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Humiliation and Destabilisation or concerted plans

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 7 August 2004
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by Robert Thompson

We are all reeling from the shock of seeing on our television screens the horrific and inhuman ritual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners who have had the ill fortune to find themselves in an establishment run by the armed forces of the U.S.A. Immediately following on from this we have seen re-runs of the sight of a swaggering Mr George W. Bush on 1st May 2003, after he had landed on an aircraft-carrier under a banner reading "Mission Accomplished", somewhat prematurely celebrating the end of the war which he had started (with the unfailing fawning support of his cringing servile Scottish side-kick, Mr Anthony Blair) against the wishes of the world community, as represented by the United Nations.

On the day when the invasion started, I expressed my view that this war could, if one were optimistic, come to an end within twenty-five years. When, on 1st May, I first saw the television film of Mr Bush’s speech on the aircraft-carrier, I found it hard to believe that he could be so stupid, but I am coming progressively to the (less charitable) view that it had all been meticulously planned. I have now had to revise my estimate of the duration of the war, since it may last much longer if the neo-conservatives who support and control Mr Bush have their way.

One year on, we see the war becoming more and more calamitous in the increasing number of casualties, mostly among innocent Iraqi civilians, but also very substantially among the ranks of the occupation forces. I am sure that most of these young people are decent and honest, but they are just some of the many casualties of the Bush régime’s carefully laid plans to control the world. The shorthand for this desire to subjugate has been to call it either the "Coca-Cola culture" or "U.S.A. Imperialism". Both of these terms are hideously accurate, since the first implies that everyone in the world can be brainwashed to believe that consumer goods from the U.S.A. are better than more traditional items, and the second that all other parts of the world must be subservient to the U.S.A.

I am sure that many of you who are citizens of the U.S.A. quite simply do not understand why your country has come to symbolise everything hateful for so many around the world, and it would be useful if every single one of you could consider the matter with all the proper humility which is taught by so many religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

As I have repeatedly maintained, Mr Bush gave a huge impetus to all those who claimed that he was deliberately trying to bring everyone to his (much loved highly corrupt) vision of democracy when he declared his "Crusade", i.e. war against Islam. In the aftermath of the terrorist attrocities of 11th Sept this declaration seemed like a deliberate rejection of the sympathy for the U.S.A. which the attacks had evoked among all decent people around the world.

Hind-sight can help us to understand events, even though we may not be able to put things right, and it is now perfectly clear that there are forces behind Mr Bush who have every interest in creating chaos, which for them is highly profitable.

There is no other reason for giving his full support to the murderous Mr Sharon, when this criminal makes clear his intention of seizing further lands from Palestinians. In case anyone should question my describing this man as a criminal, I would remind every reader that he has not only admitted, but has actually proclaimed his responsibility for, the murders of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Dr Abdul-Aziz Rantissi. It must have been patently obvious to Mr Bush and his advisers/controllers that Mr Sharon’s plans to seize more illegally occupied land (and water) would stir up still further hatred and instability among all Palestinians, and, beyond them, all Arabs. Furthermore, since a majority of Palestinians are Muslim, all followers of Islam would take this to be an integral part of his clearly declared war against them.

After his failure to make any form of explanation, such as "I did not understand the words which I used", or humble apology, it is impossible to believe that Mr Bush and his advisers/controllers did not wish to stoke up deep hatred between Islam and the "West". The reasons for this devilish plan are becoming clearer as we see which corporations are getting "juicy" contracts to repair what was so precisely destroyed on his orders in Iraq. What is fascinating is that this is to be paid for out of the taxes paid by ordinary citizens (not the coprorations, of course) in the U.S.A., and that some of these same corporations are now able most profitably to control Iraqi oil exports.

The other exploded myth is that the invasion was ordered because Saddam Hussein was such a dreadful "bad guy", since the Bush régime does not hesitate to support other unpleasant régimes which are just as bad or even worse than that of the Iraqi Ba’ath Party.

Logically, we then have to consider the matter of weapons of mass destruction (the famous "WMD’s) which are most notably held in the Near and Middle East, without any form whatsoever of international control, by the "State of Israel". If Mr Bush and his advisers/controllers wished to put an end to this anarchic detention of such arms, they could do so very speedily, but this might bring peace and stability, which would not suit their more nefarious plots.

Coming full circle, there is a clear link in the policy which decides brutally to humiliate the people, whether in Iraq or in the Holy Land, thereby creating resentment, which easily develops into hatred of the oppressors and of all who support them. It is all very well for Mr Bush to make statements by which he expresses disgust at the behaviour of the prison guards in Iraq, but this nasty behaviour has flowed logically from his own refusal to follow international legality. One disregards the Rule of Law at one’s peril, and I have had to draw the conclusion that Mr Bush and his advisers/controllers were well aware of what they were doing when they unleashed this war, using the actions of terrorists from a quite different country and background, i.e. Wahabi extremists from Saudi Arabia, as a convenient excuse to take control of Iraq’s massive oil reserves. They must have known that they were thereby encouraging al-Qa’eda terrorism, just as Mr Sharon must know that the increase in repression and humiliation of the native people of Palestine will increase resistance, and that he can then use this as an excuse to impose even harsher restrictions on the people whose land he is stealing and whose citizens he orders to have murdered whenever he so wishes (with Mr Bush’s blessing).

We are told here that the media in the U.S.A. never compare the respective numbers of Palestinians and of invading Israelis who die each month from violence, whereas we are given such figures, and we are horrified to know that so many times more innocent Palestinians die as members of the immigrant community. Similarly, we hear (with deep regret) that in Iraq so many hundreds of members of the invading forces (mainly hapless U.S.A. servicemen, merely obeying illegal orders) have been killed or maimed, but little detail of the greater numbers of innocent Iraqi civilians who have been killed and injured, just because they were there in their own country.

Humiliation is extremely dangerous because of the despair and desperation which it can create. Therefore the recent publication of photographs of such actions as those by the prison guards from the U.S.A. will surely have sent a shock-wave around the world which will unhappily cause even more to believe that they are justified in treating human life so casually. If Iraqis and Palestinians can be treated without respect by the U.S.A. and its "ally" Israel, then they can so easily argue that it is reasonable to treat citizens of the U.S.A. in the same manner. This is true "terror" and every decent citizen of the U.S.A. should show the Bush régime that he or she flatly rejects the inhuman policies which have led to this. It is, however, hardly surprising that Mr Bush should follow the same path as Mr Oussama bin Laden when one thinks back to their close family links through such shady organisations as the Carlyle Group. Neither has yet any shown any genuine respect for humanity.


*Robert Thompson, a French citizen, is a retired Avocat (Trial Lawyer) at the Boulogne-sur-Mer Bar, living with his wife in a small village in Northern France. He was born at Leek (North Staffordshire, England) in 1931, and, after reading Jurisprudence at Oxford University, he became an English Solicitor. He later went to work at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. There he was Director in charge of the Legal Department and also Secretary General of the Court of Arbitration, the most important international commercial arbitration centre on the world. While there, he became the I.C.C. Director in charge of relations with the Arab states, where he travelled for professional reasons, and he worked towards legal cooperation with the countries then within the Comecon.

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  • Dear sir I am sure it would be better to suffer the inhuman treatment(your words) at the hand of Americans then to suffer the torture that was common under Sudam.Of course that doesn’t bother those of you from the Hate America crowd.Now does it? SAT CONG