for sex, how about the dirty little
    tricks going on now.
    This is degrading for your office to allow this going on.

    What a combination, we have gay sex, a man who lies, and surrounds himself with people who are willing to lie for you.

    Cheney, Rice, Rumsflet, Gonazales, the list goes on.

    All of them need to be impeached and removed from office.

  • The writer is obviously a person a deep feelings and I respect him for it. But I cannot see the world so black and white and I invite you all to think more deeply about the complexity of our world.

    I wonder if the writer would apply the same logic to those who resisted attacking Iraq in the UN, who profited from the oil-for-food program, while thousands of Iraqi’s suffered or died at the hands of Saddam. Was the right answer to give control back to Saddam? Afterall, that is what Bush senior did after liberating Kuwait. Did you criticize him for that?

    I wonder if the writer would acknowledge the suffering of the Afgan women under the Taliban, and acknowledge the FACT that the US forces, led by George Bush, liberated them from this tyranny. Does Bush deserve criticism for this? Do you think the man has any less feelings than the writer? HOw do you think the AFgan women feel?

    If we apply the writer’s logic to the past, then Abraham Lincoln, the liberator of slaves in America, would be seen as bad as Hitler. Students of history may recall that the previous administration (Millard Filmore?) tried to make a compromise (Missouri?) and avoid conflict. Lincoln refused to compromise regarding the slavery issue, and he oversaw the bloodiest war Americans every experienced. There were more US casualties suffered then in all other conflicts combined before and since. Pretty evil—no?

    Regarding the point about Clinton, under International Law, the US Actions, namely the indescriminate bombing of Serbia, would make Clinton a candidate for a war crimes trial. Have you considered that? Did he take the right action here, or is it only the inaction you wish to criticize? What about the suffering of the Serbs? I am wondering if any of the people reading this know who the Serbs are, what they suffered in the past, and what you Americans owe them.

    These men, Clinton and Bush, had the responsibility to actual act. What would YOU do?

    Tom in Quebec, Canada

    • Tom, when Bush decides to annex Canada the same way Hitler annexed the Sudetenland, you will be the first to whimper about Bush’s plans for your life! Go spout quotes from ’Pills’ Limbaugh on some other site where your narrow views are welcome.

  • From the first time I saw W. campaign I knew he was lying. I never believed him and I knew when Powell was one of his first appointments we would be going to war, I just didn’t know where or when.
    I certainly did not believe that Iraq had WMD’s... we had destroyed them years earlier and had them under satellite surveilance and fly overs since then. I NEVER believed one word that comes out of w. or his Administrations mouths and I NEVER will!