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Words Of Wisdom For President G.W. Bush

by Open-Publishing - Tuesday 8 March 2005

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Words Of Wisdom For President G.W. Bush
Sam Hamod, Ph.D.
March 3, 2005

Mr. President, if I may paraphrase General Eisenhower when speaking about Korea, he said, “I’m going to bring our troops home-now.” And he did. You should do the same in Iraq before more get killed, maimed or mentally disturbed. The only way you can conquer Iraq, as I said back when the war started, was to kill all Iraqis. Unfortunately, you and General Abizaid and the insane General Mattis, are doing a good job of that.

At this point, Mr. President, I must ask you an important question, “Do you remember what Jesus Christ said, or are you caught up in some other religious theology?”

Mr. President, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan when speaking to the Russians, “Tear that wall down!” You should do the same to Sharon, tell him to “Tear that wall down, and set the Palestinians free.” If you don’t, then the bloodshed will continue and may even come over to America when the Palestinians have had enough of the Israelis and you.

Mr. President, why would you keep a man in office who has committed war crimes and intends to commit more? Your good friend, Donald Rumsfeld, had to bargain before he could go to the NATO meeting in Germany and Brussels so that he would not be arrested for “war crimes”. What kind of men have you surrounded yourself with.

Mr. President, let me not forget, Mr. President, Albert Gonzales, the man who said the Geneva Conventions were “out of date,” and “could be ignored.” And imagine, Mr. President, you’ve made him, Attorney General of the U.S. How low did you have to go to get such a bottom dweller to work for you-but of course, that may be why you chose him.

Mr. President, you and I know the country is going broke and yet you keep splurging money on Iraq and Afghan campaigns. What will you do to help Americans keep their jobs, pay their bills, get universal health care, get cheaper prescription drugs, help the homeless find shelter and the elderly survive? Only God may judge you, but if you continue your present path, then you will surely end up in Hell. Anyone who can’t see this, must be a part of the devil’s deceptive army, especially among those who surround you.

Mr. President, do you think Conde Rice loves you more than Laura Bush does? I think often of that Freudian slip she made, by calling you her husband. We all have our suspicions, but you had best stick with Laura Bush, she’s classier than either you, Hillary Clinton or Conde Rice. We have great sympathy for Laura Bush and for your father, they must keep defending you though they both know how wrong you are in your ongoing warfare and support of your warfare-loving friends in the cabinet and at Halliburton.

Mr. President, have you ever taken a good look at the evil in the eyes of Dick Cheney. Have you ever thought of how Tom DeLay twists his mouth, kind of like the way Dante described the devil’s way. Have you ever thought about how much Dennis Hastert resembles a pig, not only in his belly but in his ways as leader of the House? Some say that he should have been put in a pen in the pig farm you bought during your first presidential campaign and then called it a “ranch!” aha, Mr. President, you are funny.

Just a few words Mr. President. Last but not least, I hope you will see the faces of every single American person killed, maimed and gone mad in Iraq-may they stay with you until the end of your days, and may the haunt you with their needless deaths. While you are at it, you should keep an eye on the more than 100,000 Iraqis you’ve killed, the more than 250,000 wounded and the million children who have been emotionally and physically scarred for life because of your illegal, immoral and unjust war on the Iraqi people. Surely, God will make you answer for these sins. As they say, “We leave it to God for God is most just and God will surely punish the wicked and vain.”

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  • RE: Laura Bush

    I work with battered women. Laura Bush may not show up with a black eye, but she certainly acts like a woman who is being abused. It is common knowledge that W won’t answer questions that make him angry and he angers easily. Nor does he accept any critical analyses regarding any action he has taken. Based on his temperment seen in public, my education and experience, I’d bet money he is an abusive husband.
    His attitudes on womens’ issues is also a give away.....he has cut funding each year for domestic violence prevention, education and shelters. Domestic violence cuts across all incomes, races and faiths. However, faith-based can do it better than those "feminists", says W. To W it’s all really simple-clergy just needs to tell the women to "submit", so their wife-beating husbands won’t HAVE to knock them around anymore...

    "Support our Soldiers, Bring ’Em Home NOW!" PROTEST Americans! Global Protest MARCH 19, 2005-Find one near you-Thank you, A soldiers Mom

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