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The Triumvirate of Evil

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 8 January 2005

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by Robert Thompson

A rather ignorant speechwriter for the intellectually challenged President of the USA, with little respect for the meaning of words, whose name I understand to be David Frum, invented the expression "Axis of Evil" without thinking very deeply as to either what an axis was or for that matter how one can define evil.

However, the world can now see a triumvirate of evil on course towards its aim to hand over all power to its corporate sponsors.

Each of the two pillars of this vicious group is the son of an extremely prosperous dynasty, which are closely linked within the Carlyle Group, namely the Bush and bin Laden families. The sons in question, each of whom has been allowed to rise to the top of his arm of this closely organised structure, now hope between them to hold the world at their mercy. Each needs the other, and gives him the kind of covert support which ensures the perenity of his own power. Oussama gave George his 9/11 moments of supposedly patriotic glory and George duly returned the favour by declaring his "Crusade" against Islam. Since these carefully staged and managed events in 2001, each of them has continued to give the other the helping hand which ensures the latter’s effective survival as a force in which his supporters can believe as a saviour and his opponents as the eternal enemy.

However, we have to recognise that neither of these men is supreme, they both need the third man who completes this triumvirate and to whom each can refer whenever he is short of other inspiration. Such references can be of all types, ranging from loudly declared hostility to praise for being a great force for peace, but they all show the importance of this man to both the others. It is furthermore clear that, although George and Oussama give one another massive support, they both have to listen when this third man sets out his latest decision to flout justice and do as he wishes. He ensures the survival of the belief of the ignorant follower of either George or Oussama that the other is the great and eternal enemy against whom the said faithful follower must be ready to fight.

He is, of course, Ariel Sharon, the epitome of the politician who has neither a conscience nor even any interest in the survival of either justice or right. For George, he is the man whose orders must be obeyed implicitly, and, for Oussama, he is the providential absolute enemy. He is at the pinacle of his power after having now brought in his Polish immigrant buddy to give him the final element of support which even he might otherwise have needed from his carefully selected electorate.

Beware all three of these men, who jointly have a terrifying effect on all our lives, and who are, between them, determined to give away everything which we hold dear to the corporate sponsors in the shadows who bank-roll them all. It is all very well to say that one does not believe in conspiracy theories, but the danger represented by these three men is horrifyingly real.

Forum posts

  • It’s easy to get a little confused when all you hear is someone elses twisted rationale justifying their ’own’ ends. History becomes subjective as doe’s ones reason. People generaly believe today that the Second World War was about the holocaust ( slaughter of Jews ) as it’s refered to today. Or the invasion of Poland.

    But as far back as I can remember all the speeches and public addresses delivered on the subject designed to rally the public into - WAR - thereby justifying legislation calling for a draft and increasing public expenditure and hardships - were about fighting a SYSTEM WHERE THE STATE IS PARAMOUNT.

    So really the whole issue and thus the conflict or battle if you prefer, was "entirely" for OUR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. The basis of what we consider ’Western Democracy.’

    Hitler and the ’nazi party’ were merely presented as figure-heads to rally against. They were generaly representative of what the SYSTEM stood for, which was in itself entirely ’self serving’ and intollerable to a free people.

    Now skip to today and sadly you’ll find under just about every rock that you kick over - if you dare - people with that busy body, small minded mentality. Oh! You can’t do that or even I don’t think that’s allowed... about everybody elses business.

    Governments today are increasingly giving up fiscal responsibilities and services while Legislating against HUMANITY. As much as we are what we eat, we all run the risk of becoming what we fight.

    One has to somewhat emulate, to overcome an adversary. The risk lies in not knowing that you have. Not seeing the need for quiet reflection on how things were before ones tribulations began.

  • The evil is back: America, Israel and Great Britain.