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Wheel of Voter Resolution 2005

by Open-Publishing - Friday 31 December 2004

Elections-Elected USA Robin Baneth

Four Wheel Of Voter WOV Challenges (still open!):

Alas, we are ending 2004 with all four Wheel of Voter Challenges unsolved. The $1,000, $2,000, $500, and $100 prizes remain unclaimed, respectively. Let’s

review how to win because on face value these challenges are not quite as hard as climbing Everest, solving perpetual motion, or curing the common cold:

1) Justify non-paper trail voting is better than paper-trail voting (ok, not so easy). _ A bit rhetorical.
2) Nerd heaven: Someone just needs to find a SINGLE flaw in WOV’s nine-step
recipe for remote access of County Tabulators. This one has the highest reward _ and if not refuted should anger every American.
3) Whistleblower: Identify one Diebold or Triad elections computer programmer _ or technician who is NOT a Republican. There must be one.
Do I hear a hiring discrimination lawsuit? You cannot hire someone based on
political affiliation folks.
4) Locate one Ohio Republican who waited more than three hours to vote in a
Republican precinct. $100 will buy a club to bang a seal with.

The first two challenges are open to everyone and do not expire until January 2009. The last two challenges are a bit more restrictive but are also open till January 2009.

Moreover, Wheel of Voter National Committee makes a 2005 New Year’s Resolution to increase the prize money by a factor of 10 and relax some of the requirements by partnering with a larger donor entity — as of yet undetermined so no changes yet. STAY TUNED. For instance, the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" might want to bankroll a $5,000 Expanded Challenge #3 to find any non-Republican programmer or technician working on these elections systems for any company. Perhaps, Rush Limbaugh will help us sue Diebold for refusing to hire Democrats in key positions. Let’s do lunch. We know some folks who still need to score some Oxy-Contin for post election syndrome.

Thus far, we have had two attempts to win the prize money and both have failed without counter-challenges.

Recently, Bill Moyers reminds us: When the journalist-historian Richard Reeves was asked by a college student to define “real news,” he answered: “The news you and I need to keep our freedoms” (in a 12/24/04 speech called "Our Democracy is in Danger of Being Paralyzed" http://www.democracynow.org/article... ).

The ones who are being melodramatic are the ones telling me to shut up. This is real news. America is unable to solve simple challenges. Now spare us the melodramatics, solve these challenges, and I will go back to the nudist commune far away from my computer.

If a robot can eat flies to recharge its batteries ( http://edition.cnn.com/2004/TECH/12... ) then we can find one Republican who waited three hours to vote in a Red County, after all, there are thousands of Democrats who waited 6 hours or more. What gives?

Robin Baneth, M.S., M.A.
2004 National Wheel of VOTER Challenges Chair
Raleigh, NC
FAX: 419-781-5524