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Monday 29 August 2005


By Peter Fredson

Let me see if I can untangle the huge knot of lies that Bush has made into a large sticky ball.

He has claimed a dozen or so times that he "wants to stay the course."

By that he means he intends to stay in Iraq, a foreign country which up until a few years ago was a sovereign country. Bush says that he must "stay the course" because he has to kill "insurgents" in Iraq, before they decide to come here. He wants to attract them to Iraq, by having his troops make a living hell for Moslems in Iraq, so he can then kill enough of them so that they will never have the strength to come to Crawford, Texas and run amuck in his desert.

Bush says that when he has killed all the “insurgents” and made life secure for ordinary Iraqis, he will then pack up his troops and leave Iraq. He says he has given the Iraqis back their sovereignty, which he took from them, and has given them FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, LIBERTY and all other good Bush speech words. Now all they have to do is make a constitution and he will leave them alone.

Wrong. Utterly wrong. Bush lies. He invaded Iraq not to depose a single dictator who was EVIL, but to seize oil resources, build military bases in a “sovereign” country, build a huge embassy from which he can send John Bolton bully clones, and dominate the entire Middle East. He intends to stay, and continue lying to the world about his aims. He did not bring the Iraqis FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY AND LIBERTY but DEATH, DESTRUCTION, AND TYRANNY.

He created a puppet regime from exiled Iraqis, imposed Caesarian rulers over them and forced them, with “force of arms” to do his every bidding.
How a nation under tyrannical occupation, torture and abuse, and hired killers, can be sovereign is a great Bush lie.

He is now building several huge military bases for Permanent Occupation. He has taken over palaces of a man he holds in vile duress. His body-armored troops occupy the entire country, with automatic rifles, tanks, helicopters, attack planes, threatening any Iraqi who dares move and they daily kill Iraqis, knock down their doors, walls and houses, destroy their infrastructure, while prating continually of bringing them Freedom, Democracy and Liberty.

His web of deceit engulfs the world. He cannot tell Cindy Sheehan about any noble purpose that led to war in Iraq because He is the Thief of Baghdad who stole an entire country, took away its sovereignty, killed thousands with shock-and-awe, for oil, bases and to further a strategy of world domination. His gang of thugs in suits knows no shame, no remorse, no pity in their quest for fame and wealth.

That is why he must “stay the course” and keep his several million committed True Believer Followers well supplied with lies about Freedom, Democracy and Liberty and his corporate sponsors rolling in wealth from war profiteering.

There is NO noble purpose. But there is plenty of stealth, deceit, misinformation, violence, murder, tyranny, corruption, and daily lies told with bounding optimism, huge smiles, back-slapping, baby-kissing, and swaggering to keep enough Republicans happy to keep Bush free from impeachment and allow him to strut and smirk. He has pulled off one of the great deceptions in history.

We are indeed sorry that he lied to our troops about terrorism in Iraq. There was none. Bush and his cabinet are responsible for every death of “our brave boys” that he sent to Iraq with his lies. He cannot tell the troops that he lied to get oil, build bases and an embassy, and to make himself ruler of a fascist theocracy.

Someone should really tell them.

Forum posts


  • brilliant analogy...thank-you for your most insightful and right on the mark words

  • I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. When I was a young student living in Rome, Italy ( I am 58 years old now), I never thought that a U.S. president would one day destroy his own country’s constitution while launching a war of conquest in the Middle East that would drag the whole world into war, but that, I think, is exactly what is happening. I am convinced that the course the Bush Administration is following in the Middle East will lead to World War IV (if one considers the Cold War to have been World War III.) As British author David Icke has said, the American attempt to control the oil in the Middle East will bring it into conflict with both Russia and China, both of whom covet such control, and who consider the Middle East and its oil to be rightfully theirs. This conflict, I fear, will truly be "the war to end all wars," because there will be nothing left of the world but death and ruins when it is finished. The pitiful remnant of humanity that is left after the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of all the combatants have done their work, and after famine and disease have accounted for those who survive the war, will gladly embrace the New World Order: the world totalitarian state predicted by George Orwell in his "1984."