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War crimes in IRAQ

Saturday 26 March 2005

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<eml1290|right>War crimes in IRAQ

I am writing to you calling for some efforts to stop the war going on in Iraq.

This war has caused the loss of more than 100,000 Iraqis ( according to a study published by the LANCET medical journal ( ) ) and more than 1528 Americans. Large violations of human rights have been committed against civilians in various towns of Iraq,( see for example the report " Beyond Torture ", ) . Those who were the cause for these losses and violations must be sent to fair trials , so that the two nations may start reconciliation and live together peacefully.

A part from the invasion, which can not be accepted by any nation, the Iraqis continued to resist the existence of the USA troops due to the various abuses done by some of these troops. Such abuses took various forms, among them are:- the resolution of the Iraqi army, excessive use of power which led to the killings of innocent civilians, humiliation and robberies during the searches for weapons in the houses of Iraqis , torturing and raping of prisoners in Abu-Garaib prison, briberies and squandering of Iraqi money. Many of the frustrated Iraqis had to start fighting back USA troops , and violence escalated up.

I am enclosing a photograph of one of the invading troops in which he is acknowledging the killing and raping of Iraqis. I ask all kind people to use this evidence to send this person to trial so that the Iraqis feel that criminals face fair sentences.

Mohamed Younis
Mosul / Iraq.


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  • The list of war crimes is very long. Many have been documented on this site and sent to the ICC. Please send your input...

    ICC website

    email contacts

    public information office

    office of prosecutor

  • Like America, Britain or Israel can do whatever they want. Israel keeps on stealing land from the Palestine’s and declares them as terrorists. The International Court for war crime is a practical joke.
    They have endless sessions with old Yugoslawian cases or cases from World War II.
    The whole court is a phony invention. Bring America, Britain and Israel war crimes to court or leave
    other cases to countries where they belong.
    But these fartboard of judges get’s a decent pay. They are comical and hypcratic creatures.