Art in Resistance for Palestine

Abu Faisal the visual artist committed to Gaza and Palestine
Publié le 20 octobre 2023 par Palestine Visual Art

Abu Faisal the visual artist committed to Gaza and Palestine.

Above all, art and its artists as intellectuals oppose and condemn any death to people, any war that destroys the innocence of childhood and massacres conscience and human dignity anywhere in the world. Where is Peace for the people ? Buried in the cemetery of oblivion under the impunity of the death of war imposed and in force in the 21st century, the artist from his deepest essence of being free unequivocally condemns acts of hatred, terrorism and violence, in all their forms against any people of the world, says the plastic and visual artist Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia, who has more than 2,000 works of art, visual and urban art committed to the Palestinian people and Peace, with its tragedy under the 75-year Israeli colonial occupation, of this permanent Nakba. Born on March 30 (1971), a coincidence of destiny with Palestinian Land Day, he was a defender of the Palestinian cause and human rights from the age of 14, during his childhood in the Palestine Information Office, in the 80s, Among other things, as an intellectual, he founded two independent Palestinian news agencies, and the Palestinian news newspaper "Palestina Libération", apart from being a political writer on Middle East affairs, on various international TV and radio news networks and a lecturer, who was a writer. and honorary member artist of the General Federation of Palestinian Unions of the Gaza Strip and who celebrates 10 years of being the first Latin American artist to have carried out a 53-day hunger strike in 2013 in solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners and to have requested the exchange of his own life for that of a fellow Palestinian who is kidnapped in the prisons of the Israeli occupation regime.

Her works represent the historical memory of the tragedy of Palestinian Childhood, through a girl who runs on an upturned war tank, while bombs fall on her and on the blurred image of children running under war. Just looking at it says it all. The war tank of the occupation turned upside down, is the defeat of colonialism and the war on Palestine, the Palestine Girl of Peace, is the witness of her time, generations of Palestinian children have been born under the bombs and destruction of the occupation From the Israeli army, more than 80% of Gaza children live with Gaza syndrome, living with panic attacks and fear of any noise, because they are reminded of the sound of bombs over their homes and the death of their families. and friends, generations of Palestinians who never knew freedom, only oppression. Since 2000, more than 3,000 Palestinian children have been murdered by Israeli aircraft bombs, by shells from occupation tanks, and by bullets from rifles from the colonialist occupation army, in the Gaza Strip and the Occupied West Bank.

His works reflect the Guernica of this time, the Gaza Strip, a permanent Guernica, before the eyes and silence of humanity. More than two million inhabitants in the largest open-air prison in the world, of only 365 square kilometers, half of the population are minors and children. The artist is a committed witness of his time, his works of art must be the historical memory of the people, today more than ever the Palestinian people require the commitment of artists in their creation to be witnesses of so many crimes, systematic massacres under bombs and the destruction of homes, hospitals, schools, so much ethnic cleansing, apartheid, torture, tears and death and demanding Peace before the eyes of the world.

Every Tuesday at 3 p.m. in Algeria, for more than 120 weeks, its Art and Culture of the World program has been broadcast from Algiers on Radio Algeria International since 2020, under the coordination of the Algerian journalist Thouraya Boudjema, where art takes his left-wing intellectual commitment to the cause of the Palestinian people and the history of fine arts,
from anti-colonial intellectuals and writers committed to their peoples such as Frantz Fanon for the liberation of Algeria against French colonialism, and the Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani among others.

He is the author of The "Algiers Declaration : Art in Resistance for Free Palestine", a true manifesto of the intellectual artist’s commitment to his time, which was broadcast from Algeria, in Spanish, listening to him in all the cities and homes of Algeria and broadcasting to Latin America and Spain.

Algiers, May 18, 2021
"In the face of the barbarity of the colonialist beasts, thirsty for the innocent blood of the people...I, a Contemporary Visual Artist, declare myself permanently in Resistance."

If all the painting artists in the world are committed to defending the lives of people and Peace, the bullets of death are not enough to destroy our works of art.

He is also the Director and founder of the 1st INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON ART UNDER WAR, of the International Court of Conscience in defense of the Fine Arts (Tribunal International de Conscience en défense des Beaux-Arts) calls to contribute to the mobilization and participation of society civil in defense of the Fine Arts, the Cultural Heritage of the People and Peace.

Another of his Works represents the Palestinian Woman, sitting on an upturned war tank, a child who reflects her pain....The use of hunger as a weapon of war, the blockade of water, electricity, medicines, food, the collective punishment as a crime against humanity. Everything says it, the silence and the pain, how much is the life of a Palestinian child worth to humanity ? What is the number of murdered Palestinian children that the United Nations and the International Community need to stop the barbarity ? There is no Peace, nor can there be any, until the Israeli colonialist occupation of Palestine is put to an end, and the creation of its Free and Democratic State with the 1967 borders, with Al-Quds as its capital in coexistence with all the nations of the world. No more pain and death for our people, he claims art in his view to be the last barricade of life and Peace against the Lords of War and Death.

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