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Do we?

by Open-Publishing - Monday 2 May 2005
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Do we really expect to read the paper tomorrow, a month from now, a year from now and expect no bad news out of Iraq? Apparently, several thousand Iraqis have made it a career choice to kill anything and anybody in the way of what they perceive to be justice. If we are going to pull out with our tail between our legs, shouldn’t we do it sooner rather than later?

Do we really think we are helping things over there? What are we waiting for?

Hell no. We are buying time to uninstall as much oil as we can from the second largest oil reserve in the world.

Does anybody really doubt this? Do we really expect the insurgency to end? Does anybody in the US want the insurgency to end? Maybe some parents of some soldiers? Hello out there?

The balance of power has shifted within the US towards the "we know better crowd." The U.S. is better. Democracy is better. We know our way is better.

Do we? Do we really know what is better? Must there really be only one way?

I do not know if India and China are democracies but I can tell you in 10 years they will be the largest superpowers in the world. Now that the world economy is information-based, the country leveraging the most efficient and effective information systems will be calling the shots. They will make high yield stock purchases moments before our richest investors and they will sell under-performing stocks back to us since that is all we will be able to afford.

Instead we have an incredible fiscal deficit, trade deficit, and a miniscule dollar and no strategy to reverse course. We are certainly making things easy for the Chinese and Indians.

The CEO’s know this and that is why they are grabbing everything they can get now — for themselves. We know oil is finite and that is why our infrastructure is maximizing profits now — while there is something to sell. Oil will be gone by 2040. Look at all the cars. Can we really sustain this? Oil will be gone before social security starts operating in the red. Which is the real crisis?

Bush believes our scientists will make the jump to new energies when the time comes but that does not stop him from raping the planet now. In fact, this is what drives him. Gouge the customer while we are all on the righteous merry-go-round.

Another sign of conservative desperation is that they felt it necessary to manipulate the 2004 election in order to stay on this course. Pretty desperate.

AC/DC wrote a song about this: Highway to Hell.

We are on it. Do we know how to get off it in time?

Do we?

It is not too late to create incentives to generate more engineers here in the US. Our energy and IT professionals need to take pay cuts to compete against the Indians and the Chinese. The CEOs of all of our companies need to get their salaries back down to 40 times the average salary.

Ask a Bushie what we are doing in Iraq and they will change the subject faster than their SUV’s spark plugs fire. They definitely do not want to hear I told you so from the left. Now that’s a war we can all get behind.

When I see the Bush daughters driving a HumVee over in Iraq then I might think: "Gee he really does believe in his own bullshit."

Bush was born on third base. Now that is a leader we can get behind. Way behind.

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  • Long before you see the Bush whores driving an SUV in Iraq (never) you will most likely see Jenna’s "Butt dance" she performed at a night club recently while slopped on her ass. She takes after her old man, the family drunk. It was caught on video and unless the secret service has already confiscated it, there is a chance for it to make Bush family history in a more public way. The Bushes must be lousy parents for their daughters are nothing but trash.