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Playing into the hands of Bush

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 22 September 2004

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Murderous barbaric butchers betray cause

by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

So, Eugene Armstrong has been beheaded. The tape has been sent to the Internet. A victory for senselessness, idiocy, butchery, cruelty, mindless violence, perpetrated by the legions of Baal.

What is the difference between slitting the throat of an American contractor and blasting away the limbs of an Iraqi child with a cluster bomb?

What is the difference between killing an American civilian and killing an Iraqi civilian?

What is the difference between using force to murder a defenseless human being who holds an Iraqi passport, and a similar act against a person who holds a US passport? The answer in all three cases is none.

So, the barbarity, the criminality, the outrage of the attack perpetrated by the war criminal Bush against tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians is now matched by a shocking act of violence by a group of militants who consider that they will gain sympathy by murdering a US citizen.

All that these murderers have gained is utter contempt by everyone who has been criticizing the Bush regime for its criminal negligence in involving the USA and its allies in a wholly unnecessary long drawn-out war.

In perpetrating horrors of this kind, these animals give Bush a carte blanche to continue his acts of savagery. Now they are all as bad as one another.

The Iraqi resistance has no right to take the lives of civilians and any such measures are sure to lose it the support it had started to gain. In the face of violence and butchery on a scale unleashed by the Bush regime, the way forward is magnanimity, clemency, compassion.

Slitting the throat of a defenceless, terrified man is to descend to the levels and rules launched by Bush, whose armed forces thought nothing of blasting the limbs and lives of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians away.

Descending to his level does not create a draw. It creates the notion that the Iraqi resistance is no better than the evil legions of Bush which launched the criminal and murderous invasion of this sovereign state against each and every notion of international law.

Therefore the Tawhid and Jihad Movement, led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is after all nothing more than a mirror image of George Bush, no better, no different.


Forum posts

  • You are absolutely kidding me, right? Don’t ever equate American’s fighting soldier to these monsters. You do not deserve to walk upon the American soil if you actually believe what you wrote. American’s are a civilized people. We make mistakes. As much as the liberal media and the liberal educational systems may have poisoned your mind into hating America (you have clearly been brainwashed somewhere down the line), the world is indeed a safer place without Saddam around. God Bless America, you stupid fool.

    • Right on! This is clearly good vs. evil. In order to fight evil takes risk and mistakes. God Bless the American soldier for it is he who has fought for the civility the world and Tim Hinchey himself, now enjoy.

  • Yes, Americans are a civilized people, that is not in dispute. And the american soldier is doing his job which is obeying orders given to him by his commander in chief. The buck stops with him.
    But 20,000 Iraqis now lie dead, with many more thousands maimed, these are the people President Bush came to free. Many are women and children. And the so called "liberal media" are too scared to show these harrowing scenes on network tv for fear of upsetting their corporate sponsors and government officials. But the rest of the world sees it!!!!
    I ask you if you saw your child lying lifeless in the street with a bullet in her head what would you do? Their only crime was being a citizen of Iraq.
    When you start killing people then it becomes personal. America knows this all too well after 9/11. The mark of a "civilized" society is to rise above those feelings of revulsion and show the world a better way. Otherwise it will be "an eye for an eye till everyone is blind."

  • finally there some smart people in the westren world death is death its killing humanbean the us killed more people than any other country in the world native americans japan lebanon iraq palestine afganistan libya south america slavery etc