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To: The 95 countries that helped Katrina victims!

by Open-Publishing - Sunday 11 September 2005

International Solidarity Catastrophes USA

To: The 95 countries that helped Katrina victims!

On behalf of myself and the American people we humbly thank you all for your generous support during these trying times of disaster relief for all of the victims that
were directly and indirectly affected by the Katrina Hurricane. We also humbly thank you as well as others who are helping to save our dear friends, the animals that are always forgotten in time of distress but yet are always our true friends. We are keenly aware as are others that this great nation of America when cut also bleeds like all others and in time as others do, will heal. We are embarrassed and we deeply apologize for exposing to the world the truth of our poor and helpless. It demonstrates that we as a nation have to respond to our own first before we can become beacons of hope to others. Please accept this letter as a sincere token of our genuine appreciation for helping us all realize that the United States of America is part of a bigger and better planet called Earth.

Judah Ben-Hur

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  • This is how we thank our friends??

    "Since last Saturday we have been waiting for permission to fly into the United States but so far we haven’t got any response,"

    "The only answer we get is that our request (to fly) has been suspended until further notice," he said.

    "We made the offer right after the hurricane and since then we haven’t had any replies," he said. "Of course, they were polite and nice (...) and we understand it takes a lot of time to sort through all these offers."

    "All we can do is wait," Andreas Stauffer, of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), said

    Grumblings as Some Countries Left Hanging After Offering Katrina Aid

    • Believe me the ethnical cleansing which took place in New Orleans, they don’t want international witnesses. Moreover if somebody finds out that other countries have much better equipment or standards - gee - that would wreck the American proud.