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Wheel of VOTER Challenge IV: $.1K

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 23 December 2004

Elections-Elected USA Robin Baneth

New Wheel of VOTER "Challange" IV: $.1K, Last of 2004?

NEW $100 "CHALLANGE" (Bush spelling)

Due to the popularity (Ohio fax number created below!) of the last three Wheel of VOTER Challenges 2004 — in which paper-trail voting is unanimously preferred, indisputable machine hackability, and absence of any Democrat Diebold IT personnel — we at WVC headquarters now offer the following $100 opportunity for our easiest challenge yet:

We will send a $100 cashier’s check to the first FIVE Ohio Republicans who claim that they:

a) Waited longer than 3 hours to vote in 2004 General Election.
b) Are registered Republicans in Ohio.
c) Voted in a Republican precinct in a Republican Ohio County.
d) Can name one other Republican at a different Republican precinct that waited over 3 hours to vote.

Your name and identifying information will be NOT be made public in any way without your permission. Your identifying information will be held strictly confidential. A signed non-disclosure agreement will be provided. Non-identifying information, such as precinct, county, gender, and race will be published at WVC discretion.

To win:

a) Provide a copy of voter registration card, county, precinct name/number and info that allows confirmation on SBOE web site.
b) Your precinct and county are deemed "Republican" ("red") based on 2000 and 2004 SBOE records.
c) Provide a paragraph explanation of the reason that you waited 3 hours (e.g., broken machines).
d) State method of voting: Touch-screen, paper ballot, etc.
e) Estimate how many machines were in your precinct.
f) A phone or email address of someone else at a different Republican precinct (can be in same county) that waited over three hours to vote.

WOV will contact your county BOE for confirmation that long waits were indeed reported at your precinct (your name will not be mentioned). Terms and payout ARE negotiable on some items causing difficulty. Five payouts maximum for this challenge.

Everyone else, how quickly to you think we could find Democratic counterparts who could meet this challenge in a Democratic precinct?

In summary, go visit the Fraud Slide Show:

Robin Baneth
2004 National Wheel of VOTER Challenges Chair
Raleigh, North Carolina
New Ohio Fax Number for Submissions: 419-781-5524


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The Survey Says: The Machines Winning

Author and challenge briefly discussed in the
Raleigh News and Observer NEWSPAPER 12/15 (J. Rosen)
beginning 9th paragraph, "A Level Playing Field:"


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