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Sunday 08/13: 911tvfakery.blogspot.com at St.Mark’s/ny911truth

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 9 August 2006

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August 13th, 2006 - 7 PM EST
911tvfakery.blogspot.com at St.Mark’s/ny911truth
Presented by Nico Haupt aka ewing2001

What is "9/11TVFakery"?

Some argue, it is the most damaging ’insanity’ of the 9/11 movement ever,
others think it is the ultimate ’holy grail’ against any kind of "limited hangout".

It is a proven fact, that U.S. Media regularly fabricates and doctors
video, photos, stories every single day,
but on 9/11 they allegedly did not?

The findings of "9/11TVFakery" show that live and non-live footage
of the second attack on the South Tower did not include a real aircraft
and therefore contradict the official story of 9/11.

One wonders, that this should be enough to make a case,
but the majority of 9/11 activist leaders does not want to. Why?

But "9/11 TV Fakery Video Researchers" are not even alone.
There are also so called "no planers", which focussed on forensic evidence only,
which allowed only one clear conclusion as well: No 7x7 hit the South Tower.

However the "no-planers" are getting harrassed, threatened, ignored or insulted since
3, 4 years by just trying desperately to seperate their evidence from Disinfo ("Pods"),

Misconclusions ("hologram") and Inconsistencies ("remote controlled planes").

’9/11TVFakery’ is a clean and systematic attempt to satisfy all groups,
even shows how important the fakery was for the controlled demolition,
but is still getting attacked as well.

On Sunday, August 13th the audience of ny911truth.org
will have a chance to hear the real history of this research, which is,
no matter what many claim also already 5 years old (!).
The audience will have the opportunity to analyse this unwilling footage as well,
in most cases in its original quality.

So far, everyone who analysed this footage came to the same conclusion:
There WAS foul play on TV!.

U.S. Media was part of the 9/11 Inside Job.
A military camera system called WESCAM was part of the false flag.
These and other disturbing facts are getting oppressed from a movement,
which is itself accused as "orwellian", "gatekeeping" and "infiltrated".

A petition is supportive of the awareness of these facts as well.
Eleven (11!) 9/11Scholars signed it so far.

The complete story of 9/11 was never told.
911tvfakery.blogspot, coming from the investigative school of team8plus.org
is making a difference and will continue to do so.

Forum posts

  • Wish I could be there. I believe no plane hit the second tower but don’t use this in my discussions anymore mainly because the next question is usually "well what happened to the passengers then?". Any comments/help on this?

  • Question 9/11 and TV Fakery....I have one question, are there still two towers still standing in New York City or are they GONE???
    Sonya Collins
    Wichita Kansas