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In the spirit of Ramadan, I apologize to the Iraqi people

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 15 September 2007

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In the spirit of Ramadan I as an American citizen wish to apologize to the Iraqi people for your insurmountable loss you have felt since my government chose to invade your country back in March of 2003. I know that these are but words, but words are all I have at this point to offer you.

Many like me have called upon our elected representatives to end this war and all it does is fall on deaf ears. At times, I feel as if we are just as helpless as you are.

I have never seen you as my enemy and it angers me beyond words how the government of the United States of America lied to all ‘we the people’ basically stating you were our enemy.

While some will try and convey that you are not our enemy and that we did this to liberate you from Saddam Hussein, they failed in understanding it was solely your right to overthrow him, not ours.

I too grieve your loss as I read of your casualty rate as much as I grieve our soldiers sent into battle based on a pack of lies. All life is sacred and I cannot understand how my government can do this to innocent people.

Please do not blame the citizens of this country who are as angry with our government as you rightfully should be. Many of us have done what we can humanly do, but to no avail, most in our government do not hear us. Most of them are playing political football with human lives and I cannot understand that.

We keep hearing the terminology war on terror and that Iraq is the central front on the war on terror. It only became that as President Bush and Vice President Cheney lied to the citizens of this country and the world that your country had connections to the attacks that befell our nation on September 11th. Their lies were exposed as rightfully all lies should be. Once the lies were exposed, it should have resulted in the immediate cease fire and a withdrawal of all U.S. forces. But, no one challenged them and more importantly demanded they do so. It should have resulted in both of their impeachments and removal from their respective offices.

What should have happened afterwards is that a criminal investigation should have proceeded and both men charged with crimes against humanity. Only then could we have been cleansed with our morals and integrity restored. It angers me that so few called for this within our government and our media failed ‘we the people’.

There is no morality when President Bush chose to invade your country. In fact, the late Pope John Paul II stated to him, “You go without God” If anything his continued assault upon your country goes against the teachings of Christianity. One only has to read the Ten Commandments to bear witness to the many that have been broken.

I keep hearing politicians from both sides offering suggestions as to how we should handle you and it is not our right to handle you. You have the right to self-determination as do we. It boggles the mind how our politicians negate your right to sovereignty as they claim we have the right to ours.

When they brag of their efforts in helping you achieve a constitution, most have chosen to do away with ours through the Patriot Acts and the Military Commissions Act of 2006. I still cannot understand that.

As many voted in favor of the Iraq Resolution, it did not invoke the war powers act so in essence this war is illegal and like all illegal acts, it is a crime. But, try telling that to our elected officials. It too falls on deaf ears. Try telling that to our mainstream media and it too falls on deaf ears. When did it become alright to negate our laws?

Again, speaking only for myself here, I will continue to speak out against this heinous war, and I will continue to pray that a leader emerges that will end this carnage. A true leader, who has morals, truly knows and understands the teachings of God, and one who has true compassion and has done so in both words and deeds. I also pray that a leader comes forth who truly knows the harm we have caused you and has the courage of conviction to end it.

Author’s email address is, xmjmac@optonline.net


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  • The leader you speak of is Ron Paul of Texas. Look at his record. See his quiet demeanor and great courage in action as he, the only real anti-war candidate, takes on the other candidates, all sycophantic parasites to a tee, in debate.

    There is no question in my mind that the only candidate worth a hoot is Ron Paul.

    But with a powerful Ministry of Propaganda [for that is what our mass media has become] set against him it will take a miracle to see this courageous man elected as President of the US.

    What we can do is tell everyone we meet how important it is to have for once a decent human being in the White House, one who reveres the truth and its importance in all of our lives; one who truly understands what the words freedom, dignity and peace mean, instead of the wolves in sheep’s clothing we have had to endure for so long who use & defile those same hallowed words for their own aggrandizement and who right now are planning to ruin our country by placing it harm’s way with yet another godforsaken and useless war.
    God save us all.

  • I am a native American Indian. I too, have these sentiments. I really wish I could find blogs or websites that the Iraqi people can read where we could tell them our heart grieves for them. I am sure that thousands of Americans feel the same way as you do.

    As you know from history, The American Indians, including My ancestors, were slaughtered by Europeans that eventually took over what we now call A Christan Nation.

    The American government has so mush blood on their hands, that it could fill an oceon. And corruption in all high places too. History proves America is a barbaric nation. The bully in this world.